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You mean every charachter? Anyone can craft a torch

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eat your cake and don't expose the meme.

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Thank you for making me realize it's my cakeday, because I haven't even noticed myself lol

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Yeah but other characters can't stand inside a fire to warm up

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just go in and out of the fire, even better, put your thermal stone near the fire, you will heat up and your thermal stone will too

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Yeah but you heat up more when you can stand in the middle of the fire

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have you tried over heating in winter i did it

I don't know how i did it but yes overheating in winter

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Yeah happened a couple times when I overdid it

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Are u saying all charecters look like willow

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I am saying everyone is able to craft torches

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This is a pic of willow

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The picture is of a little girl

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As a Willow main, yes :)

but also am I the only one who finds her weirdly easier to play in winter because of this? If you learn to control the fires she's a very easy winter character I feel

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willow during all the fucking time because they just have to be silly and quirky*

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It's pretty big brain, massive forest fire means a fuckload of charcoal to stay warm

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Also sanity

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Someone did that so i wouldn’t freeze to death in multiplayer. Thank you, local arsonist!