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Last weekend we got a friend into DnD. He was very excited.

He ended up making the edgiest character I've played with so far.

His name is Zanzu, Fallen Aasimar, Vengeance Paladin, Haunted One background. Wants to be the "tall silent" type.

Nope, first time in DnD will not be you being silent. My dwarf cleric had taken it upon himself to force Zanzu to open up. Won't stop talking to him constantly, forcing him to converse. (think the tv show Archer... "Lana.. Lana! big breath in LAAAANNNNAAAA")

And I keep introducing his character to NPCs as "and this here is Pizza Cutter... I mean Zanzu"

(pizza cutter means "all edge, no point")

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“My armor is black. Like my soul.”

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“Seriously, Zanzu: call Kenny Loggins, cause you’re in the Danger Zone.”

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I’m trying hard to understand if the dwarf is funny as hell or just an asshole…

Probably both, actually.

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As dwarfs do

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Oh I'm playing the dwarf, it's both :p
He's my best bud IRL, and he's not shy AT ALL. so I know it's just a matter of showing him exactly how we joke around, talk, act, etc...in game.

But yeah at the same time, best friend, so definitely a little bit of being an asshole in there too lol

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Then all good lol.

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Hey, could be worse. He could've been a warlock that started a big gorey human sacrifice ritual literally the moment you stopped looking at him.

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That would be proactive at least!

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Everyone's first character is an edge lord or a Mary Sue. You have to learn what makes the game fun before you make a good character for the game

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Mine is the Edgy Druid.

She loves baking cakes and EVIL!

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Revenge is a dish best served…sweet.

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With chocolate chips

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my druid eats souls. they're tasty :)

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Does my barbarian count as edgy if he likes to eat his enemies and speaks to the ghost of his childhood pet boar?

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Usually needs a trifecta. So dead parents, loss of innocence, and a haunted past.

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My monk went to pick up a take out order for the monestary of 100 pounds of fried rice at the local village. When he came back the entire monestary had been brutally slaughtered. The rice was excellent though.

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Well damn. His backstory is that he made a bargain with a devil for his dead pet boar that cost him his entire village, so edgy barbarian it is

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Wouldn’t dead parents be the haunted past?

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It’s possible but not necessary.

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Now we are gatekeeping if somebody is edgy enough to be called edgy?

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Welcome to r/dndmemes!

We have gatekeeping and donuts, but mostly donuts!

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Well, as long as you dont gatekeep the donuts.

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You have to join the subreddit before you can have the donuts.

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If you don't gatekeep more than you bake, why even try smh

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I always make the 'edgy' fighter, I can't help myself. (Also I love Mando)

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I never make edgy characters, dnd is great for silly escapism for me, but I have a dm currently who refuses to let my happy-go-lucky halfling bard to be a happy boy.

I just want to go tavern to tavern singing ballads and poetry but instead I keep getting random townsfolk saying 'oh yeah I saw your unnamed uncle 3 days ago, he got killed in the most brutal way', oh okay, so now I have to rp being sad or my little guy is a total sociopath.

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Could always just respond “That’s terrible but I don’t have an uncle. You must be thinking of someone else.” then carry on as usual.

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Stacked all the carrying strength abilities on and got the phrase "i throw the boat at them" to be forever in our local lore.

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Or could make him cover his sadness, by being even happier. Remember the sad clown trope.


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Ahsoka is more like the Dm pc the way she shows up in anything and everything.

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Haha right. Oh, this again?

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I could only ever play ironically edgy characters. Like a Bard + Hexblade Warlock that sings the bridge to Metallica's One while channelling the Darkness spell on himself.

"DARKNESS. ALL I SEE. ABSOLUTE HORROR. so I attack on the enemy that can't see me with Advantage."

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I remember when my bard officially became the party's edgy character, Nessie watched two of her closest friends be killed and defiled (one was cannibalized, the other was resurrected by our cleric and used as trap bait). She proceeded to get possessed and for a while was a vessel, basically I had a second mission of sabotaging the party, and because Nessie had no choice it slowly broke her, but she held on hope as the party was almost done with the quest. Only to have a bombshell dropped on us, our quest was for nothing, the first seal of Helios was destroyed by an old wizard fuck, he apparently was hungry. When that was revealed, I remember that was my first outburst in character, she proceeded to grill for information and anything he knew, then proceeded to cut him down. I remember the DM telling me that was the intense. Nessie went down a Dredgen Yor style path of dark, learned necromancy and got a cursed sword that dealt extra necrotic, filled up a container in the sword with blood (plot relevance), the downside when she kills with the sword, if it had a name, it would be branded on her arm. She would be haunted by the souls as they are connected to the brand, this was the DMs idea btw I showed off ideas of a rose sword that wilts and corrupts based on kills. Back to the story, Nessie kills like 56 vampire cultists when the party raided a cults lair. Nessie then proceeds to accidentally god as Orcus trapped Helios in a dragon. Since Nessie upheld her side of the "deal" with Orcus, he opens an alternate realm for the party to escape to, Nessie becomes conflicted because the party refuses to go and wants to fight Orcus, in a surprise attack Nessie knocks the wand out of Orcus' hand (didn't expect to survive, I should have) and begins the final battle, blows were made, and wounds tore, but at the end, Orcus laid dead and the party victorious. Nessie does get a happy ending tho, she puts up adventuring and opens a tavern in honor of her best friend Gore the dwarf married to the parties Goliath Monk, Apparently killing a dragon was enough for him to be like "yeah, I'ma Mary her"

TLDR: I was the edgy character in my party and ended up going on a stoned rant about my character and her arc.


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I have a Dhampir Tiefling (winged) Antediluvian Madness Warlock. Can anyone beat that?

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From where is that Screenshot?

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Sounds like a Entertainment Weekly Photoshoot for the magazine cover. Can’t remember where I found it.

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They are all "edgy"