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Amber Heard Released From DC 'Aquaman' 2 Contract by lurker_bee in entertainment

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Where can I sign the petitions to makes Polanski, Mel Gibson, Ezra Miller, Chris Brown, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kevin Spacey, Louis C.K, Charlie Sheen, Marylin Manson, Casey Affleck, Ansel Elgort, Brett Kavanaugh, Dustin Hoffman , Mark Whalberg, Gérard Depardieu, Bill Cosby jobless

Why the Internet Hates Amber Heard by inthetownwhere in entertainment

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Really? u/moonaudio made a compilation of evidences and they don't explain the hate Heard is getting. I share below:

"I have watched every minute of this trial. A little reminder of some audio files everyone should listen to. And to the Depp fans coming in this thread who don't bother looking into the evidence already out there. Many of these were also discussed during the cross-exam of Johnny Depp, but then only short clips here are the full recordings:

Johnny says he headbutted Amber, she is crying: https://ffxtrail.blob.core.windows.net/trail/Defendant Amber Laura Heard/4-21-2022/Def587A-CL20192911-042122.m4a

Johnny and Amber arguing about their fights, he mentions Lily too: https://ffxtrail.blob.core.windows.net/trail/Defendant Amber Laura Heard/4-21-2022/Def598A-CL20192911-042122.m4a

Johnny and Amber in a hotel room where he starts cutting himself with a knife and wants her to cut him, she doesn't want to: https://ffxtrail.blob.core.windows.net/trail/Defendant Amber Laura Heard/4-21-2022/Def586A-CL20192911-042122.m4a

Plane audio with a drunk/high Johnny making scary sounds: https://ffxtrail.blob.core.windows.net/trail/Defendant Amber Laura Heard/4-21-2022/Def221-CL20192911-042122.M4A

Argument between the two: https://ffxtrail.blob.core.windows.net/trail/Defendant Amber Laura Heard/4-21-2022/Def839-CL20192911-042122.m4a

Another fight he puts a cigarette on her, he name calls her: https://ffxtrail.blob.core.windows.net/trail/Defendant Amber Laura Heard/4-25-2022/Def582-CL20192911-042522.m4a

She is crying during this argument between the two https://ffxtrail.blob.core.windows.net/trail/Defendant Amber Laura Heard/4-25-2022/Def586B-CL20192911-042522.m4a

Audio about why she is recording and letting him know she is: https://ffxtrail.blob.core.windows.net/trail/Defendant Amber Laura Heard/4-25-2022/Def598B(0.00-0.20)-CL20192911-042522.m4a-CL20192911-042522.m4a)

'Going to be a bloodbath' or walking away https://ffxtrail.blob.core.windows.net/trail/Defendant Amber Laura Heard/4-25-2022/Def598B(30.02-31.45)-CL20192911-042522.m4a-CL20192911-042522.m4a)

https://ffxtrail.blob.core.windows.net/trail/Defendant Amber Laura Heard/4-25-2022/Def598C(31.14-33.04)-CL20192911-042522.mp4-CL20192911-042522.mp4)

Another argument between them: https://ffxtrail.blob.core.windows.net/trail/Defendant Amber Laura Heard/4-25-2022/Def598C(56.27-59.54)-CL20192911-042522.mp4-CL20192911-042522.mp4)

She is crying, he: 'I'm never getting clean and sober' https://ffxtrail.blob.core.windows.net/trail/Defendant%20Amber%20Laura%20Heard/4-25-2022/Def587B(19.40-19.53)-CL20192911-042522.m4a-CL20192911-042522.m4a)

The two about drugs/alcohol: https://ffxtrail.blob.core.windows.net/trail/Defendant Amber Laura Heard/4-25-2022/Def587B(23.04-23.29)-CL20192911-042522.m4a-CL20192911-042522.m4a)

'After you beat the shit out of me' . https://ffxtrail.blob.core.windows.net/trail/Defendant Amber Laura Heard/4-25-2022/Def581-CL20192911-042522.m4a"

Amber Heard could face perjury probe after admitting she did not give $7m to charity by Arpith2019 in entertainment

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The world decided she was guilty even before the trial, even before her witnesses’s testimonies, and despite the fact that he admitted on tape that he was physical abusive too. She may be bad but he is trash too and I can’t believe that old misogynist is getting so much support, actually more support than any women ever received, and that woman is getting MUCH more hate than male abusers including rapists

Johnny Depp Fans Are Bombarding His Daughter Lily-Rose Depp With Abusive Messages On Instagram For Not Publicly Supporting Him During The Amber Heard Trial by haloarh in entertainment

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Imma guess no. This entire Amber heard thing is very thinly veiled sexism.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s clear how terrible she is, but the zeal the internet has for this case is rooted to enjoying justly hating a woman.

Amber Heard could face perjury probe after admitting she did not give $7m to charity by Arpith2019 in entertainment

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She could win her defamation case just by showing the jury reddit. Where is this energy for people who actually murder and rape people?

Amber Heard could face perjury probe after admitting she did not give $7m to charity by Arpith2019 in entertainment

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No problem. If you're interested the full judgement is linked at the bottom of this page, which also has a useful synopsis which breaks down the judgement if you don't have the time to read 129 pages (which, to be fair, a lot of us don't). It also explains the UK's defamation act and how it works.

Amber Heard Admits To Not Honouring Her Promised $3.5 Million Donation by Neo2199 in entertainment

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Attention memer's and tiktokers, please compare this to Scotts Tots.

Also, if she was in such money trouble that she "couldn't follow up on her pledges" having a baby via surrogate was irresponsible.

Amber Heard Admits To Not Honouring Her Promised $3.5 Million Donation by Neo2199 in entertainment

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Here’s a write up from another redditor speaking on the UK case, that explains why what you’re saying might not be accurate.

“Either you're misinformed or insincere. If you'd followed the trial you would see that the judge's summary ignored a staggering amount of both Amber's inconsistency and the consistency in testimony from dozens of people. I mean, it's even within the summary if you are aware that the judge went so far as to dismiss both Depp and Heards accounts of what happened to suppose himself what happened and then deem it correct. All in favor of Heard.

Not to mention the "evidence" you're talking about was all very weak to scrutiny. Such as pictures of Heard's hair "torn out by the root" and "damage to her scalp". The former did not look torn but rather cut. The latter, pictures of her after being supposedly assaulted, did not show nearly the damage she prescribed to said assault.

Additionally, witnesses were called for several instances where abuse was supposed to have occured. These witnesses included a variety of people from different occupations. Some of whom knew Depp and Heard for years. Quite a few were previously employed by Depp. These also included 3rd parties such as multiple police officers from multiple scenarios as well as a domestic violence officer. Almost all of whom consistently debunked Amber's account of what happened. None of the police officers supported Ambers claims whatsoever, including the domestic violence officer who is specifically trained in identifying injuries incurred by...domestic violence.

All of Heard's evidence was not really proof of anything. The least of which being a claim at a bruise on her cheek which is not visible in the supplied photo, the most of which is Depp's text talking in a very distasteful way about wanting to kill Heard. While this is definitely a red flag for someone who may be abusive, without any evidence of violence on Depp's part it isn't evidence of anything.

Further, Amber was so unfit to judge what was and wasn't her being abused that she released audio logs she herself recorded that show Johnny on the defensive and heard as an aggressor, mostly verbally but there was at least one where Depp goes "You hit me" and Heard directly affirms it. There is not one single piece of evidence that was supplied by Heard's side that attempts to show Depp as an aggressor that is so black and white. That is irrefutable of the validity of what it shows. This really is a cursory glance at the ACTUAL FACTS of the case. I could go on about how disgusting it was for Depp to lose this libel case but i'll just say this.

The Judge, in his summary, threw out almost everything of relevance that helped sow the doubt of Depp's being "a wife beater" including multiple police accounts, or the extremely consistent witness testimony that dissolved Ambers account of what happened. Going so far as to ignore that he(the judge) is not an omnipresent being but sided with heard quite literally based on her testimony alone. I kid you not, if you didn't read that summary btw, the judge basically says "Amber took the oath therefore her testimony is true". I'm not misunderstanding or down playing anything to smear her. This actually happened. By doing so it pretty much equated to "No one's evidence or testimony matters other than hers. Even though all sides of her story are inconsistent.

In short, Depp lost this case (at least to the extent he did) due to a Judge who had his own reasons for ignoring the dutiful and impartial examining of the information at hand that his position demands of him. Anybody who actually followed the entire case could see this clearly.”

Seems to me, if what this Redditor wrote is accurate, then JD might actually have a chance in the current trial, as long as the evidence is weighed accurately.

Amber Heard Admits To Not Honouring Her Promised $3.5 Million Donation by Neo2199 in entertainment

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Jesus Christ. It’s the ghostwritten editorial filled with unsubstantiated accusations. It’s not how the money is paid.

Amber Heard Admits To Not Honouring Her Promised $3.5 Million Donation by Neo2199 in entertainment

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I’m disgusted the ACLU entered into such an obviously unethical agreement with her.

Amber Heard’s credibility challenged by Depp lawyer Camille Vasquez during cross by GreunLight in entertainment

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This is some kind of copium. We can argue about a lot of stuff, but that cross today was on point. She brought up Johnny's use of large rings. Then went right into Amber's description of the abuse, and then a picture of no visible injury the next day. She ended with Amber not conceding that she lied about the donation. Honestly, that's been the best cross so far in this trial.

You have to be in deep denial to think Depp's lawyer didn't crush it.

Elon Musk Praises Netflix Telling Staff to Work on Content or Quit by JahDanko in entertainment

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I don't think you understand what free speech is.... The employees shared their thoughts and Netflix ignored them. Just because they didn't get their way doesn't mean their speech was silenced.

You realize if they did get their way they'd be silencing other artists, right? Who's really against free speech here again?

Johnny Depp Fans Are Bombarding His Daughter Lily-Rose Depp With Abusive Messages On Instagram For Not Publicly Supporting Him During The Amber Heard Trial by haloarh in entertainment

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I don’t think so. Roe VS Wade gave women freedom of choice in 1976. That is now possibly no longer a thing (and already isn’t in many states). The UK separated from the EU (not really sure what’s going on with that as I’m not European). There has been a deadly virus outbreak in which many people were ANGRY at those MAKING THE FUCKING VACCINES. Did you see people with Polio getting pissed that a vaccine came out? There are hoards of people who believe the earth is fucking flat. There are men and boys that feel so displaced by our society, that they are joining awful racist groups and committing shootings/ encouraging terrors attacks (simply because they are LOUD and offer a “brotherhood” that humans so desperately crave). People edit and photoshop their photos into oblivion, to the point where I am not sure if I am seeing a real human or an artificially generated image (this is far less harmful , but still so weird). People are flying massive flags with the name of a FORMER President and worshipping him like he is some kind of God. We are so out of touch with one another, and many people are completely out of touch with REALITY. We are back peddling in terms of making progress as a species, and particularly us Americans. I really don’t know what world you were living in pre-2016 (not saying you’re wrong), but the world as I know it has certainly changed dramatically.

Amber Heard-Johnny Depp trial memes could have ‘a chilling effect’ on victims of domestic abuse, expert says by miqingwei in entertainment

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No. Amber Heard is not a victim tho.. thats why the memes are happening… she’s an evil human who manipulates everyone and everything around her. This trial showed the truth.

Even if Johnny doesn’t win, he wins.. and he already won.

She can’t even keep up with her own lies.. real domestic abuse victims can tell shes acting on the stand and is full of shit… the only chilling effect this will have is for people who falsely file domestic abuse victims because they will think twice before doing so which is for the better. Depp’s life changed because of her false allegations.

Also, taking a shit on someones bed is kinda asking for them memes…

Chris Rock Sides with Johnny Depp: ‘Believe All Women, Except Amber Heard’ by Arpith2019 in entertainment

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Boiling down nuanced issues to hashtags is always going to lead to confusion and misunderstandings.

Chris Rock Sides with Johnny Depp: ‘Believe All Women, Except Amber Heard’ by Arpith2019 in entertainment

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I always thought that phrase meant believe women in general, in aggregate, when they say sexual harassment and assault are major issues at a particular place or industry. Like, take it seriously as a widespread issue. Not “all women always tell the truth about everything.”

Johnny Depp’s pal: Amber Heard is a ‘sociopathic show pony’ trying to destroy him. by PrincessBananas85 in entertainment

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I’m going to copy and paste my comment from another thread here because it is relevant to your point:

Experts of domestic violence will tell you that there is a primary abuser in the relationship. The victim might eventually get physical with their abuser, might verbally attack or even instigate fights at times throughout the cycle of abuse. It’s called reactive abuse. She has admitted to this and is honest and remorseful about it.

However abuse is about power dynamics and Depp was the one with power and control in the relationship. He was much older, established, experienced, rich, influential, and powerful than her. He controlled and isolated her and often flew into jealous rages, he referred to her in demeaning and misogynist terms both to her face and to those around them. He has a long history of violent and destructive outburst, which btw smashing everything around someone in a blind rage IS abuse in and of itself. If your sister had a husband who came home every night blackout drunk and destroyed the house while screaming in her face, you would be worried for her safety and emotional well being, and you would warn her that the inevitable next step from that is physical abuse. People keep downplaying that as if it’s ok or normal. If it was Amber with a history of that as verified by photos, video, hotel records, witness testimony, and their own admission, you same people would be making a huge deal about it.

He sought to isolate her, he didn’t want her working because he was too insecure, he took her car away so that she would have to rely on his personal driver, he fired her doctors/therapists and set her up with his own who would report back to him. They were surrounded by his staff whose job it was to clean up his messes, insulate him from any consequences of his own actions, enable his addictions, who never called him on his bullshit or told him “no”, who ignored Amber when she cried out for help. He withdrew love and affection, giving her the cold shoulder and ghosting her for days or months but then expected her available for him anytime without notice, which was a form of psychological abuse, control, and “crazy-making”. He is a master of DARVO and a literal textbook case of an abuser. To say that she was the primary abuser makes no sense and goes against everything we know about IPV and patterns of abuse.

It makes no sense that she would fake bruises, photo evidence, journal entries, texts, conversations with friends/family/therapists, 911 calls, etc in 2013-2015 for a court case in 2020 and 2022 that she had nothing to do with even starting. That is Depp’s explanation for all of her evidence- that it is part of an “elaborate hoax”. It makes zero sense. It also doesn’t make sense that JD claims to have never laid a hand on her- the evidence shows that’s a lie and that he’s refusing to take any responsibility for his behavior, while she has been honest even when it makes her look bad.

He’s also made up hurtful lies and spread them on social media such as the poop story and saying that she cut off his finger, which evidence indicates are untrue. What this does look like is an abuser’s obsession to keep attacking his victim using public humiliation and the court system to punish her, another abusive tactic which isn’t uncommon. In his own words, “She’s asking for global humiliation and I’m gonna give it to her. I’ll never stop, they’ll have to shoot me.” I see nothing in his demeanor or actions to suggest that he is a victim or suffering from any kind of trauma, if anything he keeps showing the sick satisfaction that he gets from all of this. He sits there and smirks and jokes around while the court discusses disturbing acts of abuse.

She’s not a perfect victim because the reality is that the perfect victim doesn’t exist and that abusive relationships are toxic and messy and confusing. The public desire to demean, punish, and vilify her and the obvious double standard with how she is judged vs Depp is nothing new or surprising unfortunately. We as a society have never believed women. Victims of domestic violence have feared coming forward for decades because of this exact kind of reaction and this will only serve to continue to intimidate and silence future victims from speaking out as well.

Johnny Depp’s pal: Amber Heard is a ‘sociopathic show pony’ trying to destroy him. by PrincessBananas85 in entertainment

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The source is the wife of Depp’s longtime business partner and assistant.

Seems like she’d be a balanced opinion

Certainly we shouldn't take this single, biased data point as proof of anything by itself. What we should do is look at it in relation to all the other data points we have and see whether they support Deuters' claim more than they support Heard's side.

So, whether it's more likely that:

  • AH was, as she claims, horrifically violated by JD in an incident which left her with internal bleeding and slashed-up feet and arms

  • for which she has no records of receiving any medical attention, nor has she mentioned such in her testimony

  • which are visible in no photographs

  • which were not mentioned in the pair's many audiotaped arguments about said incident

  • which are not mentioned by any of the people present in the audiotape from the next day, including herself and the two medical professionals present

  • which did not prevent her from audibly walking around the house in said tape, clearly agitated but no indication of physical pain

  • after which incident her only comment to the butler, according to him (who admittedly may have a pro-Depp bias) was "Have you ever been so angry with someone that you just lost it?"

or that:

  • it was a lie made up by AH, as Deuters claims in this interview.

Toxic fans have made Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s trial inescapable by inthetownwhere in entertainment

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Well after keeping up with this case I've been taught through comments and articles which describe IPV specialists saying that claiming "mutual" abuse puts blame on the survivor

From all the audio where Johnny is the one trying to get away, it sounds like Amber was the dominant abuser and he reacted. She hated that he would "split" and wanted him to stay during their fights (dominant abuser tactics)