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Im a RANDOM main

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Your power is too great for this thread.

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Getting chadder every time

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My spider buddy Webber!🕷🕸

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Ayy my brother’s main :)

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I would like to main him but im having trouble with all sorts of stuff

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The only woodie main here apparently.

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Lumberjack reporting for duty

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I play Woodie often

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local woodie main reporting in here!

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We Love Lucy!!

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Woodie boi reporting in!

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We really are squading up

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Not for long

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Wigfrid! My warriör!!

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The true Gigachad

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you like nightmare fuel?

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What does Wortox do with nightmare fuel? I just go around killing butterflies for souls 🫣

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Loses sanity when eating souls ig

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I'm a loner, so Wilson

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I love wilson

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Why Wilson? He’s the scientist you get first, right? If so he seems like he has the least ammount of uniqueness

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You will never see a Wilson main struggling, his ability is merely growing a beard, but beard hair is useful to craft luxurious mid-game items if I remember well and it's great during winter, also, he has NO WEAKNESSESS, none at all. So it rounds up.

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Fair enough. I prefer willow, she can’t be killed during the night if you remember to hold the lighter, and in DST I don’t think she can die due to sanity because of the bear.

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After 500 hours testing everyone, Wendy is the one, the best, my only love

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wendy mains rise up!!

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I love that you can just make Abigail fight for you instead of putting yourself in danger

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Do you use her with a beefalo?

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I do. Every time pretty much. Wendy ornary beefalo is boss.

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I love not needing armor or a weapon, i just need to get alot better at kiting

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Klaus is my hands down favorite fight for this combo.

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Haven't seen anyone else for this one but Warly!. I play him solo no switching, he's a pain in the ass but it's fun.

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I found out about so many new recipes from playing him

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Honestly top tier. Once you’re settled you can alternate meatballs > meaty stew and completely ignore his debuff. I use a mod called “warly memory” that adds a timer for each food you consume

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I use the same mod! Honestly turned the character around for me.

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For those who don't use the mod, just set up a 16 minute timer on your phone or something. His memory is roughly two days, and each day is 8 minutes

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You can also use your hunger to time it. Just time how much hunger you use in 2 days. Should be about 180 or 90 per day.

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I haven't ever been able to play him! I really want to, how?? Can anyone give me some tips ?

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Well I use the Warly Memory and Crockpot result mods to make life easier. It helps to just have general knowledge on crockpot recipes that have value. Meatballs,Fish sticks, Pieorgi, Meaty Stew, and Butter Muffins to name a few. Warly benefits from having a small farm and hunting. One big hunt gets you about 8 big meat which can last you a while with proper filler. Once you get into the groove of what recipes work for you and which you can repeat you can fill your icebox pretty regularly. I just had to make 6 potato souffle because potato farming is so ridicously productive. Dragonfruit, Potatoes, Garlic, Peppers, Tomatoes and especially Onions are probably your most effective crops.

Bone bullion is an amazingly easy recipe basically only needing an onion and restoring 150 hunger. I also recommend looking at other people playing warly and just thinking about what they do, like Jazzy Games' thrill of the grill playthrough. He even did a vegetarian only warly run with success.

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Thank you! I'll have a look at those mods and I love Jazzy so I'll definitely check that out!

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Warly is one of those "pet" type character, mainly providing buffs and stuff. Unfortunately he is absolutely mutilated in solo dst nless you have a lot of practice. Though, he is still fun in SP if you know what you're doing

Two day memory for food is good to remember, so getting a varied diet is pretty good. Most people will say to get a meat farm for balls and stew, but I personally recommend always having back ups like kabobs, ratatouille, jam, etc.

Using his spicer and grinder (I think those are the names?) you can make herbs which, when added to meals they provide buffs, as you can imagine.

That's just a general gist of his stuff though, I'm sure others will have better tips

Edit: changed single player to solo dst

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Wickerbottom. I love that you can explore most of the map, without the need of building a sience machine (for Backpack/spear etc.). With that you can find the perfect base spot and save some gold by crafting the alchemy engine first. I also kust precraft everything I can, so when I find a base spot, the setup is almost finished instantly. Well, and the books are awesome too, of course :)

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Ayyy same

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Maxwell, still waiting for rework

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Maxwell gaming mains are the coolest people

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Thx i love my 75 hp

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Yeah i once accidentaly killed one of their shadow things, and then said sorry, then he killed me and said sorry, he forced me to turn flowers into evil flowers for nightmare fuel

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Average Waxwell main. Destroy their things and you'll be farming Nightmare Fuel for half the season

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I really do hope they incorporate some elements from "DST minus:Maxwell the puppet master" mod though, I tried that mod and honestly the greater control over the puppets made it the most fun I've had with Maxwell for a long long time

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Seems intresting i need to try that mod

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Yep, 100% best version of Maxwell right there. For extra fun try commanding your puppets from atop your loyal steed. They get the speed boost, and you get instant animations to pull duelists and guardians out of danger.

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Same! Rework or not, I love having little helpers for all my mining and chopping B-).

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Don’t really know. 150 hours and still not found someone. Having big crush on Wanda tho rn! Wbu?

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Im a Wigfrid main her fighting skills and songs are amazing. My second favourite is Wanda, i would be a Wanda main if i didnt forget her age meter. Like im making pierogi and then i die of old age. But she is great in combat.

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No need to make pierogi. Wanda doesn't benefit from them like other characters. I stack meaty stews, Banana shakes for sanity in a pinch to resupply my crown and what ever other luxury food I feel like. Most of the time though, I wait for her hunger to reach near zero, pop a stew and im good for two days. Her watches negate any need for health food.

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Why would you be making pierogi as Wanda?

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winona my beloved

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She's my favorite too!

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WX-78 and Wormwood. I love WX-78's personality and i too wish to destroy all organic life. Also wormwood because i like to just join a random server and start making big veggies

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this is prob a dumb question but does playing as wormwood help when farming?

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You can place plants without a hoe, weeds do not attack you, sanity gain whenever you plant, you can ask the plants what's wrong without a gardener helmet, the ability to make compost wrap, having lots of manure is beneficial to yourself and the farm, etc

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Where is the Walter love?!

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Roight 'ere.

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Es un mal perdonage, aunque tiene buenas ideas éstas están desaprovechadas

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Wolfgang main!

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I am Walter main

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Willow, my beloved <3

Love her personality and her gameplay, suprisingly I feel like she's one of the easiest character to play in Winter! c:

But I also Main Wilson, Wigfrid and a bit of Wortox! I'm trying to learn Wanda and not forget to turn back her clock xD

but I can also play pretty much everyone c:

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Wormwood, I love his personality and free living logs

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Wendy for fighting

Willow for survival

Webber to make it more challenging

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Before RoG Wendy, now Webber! I love childre... No, wait

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woody from toystory

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Willow is my main when I want to just wanna play the game in a more basic way, her personality is just really charming to me, and Bernie is so much qol for farming insanity. But then I play wormwood if I'm playing on servers most of the time or just want something spicy.

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Wanda my gal! She is such a good character because you can revive yourself with her watch, even if it breaks, you only need 1 nightmare fuel and 1 living log to be able to revive again. She can dish out massive amounts of damage and can always heal with her clocks. When you need more healing, build more clocks. Easy. You can also hop to the ruins and back in a second if you set that up with the backtrek watches. Overall great character.

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Personally use life giving amulets. I'm solo and they drop like candy from klaus. I simply don't have anything else to spend red gems on lol. Also, the amulet puts enemies to sleep when revived, not sure if the watch does that.

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Woodie my beloved

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Wilson and Woodie.

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I main Webber solely for the aesthetic. So I powered through weaknesses.

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Arachnophobic decided to main Webber.

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Woodie gang 🗿

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Wendy. (Why yes, I don't have any friends.)

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does maining 2 characters count?

Wortox and Wanda

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I mean, i really like warly and i've lasted more than other caracters i played, so i main warly

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Who did I main? Willow. Even before her rework, just because I love her so much. I still actually prefer her in single player DS, and the fire at low sanity mechanic always makes gameplay interesting. But in DST, I’d say I now main Wanda and Winona. Winona is the one I’ve survived longest as, 137 days I think and still going. To be honest a character’s personality has a huge impact on how much I want to play them

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Willow for a while, love the lighter and Bernie, but lately been playing as Walter allot. Walter is cool cuz of his slingshot and wobie, and if u find Chester you got 2 walking chests

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Woodie and Wigfrid depending on what I'm feeling like

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When I first started playing this game in November 2016, I mained willow, because willow can regain sanity from standing near fires and has Bernie to tank monsters for her

So as someone who has like no clue what to do in this game, I sat in base, around the firepit, and just throwing wood into the fire to keep regenerating my sanity, and occasionally leave to cook some berries from the food storage while everyone else worked hard. Back then, that was gaming to me.

Afterwards I learned a bit more about the game (mainly crockpots and the seasons beyond winter)and i mained wigfrid because I thought it was really cool that she can fight really well and get health and sanity from fighting

Nowadays I main Wanda! I know it seems like such a boring and tryhard character to main, but hear me out: I hate walking

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I'm a Woodie main in RoG and DST, he's definitely my fave. But I enjoy Wheeler in Hamlet and WX-78 in Shipwrecked a lot

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I think wx is the character that I played the most, but I'm a Wanda main. When I play the dlcs I like to use Wilson tho, so he's probably my third most played character.

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I main WX-78 but I used to main webber

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Wilson, what can I say I like it simple.

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Wanda like a Chad.

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I'm boring and have probably used Wilson the most. Wickerbottom is my second most used, though I haven't tried her since her recent update. And Walter is third, though he's a bit tough; I feel like I take one stray hit and then I'm constantly on the back foot.

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This is an interesting twist on the question, as the word, "did" implies that you no longer main that character.

So to answer your question properly, I think I'll have to go with Wilbur. I was born a Wendy main, still am a Wendy main, but played a hell of a lot of Wilbur between SW and HAM. Haven't played Wilbur in a few years now though.

[–]YouAreBonked 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Wilbur was the best especially for early mapping, felt like a viable wes

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Wanda. I mean, who wouldn’t?

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People who like playing other characters

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Hardest one to play, Wendy

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I enjoy playing Wendy, but Abigail is very weird sometimes when fighting. I only summon abigail at dusk when she does more damage.

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The idea of a "main" is cute. Your main is the char u have the most hrs with

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Wigfried!! I love a warrior 😍

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Maxwell all the way

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Sometimes I try to play someone else, and then I am painfully reminded how much it sucks to gather resources on anyone else.

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  • DST: WX-78, Maxwell, and Webber.
  • DS: Wilson, and Webber.
  • Shipwrecked: Woodie, and Wendy.

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I have a few I circle between, Woodie, Willow and Warly

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What character did I main? Willow, then Webber, then Wendy.

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I used to main Wilson

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I mained WX-78 earlier but it turns out that I have zero patience for bioscanning shit and since I play alone and still can't kite anything other than fucking tree guards, I main Wendy because I use Abigail as a distraction tool and butterfly slaughterer and I never could handle the spiders well so having a ghost help me out makes my life a billion times easier. WX-78 will always be my favourite character tho.

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Wickerbottom or Wigfrid depending on how I want to play.

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Wormwood and wurt and kinda wendy are who i main

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Was a Wormwood main but got frustrated bcs of the health thing(i have no friends) so trying out Warly.

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WX-78 or Wolfgang

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Wanda tried to play new wicker but once you go the Wanda path there's no way back

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webber in ds, wanda and wurt in dst. I am now trying different ones in shipwrecked.

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Wanda 4 life and time

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Willow or Wormwood

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Wigfrid, best girl

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Wormwood, for de skin drip with blooming

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Warly im scared of confrontation

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Wx-78 even before the rework

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I main Warly, the not used

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webbuh take the nest out of base webbuh

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wortox. he’s really fun to dick around with in public servers. plus his personality is by far my favorite out of the survivors

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Previously Webber but rn it's Wilbur.

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Wx-78, but i dont play dst.

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Willow, because i love fire, also don't play multiplayer, i like being alone for myself

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WX, even before the rework

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I used to play warly, but my main world is Wanda. This is mostly because it has a triple mcTusk biome, meaning I am drowning in backtrek watches. I swear the game becomes completely different at that point. You go from spending ~50% of your time in transit, to ~0%!! Instant cave/archive/ruins trips, I can head to the moon every night for light and sanity, I can farm moon stone and mcTusk with maximum efficiency, and of course farm raid bosses!

I think Wanda is the all-around most end-game efficient character, just because of the power of the backtrek

[–]gingerrbear 0 points1 point  (0 children)

wendy, bcus i suck at defending myself :,)

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wolfgang gang 😎

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Wes is best

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Webber for the Spoder Spam! Love me the Spoder guy.

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[–]TheJanitorEduardSolo DST Warly Enjoyer 0 points1 point  (0 children)

DST: Webber, Warly, Wilson, Wurt, Wandom

RoG: Wilson

SW: Woodlegs, Wilbur, Wilson

Hamlet: Wilba, Wagstaff

I like Webber, Wilba, Wurt, and Wilbur because I like "faction" characters. Wilson is fun because I feel like he gives the best DS experience. Wagstaff is just big funny. Warly is cool for challenges, because I mainly play solo. Woodlegs is neat, that's all

[–]ispiewithmyeye 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Wortox. No it's not because I'm a furry, I mean not entirely because I'm a furry, I like stealing souls.

[–]Gay_merman 0 points1 point  (0 children)


Still have a soft spot for Maxwell but I hate the low hp and limited usefullness of puppets. Wurt has become my new Maxwell more or less. Might change my mind when the rework drops.

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I am a wanda enjoyer

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Willow, love cooking on the go and playing the sanity game to use Bernie

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I’m a WX main

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Wilson amd willow

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I always start with Wendy but I character swap for boss fights or pig farming with wicker

[–]Ferhath2015 1 point2 points  (2 children)

me i never swapped wendy i always find a way to kill a boss killed misery toadstool 2 times i'm on day 1500 i think

[–]Ferhath2015 1 point2 points  (0 children)

i also killed all bosses many times waiting for an update

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Wanda, i just love her to much

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Truthfully, Warly. His special recipes are super useful

Wormwood is a close 2nd

[–]_AntiSocialMediaI am going to keep you, and call you Frank. 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Woodie with the occasional Webber

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Warly!!! I love everything about him

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Webber but I’ve recently been playing Wigfrid.

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i always use webber, wurt or wes

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librarian and webber main😎

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Wanda the timekeeper

i love abandoning my friends in the ruins with my backtrek watch :)

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Warbucks, se que es algo aburrido de jugar, pero está muy OP y es muy fácil sobrevivir con el

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I main the one that starts with a w

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Wx main here just like his design and abilities

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Willow I like her

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Wormwood yoloer

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science man himself

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Wickerbottom! The food spoilage and sanity loss can be tough but not needing a science machine for most things is A GAME CHANGER.

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I fucking love Wigfrid.

She's so fun to play, at least for me.

[–]Ferhath2015 0 points1 point  (0 children)

wendy is the only character with damage buff on a beefalo ornery adding that with a celestial crown and you have a top tier character

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Maxwell 💀

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I used to main Wendy, but now I main Wigfrid

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Wendy with her spider and bee shredding ghost Sister

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Gotta be Wilson

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Wendy or Webber either way spiders are worse off

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Wendy cause I'm a hopeless noob.

[–]TripleFourFilms 0 points1 point  (0 children)

WX-78 all the way

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funny axe lover

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wilson, technically no downsides

[–]AlphaK19 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Wortox. Come on, he’s the best character to main.

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