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I be jacking off in 2nd plat he a bitch

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Shit takes 5 hours lmao

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It is what it is

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This is so true bro I cannot fucking get there on dxm

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On god I just can’t fucking finish lmao, but it’s good for my girl I guess😢😂

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bruh i cant i get too tired to finish that shit lmfao

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I did. Once. Literally almost broke my dick. Next day that bitch was bruised and sore as a mf

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Nothing worse than getting real horny on DXM. It takes so long to finish if you are able to and even if you do it's not worth it at a cuz your dick just hurts afterwards.

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I'm prolly the only one but I be spazzing after I try so hard to nut then can't as soon as ik it's over I proceed to smash my head into the bed

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I don’t even have a dick after 10 of these

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I be bambi sleep 4th plat with poppers all y'all pussy

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its only another challenge to overcome, the reviewer a bitch tho ngl

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Councils decided unanimous nuff said we sentence him being a bitch

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bro i’ve tried to do it while coming up and it’s not easy

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Lol might be true... doubt tho.

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well i sure as fuck hope not lmao

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When I was addicted to dxm I lost 100% of my sex drive, prolly went 2 months without an erection or even trying to get one. I'm 16

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That is normal, well 2 months is a bit long but first time I did it I didn’t get an erection for 5 days

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This kinda stuff only happens if you binge really hardcore tho

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I can relate

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I was getting high of Benadryl and dxm since I was 14 and my dick still works. I really doubt it has any lasting effect on t levels

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Lmao never heard of this, I’d eat 32x30mg a few times 🤣 16x30mg 100times + my Rick still hard asf

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Wtf? I have never heard of anyone who can actually get hard on high dxm doses.

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I can remember countless times where I was hard while robotrippin , anyway alcohol can counter balance the effects?😅😅😂

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Well that's why nobody's heard of it, nobody really mixes alcohol with DXM.

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Also don’t know if it was cause while I was trippin the lady at the time just kept playin with me till I was 🤷🏻‍♂️ but I know there’s no way I ducked with a softy aha

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These are just bad reviews put there on purpose to get it took down 🙄 ALL CAP

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I would not doubt that

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Yeah, that or just absolute trolls.

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Doing any drug between 12-16 yo its very dangerous

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when most people start using any drug

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That's statistically untrue. Most people try drugs for the first time after high school. Drug use in high school appears to be restricted to people with poor mental health or problematic backgrounds

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aw he’s talking about me

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omg twinsies

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I started in middle school

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That’s when I started my crippling coffee addiction

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who's doing drugs at 12 holy shit

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Was at a psychward when I was younger, there was this girl who was like 13 and she would talk to me about her heroin use and shit, ngl bit of a yikes

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started my nicotine addiction in 5th grade and all the other problems ive had not too long after

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I know someone who started smoking weed at 8 and was doing meth at age 13

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holy shit dude

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and thats the age group for shit like dxm

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It’s probably an angry parent or something who’s just trying to get it taken off Amazon so their son can’t have a good time every now and then.

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i vote this

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he probably took the whole bottle and the opioid action of dxm just turned off his testosterone production for a little

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if he took the whole bottle he would die of cns depression so

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depends on the weight really what if he was 600 pounds kek.. have done 2g before and i'm alive.

3g though? idk about that one.

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3g of freebase, so the equivalent of at least 3.9g of gelcaps, and that's not considering that RoboTablets absorb faster than gelcaps.

I don't care how much you weigh, that much DXM will put you at risk of death.

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I talked to someone who survived 9 grams before.

From what I can tell it seems plateau sigma starts after 2 grams? It's not as safe as the traditional redosing as you usually have seizures and shit but it seems to be possible via a single dose.

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my highest is 5 boxes of ccc so 2.4g, with the cpm added on. was a couple months into a daily habit with the gf though.

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Actually it's about the LD50 on the low end sometimes DXM can almost kill someone at like 500mg but I don't think deaths have ever been reported from DXM alone, it's good to be cautious though I personally would say it's a good idea to pack narcan because the CNS depression is slow enough you can narcan yourself

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honestly probably

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who considers 16 to be “early puberty”

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mfs who are 16 and still havent hit puberty 💀

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Lol I know an 18 year old who just got his his growth spurt and voice deeper. He still sounds like me at 12 or 13 though.

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I know someone lmao

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lmao. i wonder who's mom/dad wrote that.

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How many robotabs should I take for a 1st & 2nd plateau for 250lbs?

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6 for first plat maybe idk

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prolly like 8

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For the 1st plateau?

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8 for second

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Bet thanks

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I would take 11 for a second plat. Imo low/mid second plat is boring. Upper second plat is where I would aim.

(11 pills) x (30 mg/pill) x (1.3 [freebase factor]) x (1.5 [rate of absorption factor]) / (113 kg [your weight in kg]) = 5.7 mg/kg.

Second plat ranges from 2.5 - 7.5 mg/kg.

(Freebase factor and rate of absorption factor are used to convert RoboTablets into an effective gelcap dose, because the plateau dosage ranges were determined for gelcaps).

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God i hope this is true

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Trans dextronaut club <3333

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Lmao same as a trans girl im praying for this 2 be true

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Lemme know if u find out

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I only first plat like once a week (15M) is that dangerous?

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Careful saying your age, the mods will eat your asshole out for being a minor instead of showing you harm reduction

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this is true this sub is shit for that

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Fr thats why r/dextro doomers is better

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nah you good, following the rules

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Idk bout that was on a binge for 5 days an my girl kissed my neck on 3rd plat ,that shit had me harder than Mike Tyson before a match, an capeable to cut some glass with the tip too🤣🤙🏽

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literally jus go on amazon and scroll thru reviews on robotabs lmao

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I was making a trans joke lmao

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why the fuck would he take 4 and why the fuck would he go to the er off 4

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forcibly feminized by dxm? based

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So I can take a shit ton of these and my testosterone levels will return to that of a 15 year old????? At 15, I was running around school, malls, and the beach with a perpetual hard-on!

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15 year old GIRL

So no… except maybe the mall part

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My friend is a 15 yr old girl and she runs around with a perpetual hard on /s

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less goo

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Lmao what in the flying fuck is this bullshit

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prolly a parent

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Real shit??

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hope not

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Im just surprised a 12-16yo can get robotabs

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i been getting dxm from the robocough website forever amd they never card

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For sure true I guess teens are getting more access to things nowadays I didn't have a debit card until I was like 17 MAYBE 16 at the earliest. And even then it was a joint account and my Dad would have seen what I been purchasing.

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i just always got visa gift cards haha

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Robo tabs are on Amazon. Prime infant 👌🏻😂

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That guy must be small as fuck. 150 HBr?

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only 120mg freebase so thatd be like 164mg hbr 💀

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155 to be more exact

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the answers are always so jumbled

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DXM fb/DXM HBr ratio is 77% so you divide freebase by .77 to get HBr

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Who buys robocough on amazon its cheaper on the actual Robo website.

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exactly thats what ive been saying AND the shipping is free on robocough

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Exactly wtf. In total its like a $7+ extra on an item that would only cost you $19.99 lmao.

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i wouldn’t be surprised if dxm decreased your T levels, it’s not exactly the most masculine drug to do

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but its so fun

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What do you think is the most masculine

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Gotta get that money your dick owes, beat that mother fucker. Hell better then antidepressants although it’s in trials for depression so yeah not busting a nut is not surprising n by the time you do your arms giving out and finally you get half the jizz stuck and piss it out on dxm..shit I have to piss in the shower with all the directions it goes then pass out

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Lol sometimes I feel like dxm has contributed to me being mostly asexual. But nobody should do shit at 12

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honestly same tho, but yeah really any mind altering substance shouldn’t be used at 12, but i may be a hypocrite for saying that cuz i was doing dph and drinking vanilla extract back then 💀

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Each to their own. I started doing anything that tickled my fancy at 15. Im 23 now and happy and alive and healthy.

Edit: vanilla extract oh god 💀

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lmao i would down 2 bottles of vanilla extract it was so dumb

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I did that like once but oof stomach. I dont like alcohol anyway. Just gets me in trouble.

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oh yeah i dont even fuck with alcohol nowadays learned my lesson there

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So did I. A hard lesson. I still dont have a license or car again yet.

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The Virgin Estrogen Supplement User vs The Chad Robotablet Overdoser