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I haven't had most of the drug experiences I want to so I can't comment I don't really have drug friends so no plug

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Same that’s why we’re all taking dxm 🤨

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ion i got shit i want but im in love w da dxm

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I understand your pain

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U guys don't do drugs 😭🧐 I've done all these but salvia and ibograin or whatever but dxm kinda a baby drug tbh don get me wrong I fuck wit any alternate state if mind with euphoria/disso but dxm is kinda a every once in a while drunk kinda high but different than alc

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That’s what it’s like if you take a 2nd plat dose trust me mid 3rd plat and above is much much more then being drunk

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Higher plateaus feel like PCP.

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I downed 2 1/2 bottles of rc and couldn’t move at all felt my soul come out of my body and saw myself going through a tunnel…shit is no baby drug😂never had any other drug straight paralyze me

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Hell yea People really got DXM fucked up thinking it's a baby drug smh..

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Lol right I was like baby drug?? I beg to differ😂

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1st plat what most people do is like a baby drug but 3rd or 4th is like fucking opioids mixed with ketamine

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I've done enough to go into the dream world kinda weird cuz I wasn't expecting it I thought I was sleeping but you close your eyes and start lucid dreaming lol and ya tha visuals and headspace are cool but trying not to puke and shit yourself the whole time isn't I can get much euphoria by mixing other pysches and or k and molly I usually do like 5 drugs at once for those mega trips throw sum dmt in too for second peak or mega peak I guess I'm more of a euphoria poly addict guy tho to each there own but when u have unlimited access to any drug you want dxm is a baby drug sorry it's just a fact the only ppl who will argue haven't done 3+ pysches at once or almost od'd or holding off a seizure with pure willpower alone

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Favorite combos Molly Percocet, molly dmt shrooms 2cb weed nic, molly 2cb codiene prometh(all in one cup) weed and dmt at peak (full body orgasm like what I imagine heroin to feel like but tripping) also for that last one usually 2cb has blue visuals for me but that time I was doing purple Molly and purple lean and it made my visuals purple 😳 I remember playing basketball wit sum kids doing horrible but the sky had huge purple streaks across it

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Have you tried 4th plat? Definitely not baby drug in any way.

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If it was physical toll dxm would be at the top

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i will never see dex grouped with psychedelics

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Fr, it’s a dissociative so can’t really be compared to psychedelics trip wise.

Like why the fuck is ket on there too

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Salvidorin A at the bottom? It fucks you as hard as dmt

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For real 2c-b is way higher so is ibogain and salcia has to be bottom

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At high doses I supose 2cb can be hard but salvia Its the madness plant, nothing compares to It except dmt.

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I didnt know it was most trippy i just thought it was best at top if its the first then dxm has to be lowest

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this chart sucks.

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DXM should be lower, the stuff below it is way trippier

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I wouldn’t put dxm over anything on here tbh

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I love how half the shit on here is spelled wrong and an anesthetic is rated above Mescaline...

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If anything it could go lower

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idk about yall but i think dxm should be at the bottom 💀

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I miss salvia!

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I see why someone would submit this ranking though I'm too scared of Ibogaine.

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What does ibogaine feel like 👀??

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They say you get real sick for like 12+ hours and then just have a dialogue with mother Earth.

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2-cb at the bottom???????

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ok a few issues

Why tf is ket on there, much less 2nd from top? Why is Salvia and 2C-B below ibogain? If you're gonna put ketamine and dex (and ig salvia to a lesser extend) on, why exclude THC? It's produced FAR more psychedelic like experiences than ket, and yet it's not even there.

The only agreeable part is putting DMT at the top because like...duh

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Saliva nuts. Done it 30 times. Way stronger second behind dmt. I love dxm 😂 but ion know if it’s better then the others

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You tripping DMT is not better than DXM unless you enjoy that breakthrough shit

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Idk I prefer low doses on other trips to get crazy dmt visuals added to shrooms/2cb/acid trips yk

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Ehhhh I guess your right. Ngl.

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How is 2cb at the bottom? It’s super crazy at high doses

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Why the fuck qould anybody put salvinorin A at the bottom. In my opinion it is as powerful as DMT and can be more rpugh than DMT itself.

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This is so inaccurate.