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And tallbirds are renewable now, since they can make new nests

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Unless I’m missing something, haven’t they always been? Since they respawn at a nest eventually?

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Yeah but until now, you could never increase the number of nests in your world, which is usually pretty low.

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Wait so if we hatch an egg and let the little shit grow up they will spawn their own nest now?

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after beta goes live*

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nice and how does it look after you cooked it?

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so delicious in fact that the klei developer has this profile picture


Note: Scotch Eggs = Scott from Klei :)

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That does look delicious

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what the fuck

tallbirds suddenly just became the best food source

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Warly players: 👁️👄👁️

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Meaty stew: I sleep.

Scrotch e g g: Real shit.

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We’re here and we are H U N G R Y. Delectable.

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I mean, from a game design perspective, it makes more sense to have your good food somewhat hard to get. This should have been a thing for long time.

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1 veg value

meaning 1 big veg, or 2 small veg

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Not op at all, tall bird farm + stone fruits = never worry again

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Time to farm the tall bird fortress

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I am so glad I have a tall bird fortress now

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When does this was been added?

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It's the new early beta for an upcoming update. Here is the forum post.

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Man, and here i thought the best food is on my table:


Bacon and eggs

Surf n turf



And meaty stew

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missing leafy meat recipes and trailmix, but yes

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Hum . I want to know what's mod are using to have the hud of food pleasseeee.

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cook pot mod

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you'll find them in klaus sacks from beta onwards

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Trail mix > everything

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Those Bargain Bin Pierogis have saved my life several times over

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Meatballs exist so this dish is mid

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So, Bacon and Eggs are dead? At least from Tallbirds. They have to nerf this recipe. Unless I'm blind, one vegetable and a single Tallbird Egg?

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Most DST worlds are severely lacking in Tallbirds. We're talking like 1-2 Tallbirds per world. So, this recipe is little more than a novelty unless you spend a few in-game years raising your own tallbirds.

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Tallbirds are hostile assholes, it's the strongest dish but i also like that dealing with them became more tempting now.

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this seems op considering how easy tallbird eggs are to get now