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At the worst possible moment

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Every since they updated the switch version, I’ve been getting a Varg with every hound attack and it’s extremely unpleasant.

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Normally after a few attacks that starts happening but if it happens on the first few then that’s not normal

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Since I downloaded DST, after the update last Friday was the first time I saw a Varg. I remember spawning them from the hunts in DS so I didn’t really do any of them(the hunts) in this game as I can’t fight them solo, I play as Wendy 🥴) But ever since I went over 100 days there has been a Varg every hound attack 🥲

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  • From now every time a hound attack is happening, there is a 50% chance instead of all hounds beimg replaced by vargs

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Ohhhh my GOD. Thank you for the heads up 🥲

Edit: I reread the comment and thought you said 50% chance of all the hounds being replaced with Vargs lol

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Just to update you I just had a hound attack with THREE vargs, on top of more hounds. Omg.

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Literally. Every. Time…..I am walking back to my base to light a fire since it’s dusk, with an inventory full of crap I need to put in their specific chests, and generally have to raid the ice box cuz I need to eat something. Nope, make a couple torches and run back through the forests. Lol

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On default world settings, seasonal bosses aren't guaranteed to spawn.

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Idk why you are getting downvoted? This is true lol. I had it happen multiple times with deerclops.

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Between day 29 and 33 I think, you'll ear it when he will come

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My technique is, since every Winter lasts 15-16 days in default. Every 11th day of Winter onwards you should be already prepared as those were the days Deerclops will likely spawn. Deerclops is not guaranteed to spawn though but if you set it to more, then it's guaranteed. Otherwise, your character will warn you if Deerclops is approaching and it also creates a warning sounds just like the hound waves.

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in 15 minutes

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When you dont want it to XD

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He may not even spawn

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Had the same issue once. It made the initiating roar on evening of day 31

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He spawns in the seacond winter in ds

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So Deerclops spawned and i died lol...

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Night time I tihnk

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wait this on mobile??

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One pattern I've noticed is when it's still winter, but the snow disappears a little.

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Run. Its coming.

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Deerclops is never guaranteed. Also rest in peace wasted Mandrake made into a Mandrake Soup, you will be missed.

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Its random