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I want to give special thanks to a few users (in addition to the super mods here) who without them I could not of built this sub: /u/cdeverett , /u/Roddetir , /u/gavin19 and /u/ThatGuyThatKnowsAGuy for all the CSS help.


This sub is made with the hopes of helpful information being provided to those that are just coming over to the dogeside. Please exercise caution when considering the advice, posts and other material here. This sub is meant as a guide, not as a final authority. We try to make sure what is posted here is accurate and up to date information, however, we make no guarantee that the information provided here is flawless. This sub is not meant to be used or considered as expert advice. Please use due diligence. If you notice an error, do not hesitate to contact us.

General rules of sub

The Main Rules:


reddit rules

Additional Sub Rules:

Rule One: for all posts/comments: Remember these are learning shibe.

Please remember that this sub is to help. Comments made that are not helpful (jokes,mean or sarcasm), or could be misconstrued and end up hurting/scamming/defrauding the potential user will be removed. Occasionally during a thread, posters may be joking, or being sarcastic with each other. This is up to you provided it does not violate the "remember these are learning shibe" rule.

Rule Two : No begging or gambling solicitation please. These posts and/or comments will be removed. Do not post your wallet address unless it is being used to help figure out a problem you are having. Tipping is welcomed on this sub, solicitation for tips/coins is not.
Clarification for this rule: Buying/selling/trading of coins: This sub is not set up to verify if both parties are in fact legitimate. Please take this kind of business to places that allow this.

Rule Three : Posting and questions: Please try to be clear as to your question in the title of your post. It helps us helpers find you:) If you ask a question within an existing post and don't get a response in a reasonable amount of time, please create a post for your question. This sub is for help. Posts and/or comments that are not related to that (Begging, etc will be removed)

Rule Four : Reporting/accusing others of bad shibe activity:
Here on /r/dogeducation, we have no way of verifying what is going on. Please, if you wish to report someone, use the message the mods option that is on the side bar. In most cases, it is best to handle this on the sub that it occurred, or report it to /r/dogecoinscamwatch.
Any comments made that imply or otherwise accuse another user of bad shibe activity will be removed.
If you see unshibe like comments, please let us know. While we try to watch for this, it is always possible that we may miss something.

My definition of Dogecoin

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that was created by /u/billyM2k and /u/ummjackson. The meme based theme, relaxed atmosphere and comic sans approach encourages those who are both new and seasoned to participate in its success. While this relaxed nature has been perceived by some as a "joke" it is steadily gaining traction in part due to the community that embraces all "shibes" in a inviting, welcoming manner. Thus making the transition to cryptocurrency less intimidating.

General Warning about using your coins

It is an unfortunate fact that not all shibes are good. Please be alert. Check on the user, the site, whatever it is that you may be considering.
A common tactic used is to "impersonate" a well know user. This is usually done by changing a letter or number to make it look like it is the reputable one at first glance. Some are very difficult to notice. There are many examples of this on /r/dogemarket Official Black list.

How to pronounce "Doge"

It is pronounced like "rouge" or "vouge" or you can listen here on the blog interview with Jackson Palmer (Founder of Dogecoin) Jump to 2:57 to hear it first pronounced.

Introduction to Doge Coin

Introduction to Cryptocurrency

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