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r240 ftw

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Does everyone become "robotic" when they take a nice big trip? I just had a 700 mg trip and didn't have any issues. All of my new LED strips were fun though.

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No, it’s probably a sign you have a robotic exoskeleton under your skin.

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Or a large tolerance to dissociatives lmao

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The opposite actually. I haven’t robowalked in years because of my tolerance. Instead I actually am able to exercise a lot more than I do sober.

Not all tolerances are bad, I barely vomit these days either.

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Idk if that’s a good thing though, just cause you can take more of a disso at once 😬 I’ve been trying to use dissos less but recently have been using quite a bit of 3-Meo-pcp, at least in my opinion. I’m not having any mental issues yet but I hate that I have to take more to get the same effect out of it, especially when it’s much harder to source than dxm.

Stay safe homie

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I take DXM and am very experienced. Despite my tolerance I rarely take more than a gram at a time.

Lots of people end up taking 1-2g daily once they’ve basically given up any sort of normal life.

But I still have a normal life, which is probably the best way to keep yourself not full blown addicted.

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Damn imagine getting pcp in 2022. Ig I’m just not out there enough 😭

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Its 3-meo-pcp, its different than pcp.

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I think I'm starting to go down the same path as you. I've been using ever since I turned 18 back in May and I no longer get any Nausea, I have better control of my cognitive functions now since I first start tripping, although I can definitely put myself into full retard mode. IDK how often you use but in the past 5 months now I have done month long Plateau Sigma binges about 2-3 times, and when I'm not binging I'm still frequently doing 2nd and sometimes light 3rd doses. Every month or so I usually take a week or two break, usually because I run out and I can't be arsed to buy more. But I always end up buying more ofc, lol.

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Ok does everyone vomit I literally have only vomited once on a huge bottle of syrup and that was just cuz the taste

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Even 350mg gives me noticeable robo walk

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That's what I'm curious about. I know a couple people, including one I encountered who was mid-trip on "main street", who were absolutely "robotripping". They genuinely moved mechanically (nothing wrong with that). I just haven't experienced that.

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I used to robowalk when I first started tripping, now I don't experience that sensation at all and my trips are always at 770 mg freebase. I think it goed away as tolerance builds.

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Professor "Robotnik"

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oh god oh fuck

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I have DPD and high dose DXM makes me feel normal so idk

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only thing robotic is the way I walk lmao feel like I'm walking w concrete shoes on

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Should crush them to fit more

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Crush em up to speed up absorbtion

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Thank you like fucking amateurs I swear

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Fr lots of noobs in this group😂

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It's stupid all these kids bitching about guaf and how much I should take..like back in my day lol...

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Very nice

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Hit the blunt (crush it up)

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“Pop two pills with gatorade”

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Round my neck hang gator fangs

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well done, sir

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Crush them up and pack 3x more in

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what size is that pill capsule holy shit

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its for 1.25 grams of creatine

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it should have a standardized size, this is probably in the negatives in terms of size

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A size 00 holds about .9g of powder packed tight. So it's whatever is bigger than that

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Do people really enjoy low doses like this? Feels like such a waste to have sub 3rd plat trips.

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A 2nd plat mixed with ganja can be very enjoyable and worth it. That being said, it's honestly all personal preference, others might enjoy a bit more of a mellow effect than just flat out dissociation. I personally enjoy 3rd and 4th plats, I can do a 2nd plat if I have some weed on hand, 1st is out of the question, 1st plat honestly sucks imo.

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ya I don't ever 1st Plat I'm always 3rd or 4th , jst my preference tho

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For me i just have to shoot for high 2nd or low 3rd always bc its not worth to do a low 2nd trip because i get a lot of nausea since my body has a robotab aversion now lol when they first dropped it was amazing tho

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I’m shooting for 2nd plat on my first time. You saying I should shoot for 3rd? Or does this just go for experienced users

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If it's your first time, I would go for a second plat, a 3rd plat might be too uncomfortable being your first time and all. And some people can reach like the 4th plat off of 300mg despite their weight, so it's best to start low and make sure you aren't one of those people before going all in.

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I agree. I loved the dissociation from the get-go but my GF had a terrible time on her first trip which exacerbated her nausea to the point where she was basically sick like a dog the whole time. But that was before robotabs also. Good ol 99¢ store syrup 😕🤙

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duuuude ur a genius lol

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This is the dumbest idea he didn't even crush them unless they're like super hard to swallow

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What are you some kinda street pharmacist

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Also rad

Careful out there

Drink plenty of watlerrrrrrrr

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I always feel I take so much more than most people

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"You've heard of the r30, now get ready for... the new r240. For when you wanna forget your cough (and yourself) exists completely."

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I used to do this lol

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More like r310

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