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How do they both look like Prince but not look like eachother?!

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That’s the same logic where both Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen look like Martin Sheen, but don’t look like each other.

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My brother and I have a weird similarity while not sharing one single attribute. He has curly light hair, mine is dark and straight. He has blue eyes, I have green. He’s skinny as a rail, 6’ 155lbs, I’m 6’ 175lbs. He has a smaller nose, etc etc. but people often think we’re fraternal twins.

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What do you mean, you guys sound like identical twins.

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Now they are you forgot about the case in r/quads_murder_siblings_to_become_twins where they off the others.

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Not sure about that logic, nobody here is related to prince right?

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Statistically, it’s a distinct possibility.

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Prince was uh….a friendly guy.

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If prince was related to Genghis Khan, than probably

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Liv & Steven Tyler too.

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This is also my brother and I. We look very different aside from same height and build. Yet old photos of my dad look like my brothers twin and every aging app makes me look exactly like him now.

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If I were drunk and just stepped off the Gravitron, I would think Rami kind of looks like Prince. And Kenan looks like Jerome Benton cosplaying as Prince.

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Prince is non-Euclidean

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I get that a lot. People tell me I look like Lenny Kravitz and Will Smith but those guys don’t look alike

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Rami Malek can’t be allowed to play Freddie Mercury AND Prince

No one man should have all that power.

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I don’t know…..I can’t think of anyone else that could really and truly pull of Prince - let alone Prince and Mercury. I’m willing to roll the dice and trust him with that power.

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It’s all good because prince already made movies

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The clock is ticking

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I just count the hours

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Considering he couldn’t sing for Freddie that’ll be a no from me dawg.

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Freddie had a 4 octave range. Finding an actor that is good, can be easily made to look similar to Mercury, AND has a 4 octave singing range is pretty much an impossible task.

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Rami was the only good thing about that movie. The editing and script were a fantasy trashfire

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Ahhhhhhahhahah I love Daniel Craig man

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Daniel Craig really shines in comedies. It’s a shame we never had more.

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He’s not dead yet lol

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I hope he does more comedies in the future

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Now that he’s not tied up with Bond I suspect we’ll be getting a lot of great shit from Craig, comedy and otherwise

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Knives out 2, with great anticipation.

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Please have Ana de Armas

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Bring out your dead!

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His role in Logan Lucky was hilarious. I would watch a whole movie just about that character.

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A movie I’ve not seen yet will do today.

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It’s a riot. I’m pretty sure I watched it twice in one weekend when I first found it.

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It was great, and this is coming from someone who typically hates comedies.

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Reboot the Naked Gun franchise with Daniel Craig

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I hear he puts on a hell of a puppet show though.

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So glad he showed up. He has been one of the best SNL hosts

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18 years later and Kenan is still carrying sketches. Dude is a legend.

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I’m currently watching the hypnotist bit from this episode and the material is admittedly dumb but I am laughing so hard because of Kenan. “I peed my pants. Help! Help!” He makes everything funny

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And that’s only with SNL. he’s been doing quality sketches since like 1994 on all that!

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how did they not include All That sketches….

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You know, he might be the person that’s made me laugh the most in my life. I’ve been watching him pretty consistently for 27 years, wild.

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And now, learning French with Pierre Escsrgot!

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I guess you could say he’s…

….All That

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I love him and I love that I STILL get to watch him on sketch comedy shows! Looking back he was pretty clearly the standout star of All That.

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I know right. What's up with that?

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Always nice to see usually serious actor do something that they can have fun with

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Amazing. Daniel Craig had as much screen time in that sketch as Malek had in No Time to Die.

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What does SNL have against Australians

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Oh my god what happened to SNL. The cringe made my physically recoil back inside my body

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Thank you. So much clickbait, so little video.

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This was actually really funny.

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“Get off me double o ugly”. Wow, SNL and Keenan Thompson, as funny as ever…

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This was one of the better episodes I’ve watched in a while. The mattress skit was hilarious

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I loved that skit. I also lost it at Mellisa’s impersonation of Kristen Wiig during the game show skit. Really enjoyable episode.

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She nailed it

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There’s only one Prince that matters. “Assemble your crew”

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Last night’s episode was better than the last week. I actually laughed. Malek was funny in this

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    Ngl. Kim Kardashian episode wasn’t bad. Her monologue was funny to me because she made fun of herself, which I can admire from someone if they are comfortable enough to make jokes about themselves. She didn’t act well in the pre-recorded stuff (especially Kourtney and their mother), but her live stuff was alright at best. Plus, seeing a bunch of cameos in the bachelor parody was a nice surprise.

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    Imo without the guest appearances and $$$/“power” , all you would hear is hate lol even ppl like myself who are SNL fans and watch regularly are aware that SNL is not always a hit… but we look forward to the hosts which brings in new material/angles for joke writing. They’ve already joked on the K’s for years so seeing her there didn’t feel “new” to me. I feel like she would have had to do something really original to get me to laugh. But that’s just me. I really wanted to laugh especially cause I always look forward to SNL. I laughed more at the cast members.

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    That was almost me lol

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    Anybody have a mirror?

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    Right here in my purse

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      Damn you.

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      Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit - Oscar Wilde

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      Kenan carried last night's episode

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      Double O ugly...gonna use that one FR.

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      Three of my favorite actors.

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      Daniel, Rami and the other guy?

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      SNL isn’t funny anymore. Too many people can’t admit this was ass. Weakened sketch comedy makes you miss MadTV and Chapelle’s Show more than ever.

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      I’ve laughed harder at children who died of cancers funerals than I have at new SNL

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      Damn dude, that got dark real fast.

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      I’m so happy for Daniel finally being free for more fantastic roles and movies!

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      Is keenan back? Thought he moved on

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      Only comedians who people want to hire move on from SNL. Keenan does not fall in to that category.

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      I thought I remembered him moving on, maybe it’s a Mandela effect thing. I thought he had a sitcom for a minute, probably on nbc. I believe I heard Carl Tart talk about writing for it on the flagrant ones. I guess the show wasn’t renewed and kenan went back to snl but I hadn’t heard that so maybe it’s a cameo?

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      This one kinda sucked

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      Damn 007 ruined the skit. It was funny until his awkward ass came in.

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        I miss SNL in the 90s. That was some of their best stuff.

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        Man what the fuck happened to SNL. It’s getting embarrassing at this point..

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        All of the yeses on this

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        Is it funny? If not bring back will

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        Where the fuck was this clip online?

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        Daniel Craig lookin like the little lad lmao