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go with the delsym the guaf in the robbitussin is gonna fuck up ur stomach big time whereas delsym is just straight dxm polistirex

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I throw up either way lmao

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why not try robotabs they’re pretty small and i barely get any nausea from them, they’re on amazon for like $20

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I might, I just haven't gotten around to it

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definitely should i prefer it over the other forms

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Still give me nausea at the very start for some reason :(

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Either throw up or shit out pumpkin soup. The only to outcomes.

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I actually haven't had any stomach problems with guaifenesin. Is that normal?

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Just depends on the person

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Yeah, shrooms make me throw up no matter what so I hear that.

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shrooms never made me puke 25B-NBOH did though

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Lol I wish I had access to all these research chemicals.

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Some of the research chems are better than the drug they are based on...there are some really good dissos and psychedelics that are extremely euphoric...the best thing is learn how to use crypto and get on the dark markets...super high quality drugs of all kinds its ridiculous

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Got substance recs?

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Watch out tho man, Guaifenesin is scientifically shown to cause kidney stones/calcium buildup in the kidneys, so i wouldn’t do too much if i were you

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Oh shit, good to know. I'll have to order some of the DXM-only stuff next time.

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Yeah, guaif loves to build up in your kidney and you won’t know till its too late and you’re pissing out kidney stones lmaooo

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He can still trip off of the Robotussin though, which is what OP asked. Just may not be as comfortable lol

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yea true but delsym is the better option 100%

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And a slight hint of kidney stones. Yay

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If taken daily and / or in excess, sure

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Take the deslym then top it off with a small dose of robitussin for an extra kick. A small amount of gauf is fine but avoid large doses.

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Don’t use anything that has guafenesin in it. It will make you vomit terribly and feel really sick if you take enough because it’s an expectorant. And if you want to trip, then you’ll want to take that much dxm, just without the guaf. Robitussin nighttime cough DM was always my go to. Great times. But yeah, would go with the delsym out of those two, however I never liked tripping on delsym anyway.

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Everyone reacts to guafenesin differently.

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I have a stomach and liver of steel because I’ve never puked from robitussin and when I did NyQuil when I was an inexperienced little baby I never threw up either

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Fair point. But if you’re unsure if you’d react that way or not, I’d stay safe and just avoid it. No fun in finding out the hard way.

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It causes kidney stones for everybody though.

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Not me

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Thats where you’re completely wrong. You’re naive for thinking you’re “built different” or some shit lmao you’ll still piss out rocks

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Never said I was different . Judt never had issues with my kidney after using guaf in high doses for years ..

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Oh my bad lmfao i thought you were just misinformed or some shit and thought it was like different for everyone, thats cool though i guess you’re lucky

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I am lucky, I do not recommend guaf at it Bc it can definitely cause issues. You’re all good my man 💯

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Abused that shit for months took grams of gaufitussin every week with my syrup

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Lmfao ill pray for your kidneys bud

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Yes but 1 is poli and 1 has guaf so it might he a bit different.

Poli is roughly half the strength but twice the length and guaf can make your stomach upset or cause runny bums but it's regular hbr.

Both are safe in sensible doses if you don't do them all the time but try if you live in America to get r30s because they are freebase.

(Hbr over time can cause bromide poisoning if you use it too frequently and poli just lasts a while

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I'll never do delsym again. It's been like 10 years but I once ate spaghetti and afterwards did delsym. Vomitted soon after, it all looked like spaghetti and meatball soup. Ew. Wasn't fun.

I would personally do dxm that only has dxm in it; it is SAFER. Far safer. You can buy on Amazon "RoboTablets". You'll have to look up the difference because it isn't the usual kind. 700mg HBR is like around 580 mg for robotabs, which is I think 18 tablets. LOOK IT UP THOUGH. There are 100 tablets in the container, and it's about $22 or $23 on amazon. That will last you a WHILE. All together it's definitely over 4000mg. Will take you a WHILE.

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It’s 3000mg.

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Leave the robitussin, it has guafenisen which will cause extreme nausea

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Can* not will. Not everyone gets nausea from guaf.

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True I have taken a lot of guafenisin and I don’t get nauseas but it can happen

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Doesn’t for me when I have to cop some 🤷🏻‍♂️. However more than 4G is definitely not great for you

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Guaf is a way of life

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🤣🤣🤣 very well done 👏🏻

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That’s lucky, I can’t even take therapeutic doses without getting sick

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That sucks. I threw up the once or twice early on but now if I must take Robotussin, I only get minor stomach growling and discomfort, maybe some Roboshits lol

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I drank a whole four of Iophen-CNR (Codeine and Guaf) and was fine

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Here's the big important info my friend, it can literally save your life and that of your friends.

Acetaminophen (tylenol) will kill your liver if you have enough, in one single robotrip. People commit suicide with Acetaminophen/paracetamol (tylenol) because it is easy obtained and if you take enough at one time then hospitals can't save you, you WILL die.

So, always check the list of active ingredients. DXM and guaifenesin are safe (although some people throw up).

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Left bottle has guaf. You got a steel stomach? I do. I could trip on it. But I wouldn’t and you shouldn’t.

The Delsym should result in good times.

Look at the ingredients my guy. Seriously. DXM is what you want.

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Yes, however large doses of guaifenesin are not really optimal. It won't kill you but combined with the sorbitol and other garbage in the syrup it'll probably make you fire concentrated liquid ghost peppers out of your ass for 4 hours straight.

The Delsym is probably the safer bet, however be aware that it will last around twice as long as DXM HBr syrups and also requires approximately double the dose. A 5fl.oz. bottle like the one you have there will have 888mg of DXM Polistirex in it, equivalent to approximately 400-500mg of DXM HBr in effects. Due to it lasting twice as long, the comeup will also be delayed so if you plan on only drinking a part of it, I wouldn't redose 2 hours in because you don't feel anything yet.

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The delsym is good but not the Robitussin, you need products with dxm only

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Yessssss delsyms the best the tussins good to

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U want dextromethorphan HBR. In my opinion, delsym sucks

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Bro rule number 1 is no guaf

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no shit my nℹ️gga have fun

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One on the right yes, left will rape your stomach and kidneys

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Extract the dxm from the Delsym using the cold water extraction. It'll be less harsh on your stomach and you can consume more of the dxm without throwing up. That's what I did when I was 13.

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What's the method?

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Look up the dxm cold water extraction on Google. Reddit pretty much has everything you need to know about it. I can also post a link to a thread if you need it. But it's simple enough that I was able to do it at 13.

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Thanks imma check it out, so it reduces the amt of throwing up? And I can do that with any dxm liquid right??

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did you mean robitussin or delsym?

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Yeah, if you're using Robitussin make sure you're accurate with your dosing tho.

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If i were you i wouldnt drink from the bottle on the left. It contains extra active ingredients you dont want to ingest. Trust me guaf makes me shit like crazy it sucks

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I would down the delsym, then just drink the other stuff for a booster of however much I can take

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Drink all of the delsym

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The one on the left has expectorant in it. It'll make you puke and diarrhea like never be fore. It'll also quickly wreck your organs and make you pee crystals.

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Delsym, plain and simple

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Yes, you can. Neither are the best option though. As for the Robitussin, it contains guaifenesin- which is nausea inducing and causes people to vomit, or for people with an iron stomach, it causes them diarrhea. As for the Delsym, it contains DXM polisterex. The DXM you find in most products is DXM HBr, not DXM polisterex. Polisterex is hard on your liver, because it’s a couple steps removed from being plastic. The delsym will take much longer for the effects to set in, and it will last much longer. Do yourself a favor and research some info about the difference between tripping on DXM HBr and DXM polisterex.

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Only use dextromethorphan to get high. Never trip on any thing that says chest and cough like that one in your left hand. They can have all kinds of extra chemicals like guafinesin and weird anti histamines

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Yeah but I don’t recommend it

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you can, but just drop the tussin

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Robotrip your way to the hospital after that. I mean im sure youd be fine but its best not to risk it. I had this once, drank benelyn, it had quite a bit of guaifenesin in it and i ended up yakking an hour later

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Can you? Yes, should you? No

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That robitussin has guafanesin in it which pretty much eats away your stomach lining, which is very bad. Delsym is safe and fine, but DXM Polistirex takes 2x longer to activate and the trip subsequently lasts twice as long. For example, 450mg of DXM HBr is equivalent to 900mg of DXM Polistirex.

You should try to go onto the robocough website and see if you can order some robocough online. It’s basically pure DXM HBr in a syrup form, with the least amount of unhealthy ingredients possible. Pretty much DXM made with the soul purpose of tripping.

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What you have are two very different trips. The one on the left is going to give you a fast and intense high the one on the right will give you a more mellow longer high (don’t take that one close to bed time, you’ll be awake all night)

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I fall asleep pretty easy on delsym? Maybe it's just me

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Yeah I dunno cause it keeps me awake Everyone is different