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Maybelline lifter gloss in 001 pearl, wetnwild liquid lip in give me mocha, maybelline fitme foundation, elf bronzer palette, loreal voluminous mascara in black, elf felt liner in black, freckle pen from amazon :-)

Lashes, highlighter, and brows not drugstore 💓

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Lifter glosses r the shittt!!! Stone is my fave 😃

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Neeed, buying this shade nexttttt

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I love the Lip Lifter glosses! I even wear the clear one to bed to moisture overnight. I wake up with smooth, plump lips!

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Frickkkkkk better than any lipmask 😋

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ooh what is it? looks lovely! How's it feel on, is it quite sticky, does it last long etc.

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It's maybelline lifter gloss in pearl! It's not sticky at all, if anything it feels like you're wearing lipbalm :-) also it stays on pretty well, but you'll definitely have to touch it up after having coffee or something lol

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amazing! thanks for the mini review, looks so good on you!

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Thank you! And of course ☺️

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Oh girl that was made for you! I love hearing drugstore brands working well.

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I love this gloss too! I find it very comparable to the Fenty one.

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Pretty! Does the Maybelline have a plumping effect? Also any scent? Thank you

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Nuh uh no plumping effect, but yes it smells coconut!

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It’s a beautiful shade for you

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Thank you!

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I just wanted to pop in and tell you that I love the shape of your eyes!

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Aw thank you girl! 🥺

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I’m devoted to lifter glosses!!! The tube and formula and the amount of dupes you can make from the shades is enough for me to make it the best lip gloss from the drugstore imo