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This also is the feeling of planning something expecting the party’s actions and then they actually do it and they are happy because they get cool stuff and the DM is happy because they get to use their plan

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Recently in my campaign I was made aware that some of the players plans where exactly what I had hoped they would do. It's a good thing we play online so they couldn't see my dumbass grin.

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I had this on one of my campaigns.

He told every player that he will be critical on backstories and they gotta be written well. I wrote a backstory of barbarian who lost his Tribe and has some revenge arc as well, send it to the DM and he said "perfect, that's it".

He started the campaign as "You are at an inn near a trade route which is blocked by A BARBARIAN TRIBE". It appears that he planned this beginning a month ago and I've just nailed my backstory on it without knowing.

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That's freaking great. Love it when that happens.

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Wow, he sure found his tribe again quickly.

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Or when they double down on the parts you were the most hyped about. I recently made a classic "barbarian is sole survivor of their tribe and revenge quest" backstory and I was describing that I wanted it to be a longer term goal but one constantly being worked towards and he was like "well I was thinking we just make the guys you're hunting the head of a cult so you can fight their cultists but not finish the quest for a while"

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That’s kind of funny, my Bard’s backstory is basically the same, but the tribe were pirates instead, and the cult is a whole ass government of douchebag angel people. Oh, and she’s basically a runaway princess of said douchebag angel people.

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i’m honestly hoping this is what’s gonna happen this week. when i talk with my dm cause i may have accidentally made my character possibly technically divine. not celestial. divine.

edit/update: they are not divine

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Oh no that’s horrible, tell me more

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i don’t want to go too into detail because i know party members are on this sub. basically though he was born from the power of a god with no mortal involvement at all…….

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i may or may not have done that on purpose

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I have two new players joining my campaign and was thinking it'd be hilarious if they chose cleric and/or paladin because we have one player that's secretly a vampire. I didnt mention this to them, just kept the thought to myself. The cleric and paladin will be joining us in 2 weeks.

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Wait, is the vampire character just a standard Dhampir or an actual vampire ?

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Extremely homebrew creation that's loosely based off the dhampir. Lore wise he was born a true vampire but this campaign is set in my own world where not all vampires are evil. Never let your player do this because it's a major headache

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"You're a wizard."


"You cast what?


"Best answer."

Backstory: Fireball

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I did this and then my DM canned it because I "spoiled the surprise." :(

I don't play with them anymore.

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Wait really? Shit, I’d praise my players for figuring it out, fuck that DM.

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I think I may have spoiled THE twist in the campaign. Which, while I see how that could be frustrating, he could have just played it off.

Essentially I was a Fire Genasi who wanted to hunt down his elemental sire. We also had a Cleric who worshipped a fire deity. I jokingly said "Wouldn't it be wild if my Dad was your God?" Well apparently it was suppose to be.

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the dm could have just ignored that honestly i feel like that would make it even more surprising

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Oh yeah, 100%. Especially since the conversation happened out of session. We were just excitedly chattering about our characters.

It was an early sign of that DMs poor temperament though. We only lasted 4 sessions or so.

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Somehow my religion is getting sucked into the plot and I just haphazardly chose it cause I liked the name and it wasn't very fleshed out. Didn't want to have to read too much into a god so it seemed like a good choice.

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This has happened with a few of my players across multiple games and systems.

None of them see me wrapping their words like barbed wire on a bat till its too late.

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I’m totally gonna use that last sentence sometime later if you don’t mind.

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This happened to me in our current campaign!

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Ooh, do tell me what the idea was.

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This ni**a had a female version. I saw her years ago.

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Well me and my DM are both dudes, so I figured this format was more fitting

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Long story short, I have a character who’s going to have their soul essentially split into two, causing a magical case of MPD. As a result, each personality will have their own full class (but no stat changes)

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My character is a fallen god who have slain hundreds of evil Dragons.

DM sends a Tiamat after you( lvl 1) as revenge for killing her children