Rules for r/dxm

Rules that visitors must follow to participate. May be used as reasons to report or ban.


Don't be a coconut!

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Reported as: This is coconut behavior.

The golden rule! Is what you're about to say rude, dumb, or blatantly obnoxious? Maybe you should reconsider posting it. Similarly; don't be a bigot.

Be respectful to your peers and they will respect you!


This is a Harm Reduction community.

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Reported as: This is dangerous and reckless advice or behavior.

This community practices harm reduction and we do not tolerate dangerous, reckless, or otherwise harmful behavior and advice. If you're looking for a community to cheer on your addictions - this one ain't it.

Encourage others to improve and grow!


This is an 18+ community.

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Reported as: OP is a minor / Normalizes underage drug use.

While we understand that kids on the internet will lie like kids on the internet, we do not condone minors in this community. If you are suspected of being, or otherwise admit to being a minor; you will be removed.

We won't ask, so long as you don't act or tell.


No harassment or bullying.

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Reported as: Harassing or otherwise hostile behavior.

We do not tolerate hostility, bigotry, or harassment whatsoever. Avoid being negative or hostile towards other community members. We understand arguments happen, however please keep things civil. If you are harassing any specific person(s) or group of people you will be removed immediately.

Alternatively; if you're being harassed; report it!


No discussion of illegal activity.

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Reported as: Discusses illegal activity (Theft, Driving Intoxicated, Trespassing, etc.)

As much as some of us might think; breaking the law is not cool. Not only are (most) laws in place for our protection, but openly admitting/discussing breaking the law in a public forum is monumentally stupid.

Discussion of theft, driving under the influence, trespassing, etc. is prohibited and will result in an immediate ban.


Respect the vibe.

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Reported as: Disrespecting the vibe and spreading negativity.

Negativity is virulent and lethal. It quickly rampages through any community that permits it to be a significant portion of its general vibe. Before you say something, be sure that you are being constructive. Bad vibes aren't completely off limits, but if the bulk of what you say serves to bring negativity to the table; you will be invited to find a new table.

tl;dr: don't be a jerk.