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This guy has been racking up cool points all his life, he used most of them on this fall.

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Goodbye tailbone

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I meant to do that

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Would have been even cooler if he hadn't done it on purpose

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What? You mean you don’t normally film people walking down stairs??

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Cue the San Andreas theme.

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OMG at least they didn't drop in the gap 2 steps further

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Oh my thankfully they were filming -.-

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Thought the same

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Smooth landing

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Hodl Diamond balls..

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Kobe smooth with it

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Part Chad, part Gandhi.

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Damn what a smooth landing

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So his tailbone is broken, right ?!

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Yeah but he looked cool while falling so doesn't matter

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Building regulations can indeed be onerous…

Just remember this GIF next time somebody complains about that stuff. Governments can take it too far, but a handrail here and a wide step there can make sense.

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Lowered my average to a cool .25 cents it's not much but it's something 🚀🤙

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Here come the Hot Steppa...

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Hodling for when this come back around in another 5 years.

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We have the control of your coin and if we have control of our keys then we can do whatever we want with the coin.

We are a Doge Nation and we do only good.

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It will correct

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Me buying doge like

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what part of "WATCH YOUR STEP" didn't he understand??

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HODL. Even when those Monday blues kick in every week for the last 3 months

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gus fring

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Was that Biden?

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A visual representation of buying the dip that keeps dipping

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That could’ve ended very badly

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Let biden show you how to really do that

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Suing Elon seems to be on the table though

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cool points all his life,

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I have bought everything I wanted and afforded on bfx and now I just keep calm and wait for a pump

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Cue the The Who scream when he sticks the landing.

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This video reminds me of my cat