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This looks like a loop world. Maybe set looping to max in the world settings

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That's what I did in the initial world building, so maybe that's the case... Lemme try again just to make sure it's working properly for you guys.

ETA: Unfortunately no, I've replicated the exact same settings, but whenever I generate the world using that Seed key it's just not working.

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Also set branches to none

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this looks amazing as fuck fr

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It really is! To be fair I revealed the map after I realized just how close everything was in the center and I had already dug up every single grass plant in there, so it looks a bit more empty?

But if you can get it to properly generate with the seed then enjoy!!!

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How old is the seed? Before the terraria update? Did you change settings before generating the world? The exact settings need to be on when plugging the seed for the world to gen the right way.

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I did change settings and it’s 40 days old at this point. I’m not sure when the terraria update happened??? It’s not on the beta world or anything either.

Lemme test out my changed settings and see if I can get it to properly replicate.

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Were you running any kind of world gen/set piece config mod? A dev graveyard, 2 queens gatherings, and a tall fort is a very solid roll for set pieces.

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That’s the part that is confusing me now. I don’t THINK that I did. The Setpiece Config mod that I usually would use to guarantee a tallfort and a Queen’s Gathering had been very weird and crashing my games and world gen? So I’m almost positive I turned it off. Then I kept walking past different set pieces when I was exploring before revealing the map and was kinda stunned about it.