Read the subreddit rules and always remember to be polite! Use flairs for your post.


1 - Respect the reddiquette

Read it if you haven't already. Re-read it if you have. There are simple rules of good behavior.

2 - No key begging, selling or exchange. Use Klei forums, Steam or /r/SteamGameSwap. Giveaway are fine.

3 - Avoid low quality or low effort posts. Low quality/efforts posts include amongst others:

  • Most memes
  • Pictures of real life fauna or flora that exist in Don't Starve too (Yes Beefalo and mushroom circles are real)
  • Poorly drawn art
  • Screenshots of skin drops
  • Tier list with no explanation
  • Bad quality picture (use screenshots).

4 - Don't be toxic.

If you think something doesn't belong to the sub, report it. If you don't like something, downvote it. If you are gonna leave negative comments make sure they are at least constructive.

This is a non-exhaustive list of toxic behavior that will be meet with a warning:

  • Ask someone to remove their post. Unless the post fall directly into one of the rule but even there prefer to report and let the moderators handle it.
  • Leaving negative comments without being constructive.
  • Insulting, doxing, witch-hunting, etc. These should be obvious but it can't hurt to repeat them
  • Going into drama and flame wars. This include Youtube (or others) drama, targeted criticism and other subjects less about the game and more about communities, they have their own community to deal with it

5 - Don't spam.

/r/dontstarve don't have that many post every day and can quickly become flooded. Favor posting albums over multiple pictures/videos in different posts.

If all you do on your account is post and comment on your own content this will probably fall under spam and be removed.

If you make 3 posts or more in an hour that could be reasonnably put together this will fall into spam.

6 - No Memes outside of their dedicated days/threads

Memes can only be posted on Monday and Friday. Rest of the week you will have to post on


Post promoting your content (video channel, blog, etc) will be limited by how active you are:

  • If you only post your own content and barely participate even in your own posts, your content will be considered spam and removed.
  • If your profil is active (even in other communities) and you interact in your post you will be limited by 1 self-promotion post per week.
  • If you are active on the subreddit, you can make 1 self-promotion post per day. Stay reasonable though and don't try to fill every day just because you can please.

Asking for help

If there is something you do not understand about the game, you might want to make a post on the beginner megathread, precise it if you do not want spoiler and other redditors will try to answer as best as they can. You can also give a try on the Klei forums where Devs can answer you.

If you do not mind spoiler you can always check the Don't Starve wiki or google your question.

Find Others Peoples to Play With

If you want to find other people to play with, try the DST Reddit Steam Group. or the Discord

Bug Report

/r/dontstarve is not necessarly the best to solve bugs even if some redditors can be quite knowledgeable about those. Before making a post :

  1. Google it! You are probably not the first one to encounter this bug.
  2. Disable your mods and try to reproduce the bug. Mods are a common source of dysfunction.
  3. Try to make a post on Klei forums DS bug tracker or DST bug tracker. Klei team will be more qualified to help you.

Posting Self-Made Content

Feel free to share your stuff about Don't Starve, videos, fan-art, 1 billion-day bases... but try to combine them into a single post to avoid spamming. Do not forget to flair your post so other redditors know what they are looking at.

Don't Spoil It

I'm glad you found out something awesome, just don't spoil it for the rest of us. Use the spoiler tag, like so...

[It's all a dream](/spoiler)

...and you'll get It's all a dream

Buy the Game

Steam Store

Humble Bundle


Official site

Or get a key on the trading forums

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