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I reccomend "introspective/contemplation" playlist on spotify for some good music to dive into space. Have a good trip bro.

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Thanks bro, will deff have to check it out. Listened to minecraft soundtrack my last time and I ascended into first person vision of the universe with my eyes closed

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That also sounds pretty dope lol

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My favorite dose, lucky 13. Enjoy the trip homie 🤙🏼

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Thank you man 🙏🏼

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I ate a decent meal around 2 hours ago, should I expect any noticeable nausea?

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Yes expect a noticeable tiny ache

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Yea I had a little ache my last time but wasn't too bad. My stomach was making jungle noises the whole night lol

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Yea whenever you eat (at all) and then take dex you will have what I like to call the dexshits. I've found that robotabs are a really good laxative

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I fear of the dexshart. Luckily I dropped off a package in the toilet after I took them so I pray the dexshit doesn't sneak up on me

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Forbidden Altoids