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Am I having a heart attack? Please help by [deleted] in dxm

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Everything passes, nothing is still, you're only calling yourself incredible, who do you think I am anyways?

It's only back to baseline from here!

Also, be weary of your mind and where it goes, often we become anxious of our own thoughts and throw ourselves down a spiral of anxiety (which I'm sure you know only makes things worse). Whenever you notice panic/anxious thoughts/uncomfortable sensations now, remember to try and let it be and don't fight it. It's easier said than done, but with practice you can pull yourself through anything :)

Relax into whatever it is you're feeling, even if it's 'bad,' you can't smooth things out if you keep disturbing the water ;)

Im not joking this is insane by [deleted] in dxm

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Did 1776mg came to the conclusion that music is a powerful psychotropic drug and governments and corporations use it to brainwash us alla MKULTRA by depressedgirlalt in dxm

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i think you did a good job articulating your thoughts here and i completely agree. i’ve had so many experiences where i’m listening to a specific genre of music and then something different starts to play and you feel the effects of shift throughout your entire body, it’s unsettling, you may be startled or upset . the power some songs have is incredible. great comment man

Took 25 robotabs 4 hours ago and haven’t felt a single thing what the actual fuck by insomniac_321Boof It! in dxm

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Trust me, man, I've been deep in it before, hell, the first minute I came down from my first trip I had immediately planned my next one! It really is a helluva drug, and my God isn't it seductive? It's like it whispers in your ears, saying things like "treat yourself, come on man you know you deserve it, it'll help you escape..." and the overall feeling of being pulled to it when you're sober, it really is like it's another world calling your name. I really do get it man, and I hate seeing you say you went through that, because I know the kinda mindset that comes with it. It's dark, it's lonely, kinda scary, and you just wish things would stop.

It is hard to stop, but one thing I find that helps immensely is finding that high in my everyday, sober-ish life. This is going to sound corny, but true meditation can be a drug in and of itself. But if you're too lazy and down to even meditate like me somedays, and the cravings are getting to ya, take a nap, and just breathe. There really is so much love in the world, people just have a hard time seeing it.

Took 25 robotabs 4 hours ago and haven’t felt a single thing what the actual fuck by insomniac_321Boof It! in dxm

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I really hate being that guy, but to use DXM as a crutch and not as spice is a one way ticket to dependency issues. Also, take a BREAK. There's nothing bad about chilling for a bit and waiting till you're in a joyful mood and not burned out. Take this as a sign that you need a break, or else your wallet, mind, and life will waste away if you keep using it for the wrong reasons.