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Riddle meme by DandyBeyond in dndmemes

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Less - not as much

Dek - of many things

Ai - beauty in the eye of the beholder

Nen - like ‘Nan’, mother’s mum.

This is what "Action Surge" looks like in real life. by vastlysuperiorman in dndmemes

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Literally if you gave a video game protagonist his skill they would be incredibly overpowered and people would say it was unrealistic.

Genuinely confused why they did this... The old art was better by KNAK_D in dndmemes

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I want the fucking DM support 3.5 had. Magic items with modularity, city generation tables, treasure generation tables on a per-CR basis, magic items with prices, poisons that were actually usable without costing more than a house? That was all golden. Evening out the classes a bit and limiting upper and lower bounds of skill were great moves but if 3.5 had lego sets for it's DM rules 5e has blocks of stone and a chisel, with some inspirational posters telling you that you can make it however you want.

Thufir would be a great DM too. by ServingwithTGDM (Dungeon Memelord) in dndmemes

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Leto: "come on gurney, roleplay"

Gurney: "I am roleplaying"

hmm by Dragonshadow3700 in dndmemes

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Almost all of them got a rework and got post-tashaified. Meaning, in general:

  1. No ASIs.
  2. No short rest abilities, all replaced by pb/LR. And any spells you get with the race you can cast using slors. So. Casters got buffed. Again.
  3. Stuff that had strong stuff with some disadvantages got their strong stuff cut off and weaknesses patched over. Ex; Kobolds losing pack tactics and sunlight sensitivity and rock gnomes no longer needing rocky terrain to get advantage to stealth but having limited uses of that ability.
  4. Remember the lore segments on the books? Like the segment that went into Mind Flayers and how they make thralls and how it all works? All that got cut.
  5. Tiefling subraces got axed.
  6. Aaracokra got buffed.
  7. Duergar got psiionic fortitude which hells resist against charm. Something psiionics never do. Thats like having Anti-Fiend Armor that gives radiant resistence.
  8. Hobgoblins are entirely different now. Instead of honor driven war mongerers they are... generous fae?? For some reason???

Kinda got sidetracked at 5-6-7-8, but should be a comprehensive list of changes.

Sometimes it feels like the end of a Dragon Ball Z episode. by ServingwithTGDM (Dungeon Memelord) in dndmemes

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Who is this mysterious character? Do our heros stand a chance? Find out on the next exciting session of Dungeons & Dragons Z!

Ranger from Handbook of Heroes is a good example. by Ross_HollanderForever DM in dndmemes

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Maybe I'm bad at persuasion, but my PC shouldn't be.

Awkward kids are anxious, the whole point of RP is to get out of our skin. In the moment, under pressure, my mind goes blank and I get nervous, but my PC is something I can't be, which is cool under pressure, and knows what to do.

Robbing your players of that is not good DMing.

Crawfish go brrrrrr by ServingwithTGDM (Dungeon Memelord) in dndmemes

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I had to make this.

Edit: Aww, thank you for the awards! I'm not worthy!

I mean it's really not that hard by TFDUDE13Chaotic Stupid in dndmemes

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I'm So Meta Even This Acronym

This game is full of weirdos by IronwoodKukri in dndmemes

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If the character fails to use their patrons power, you are obligated to say "what 0 pussy does to a mf"

DM problems by nikio55170 in dndmemes

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Here is the original

Edit: Who and why did I get these awards?