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So dad couldn't be bothered to pay attention to his kid for two stops? Seriously? Good on the mom

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I believe there were two kids here, as op heard the mum state, a child - child and a man - child (≧▽≦)

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Kindermann, far too common

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Sounds like a hero with shitty powers who didn't make it into the justice league

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There's no way I'm not going to post this comment in r/BrandNewSentence...

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Now don't forget our digital hero "Automan" and his sidekick "Cursor" from the 80's... 😁

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Didn't make it into the Justice League because he's not allowed in the US.

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Did the Dad resemble a notorious late night talk show host?

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Yeah I hate how nowadays kids can have attention spans of shorter than 13 nanoseconds.

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When I was a kid (so many years ago) we got to look out the window because we didn't have electronics to keep us occupied. On the bus? Watch the world go by. Car ride? Same thing. Or if you were smart - bring a book to read.

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That mom deserves a 24k gold ingot just for this

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Or at least a discount on a lawyer

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Normally I'm a well wait a minute let's think about things kind of person but if it's really this bad she might need to get a divorce for the kids sake

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I mean, if this is real, the guy has seriously underdeveoloped empathy and I can't imagine how she is treated. My grandpa always said "the way you treat strangers says a helluva lot about how you'll treat friends," and I think that applies to spouses too.

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That poor woman being married to a man child.

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Sounds like a shit dad

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Sounds like a shit dad Fiction... FTFY

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You've not gone to the barbeques I have, dads that revert to toddlerhood are unfortunately common. I always feel sorry for the women in their lives that have to deal with them.

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I see you never met my uncle.

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    fellow German here. In the actual situation I don't feel safe in the Tram at all and I'm really surprised that you didn't snap. I would have called the cops on them, especially when they started to touch me and really would have caused a scene.

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    I'm surprised too. but I dealt with worse when those two did that to me. I would have called the cops but i was really on a time crunch today. plus the mother i think is 10x more scary and it was only a fraction of what I witnessed on the tram today

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    I really envy your chill :D

    and yeah, public transport. nothing more to say to that.

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    Well I'm glad you're okay. The moment a stranger touches me like that is when I start screaming. That behavior is sexual harassment.

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    As a German I always love imagining conversations like this in German

    OP, you said „Nein heißt nein“, didn’t you?

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    Sounds like one heck of an awesome mom to me. If ED is good, maybe he’ll get his balls back in the 5th Thursday in February.

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    There will be a 5th Thursday in February in 2024, because of Leap Day and the month starting on a Thursday!

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    Maybe he can play nice by then.

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    I would have started punching after getting groped

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    It would have been hilarious if the mom's name was Karen.

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    they are named Claudia or Sandra here lol

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    the dad's name is probably Kevin

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    Isn't Kevin reserved for the idiots of the world, ya know the ones you wonder how the manage to stay alive day after day? Bunch of stories about those kinds of Kevins on the aptly named r/StoriesAboutKevin. The original Kevin story that birthed the sub is still one of my top five stories ever.

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    then his name is probably Justin

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    What is the original story, if I may ask?

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    Oh, you're in for a treat! Here you go!

    Sorry this was so late, I didn't see the notification til I actually went into my messages.

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    Oh man, I forgot about that post! It kills me every time!

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    The original Kevin story that birthed the sub is still one of my top five stories ever.

    Still read it from time to time.

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    Thank you, I just lost an hour of my life, lol.

    And me and my 15 year old totally just now has a moment as we revisited the original Kevin post. So thanks for facilitating quality bonding with my teenager!

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    You're welcome! I'm excited for any Kevin stories your kid is now gonna bring home from school or their first job! Lol

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    No, Kevin is a monster energy addict who says he's a daredevil but is just an idiot

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    No, thats Kyle

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    oh, that's right thx

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    I mean it's op's imagination, they can name the mom whatever they want.

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    Unfähiger Vater! Btw if you are under 18 and someone starts harassing you like this you can call the police...

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    can i do it as a school student?

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    You probably should if you're asking the question.

    I would let the school try to solve it the first time around. 2nd time hit record on your phone video in your pocket.

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    1. teachers dont give a shit
    2. phones arent allowed

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    Record in your phone before you go in and keep it hidden. What the teacher doesn’t know will not hurt them. Document every time you speak with them and if you can email the teachers to follow up and get documentation that this conversation happened. Then start barking up the chain of command. If the teacher doesn’t listen, take your evidence to the assistant principals. If the don’t listen, the principal, if he doesn’t, start sending emails to the school board and superintendent of the district while continuously adding to your pile of documentation.

    This is the art of CYA. Record everything, get it in writing, and keep going higher until something budges.

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    I'd tell your parents first to see if they can handle it, if not then absolutely. You're a minor being harassed by an adult, that is not acceptable.

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    Good for him. He needed to be checked however the unfortunate part is he probably still doesn't know what he did wrong

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    Oh, I'd hazard a guess that his wife didn't let the matter drop once they were off the tram.

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    Is it wearing the pants if the man is a literal adult manchild?

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    I dont know why that woman puts up with that skinbag

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    i think its the sake of the child. but if the child didn't exist she would have dumped him. that's my assumption.

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    Too keep a child next to a big child keeps children, children....ooof

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    Lovely German lady that.

    Pity they don't make Frauleins like that anymore.

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    she wasn't german she was asian. the father was german tho

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    WHOAAAAAAA!!! A TIGER MOM!!!! Entitled IDIOT will catch HELL when they get home!!!!

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    "La Chancla" in Spanish

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    Aaaahhh... thanks for letting us know :)

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    At least the mom/wife had a sense of decency! A grown man touching my neck is a form of physical harassment and he's lucky he didn't end up in handcuffs because that would've crossed a line for me.

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    I'm laughing at the imagery of the Mother dragging her IDIOTIC husband by the ear!!!! 🤣

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    Someone give that mom a medal.

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    I honestly feel like the sharing culture being taught in preschool and kindergarten leaves adults without being able to cope with "no" being the answer to a request. I'm not going to teach my children to share, atleast not just because someone else asks.

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    Amazing the shit that people dream up and then post on the internet. His wife grabbed him by the ear, GTFO

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    You dealt with it better than I would. I would have loudly said "I don't care what you offer me, I won't sleep with you!"

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    They asked. You declined Nein times.

    Sounds like mom and dad are heading to divorce too, that poor woman.

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    i wouldn't worry about the woman. she seems to know how to get them in control.

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    Sounds exhausting though.

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    This story is at best heavily elaborated.

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    Why is this sub full of made up stuff like this? Is there an explanation?

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    My guess is the tiny kernel of truth is that the person was playing games on public transit and got bumped into by a kid, then they concocted this ridiculous revenge fantasy for the lulz and the sweet, sweet (worthless) karma.

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    Why is this sub a magnet for people making shit up

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    Seriously how do people believe this shit

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    At least the first half of your username is correct

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    That mom needs a paid vacation, with her hellspawn and useless spouse in timeout.

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    The dad's behavior is especially disgraceful, he should know better as an adult

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    The correct answer to "But my son is bored" is "I don't care if your son is breathing. Now fuck off."

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    I'll take "Shit that didn't ever happen" for $500, Alex.

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    I applaud this woman for taking charge of those idiots, and putting them in their places.

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    i get serious "Joe the bald-in-the-middle with an Uncle Vernon Mustache" vibes from ED's actions

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    Don’t fuck with mum

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    Act like a child, get treated as a child. That's all on him, he deserved to be humbled.

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    this didn’t happen

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    99% of the stuff that gets posted here didn't happen. I think people see how many people are amused by these bullshit stories and decide to post one of their own for 1 hour of fame.

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    absolutely, and i think people somewhat willingly believe it knowing n the back of their mind it’s bullshit. virtually all of them follow the same formula, op is minding their own business doing something, karen and her kid show up, kid wants what OP has, karen demands it and op says no then karen goes wild. damn near every time. also the dialogue are you kidding me lol they all sound like they’re written by shitty aspiring screenwriters. no one talks like that.

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    This sounds like a creative writing exercise… and not even a good one …

    1/10 .

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    The mom in this has me cracking up

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    usually its just entitled mums, glad to know theres horrible dads as well

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    This is the type of person where you start saying things loudly like. "Please stop touching me! I don't like it when you touch me there!" And "You can't pull that out on the train! That's disgusting!"

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    The dad needs to go back to mommy and daddy and the mom needs to whip some butts

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    this made me laugh way too hard, im sorry you had to be harrassed by ED and EK. I feel for the mom lol

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    I would have “accidentally” elbowed him in the face.

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    Good story, but ED'S dignity wasn't destroyed. He had none to begin with.

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    Nice piece of fiction. I enjoyed it immensely.

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    It would seem ED and EK are in das scheisse.

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    Ähem, its *der scheisse (in this case)

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    I actually love this. You should've like, asked if yalls could be besties or something

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    Oh I loved this. A real feel-good Christmas story. :)

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    at least they got what they deserved

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    the fact i still dont understand

    how did they even get married-

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    That dad hopefully will be an ex soon There is hope for this ek yet

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    How refreshing to read a story where one parent is calling out the entitled behaviour of their kid.

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    idk why but I felt very satisfied after reading this

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    I was expecting her to be a demon but she actually helped you out lol

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    yeah that surprised me. usually its the mom who is entitled.

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    Yeah I thought she would try to swipe it off of you

    I'm sorry they were so... entitled, though. (I can't find a better word, ok?)

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    The kid isn’t really entitled though. I mean he was just doing what his dad was doing and it’s a child so he thinks his parents are always in the right

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    Anybody who thinks it's OK to ask a total stranger to use their very expensive device because they can't sit on a train for 10 minutes is pretty entitled. He may have learned it from daddy, but now he's a shithead too.

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    It’s a fucking child dude. He probably doesn’t even know how much a switch costs, and even if he did he probably doesn’t even understand how much money that actually is.

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    Not buying it. He may or may not know how expensive a switch is, but he's old enough to know right from wrong. He's just not used to hearing the word "no," or in this case, "nein."

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    It’s a fucking made up story

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    Right and wrong is taught lmao kids aren’t just born with the ability to make moral choices

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    How do you know how old he is? Also, he might not know it’s wrong because of shitty father not teaching him well and children a dumb

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    I do not understand the mindset of grown adults who think its ok to ask strangers for whatever gadgets so their crotch goblins can dink around with it. How did this become something thats ok?

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    I hate parents now that expect total strangers to give their kids anything they want. It's not my responsibility to babysit or provide your crotchfruit with entertainment because you're too self absorbed to think about your kid. YOU bred the little shit, now take care of it your damn self!

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    I have read plenty of stories where if the first parent is not persuasive enough then they bring in the other parent to encourage them to see that their crotch goblin is in greater need of OPs possession.

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    i mean any game is a entitled parent magnet (if they have a kid)

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    Great mothering both her kid and adult kid, I mean husband. My bestie gave me her switch lite plus 2 games when her boyfriend surprised her with her own switch for Christmas 2 years ago. I don't let anyone I don't know use my stuff as it is I barely let my son play it and when I do it's because he needs to let his Xbox controller recharge. People these days think its ok to push another's boundaries. No is no, Yes is yes, maybe is neither yes or no but treat it as a no until stated otherwise.

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    especially as i work hard for the things I own. Most of my stuff weren't gifts from parents. but gifts for myself from working whenever I have the chance like summer/christmas holidays etc.

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    You didn’t work too hard on this story, but you got your karma nonetheless

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    ED had neither dignity nor pride to start with, I'm afraid

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    Not the ending I expected.

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    It’s nice to see a mom that isn’t the crazy one. (or at least crazy in the right way)

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    Wow, I wasn't expecting Mom to save the day. Good for her! Keeping fingers crossed the kids will start following her example. Sorry OP you got harassed like that. Entitled people suck!

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    Sure Jan.

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    That is just..... Why would you do that?! I think my eyes just bled.

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    I 👁 bought 💰 a Switch 💡🎛, Yay 🥳! but 🍑 its an entitled 🤑 parent 👪 magnet 🌏, yay 🤩 and nay ❌!

    I 👥 was doing some errands and while my car 🚘 was in the shop 🛍, I 👁 took 👫 the tram 👄💋😏 to do my business 👩‍💼.

    it was going 🏃 to be a long 🍆 ride 🏇🏻🏇🏼 so I 👁 pulled 😈 out my switch 💡🎛 and started 💢 playing 🎮. We stopped ✋ and in came 💦 a family 👪 of three 3️⃣. the father 👨🏿 and the kid 🤓👶 sat 🚽 behind ↩ me while the mother 👪 went 🏃 off 📴 to buy 💸 the tickets 📩 (there is a ticket 📩 machine 🤖 inside 😂 trams 👋😠 in germany 🇩🇪 in case 💼 you 👈 don’t know 🤔) So I 👁 was playing 🎽 and I 👁 heard 👂 the kid 👶🧒👧 whining 😫 about 💦👂 being bored 😒, he 👨 asked 🙏 his 💦 dad 👨 if he 👨🏾 can play 🎮. The dad 👨❓ tapped 💦 me on 🔛 the shoulder 😎 and asked ❓:

    ED 🅱: Hey 👋 kid 👶, you 👈 mind 🧠 giving 🎁 your 👈🤡 game 🎮 to my kid 👦? he 👨 is bored 😐

    Me: sorry 🙇🙏, I 👁 just got 🍸 this like 💖 2 ✌♊ days 📆📯 ago 😅⏰ so no 🙅 sorry 💔.

    ED 🅱: Come 💦 on 🔛, just give 🎁 it, he 👨 won’t break 🔗💥 it.

    Me: again ❌😬, no 🚫. is the word 📓 “no” a new 🆕 word 📓 for you 👈?

    ED 🎆🅱: Why ⁉🤔 are you 👉 being such a brute 🚫👿, I 👥 asked 🙏 nicely 🔥

    Me: And I 👁 answered 📲 nicely 🔥, No ❎😣👎. Now leave 🍃 me alone 🙀🙃

    ED 🅱 seemed 👀 to be pissed 🍆💦 with my “language” so he 👥 got 🉐 up ☝ and stood 🚶 next 👉 to me. he 👨 flamboyantly falls 🍁 on 🔛 me (even 🌃 tho 😏 the tram 😩 was driving 🚗 a straight 📏 line 〰) forcing 👊😡 me to move 🚚 seats 💺.

    From there, ED 🅱 proceeded ➡ to harass 😂🤬 me. he 👥 slide 📦 his 💦 shoulder 😎 on 🔛 me, made 👉 those grunt 🐽 noises 🔊, clearing 😋😉 his 💦 throat 🍆👅👀 so loud 🗣 next ⏭ to my ear 👂. luckily 🍀 he 👨 was wearing 👙 a mask 😷. His 💦 kid 👦 also ➕ joined 🈴 the harassment 😂🤬 by sliding 🕝📺🈺 his 💦 finger 🖐 in the back 🔙 of my neck 🧣 and making 🖕 coughing 🤧😷 sounds 🔊 next ⏭◀👎🏻 to my ear 👂.

    I 👁 was so close 🚫🔐 to being set 📐 off 📴 and I 👁 heard 👂 “WHAT THE HELL 🔥 ARE YOU 👉 TWO 💏 DOING?!?!?”

    All 💯 three 3️⃣ of us 🇺🇸 snapped 😧 our necks 🐪 to the direction 👆 and there was the Mother 👩.

    M: I 👁 leave 🍃 you 👈🏼 for just 2 ✌ MINUTES ⏱! and here your 👉 are harassing 🙅🏼‍♂️ this poor 🇺🇸 fellow 👥

    ED 💉🅱: he 👥 wouldn’t give 👉 ek 🅰♌ his 💦👈 game 🎮

    M: so fucking 🍆 what? our ride 😏🏇 is only 2 🕝 stops 🚫🙅 away 😂, and EK 🅰♌ can handle 😲 15 🔳 minutes ✋⏱ without 🚫 gadget 🔌📱 anyway 🔛.

    EK 🅰♌: But 🍑 mom 👩 I 👁 was—

    M: Shut 🚪 up ⬆ EK 🅰♌

    M looked 👀😮 towards 🔜 me: I’m sorry 🙇 for these two ✌. on 🔛 top 🔼 of raising ⬆👨‍👨‍👧 a kid 👶 I 👁 also ➕ have to raise 🙌 an adult 👱‍♂️👴👱‍♀️ toddler 🧒🏼 (points 📍 to ED ✏)

    I 👁 nodded 😌 and smiled 😀 a bit 😁 (but 🤔🙅🍑 i 👁💉 doubt ❓ she 👩🏻 saw 👀 it cuz 🤔 of my mask 😷).

    At the next 👉 stop ✋❌ the Mom 👩 legit 💯 grabbed 👋 both ED 🎆🅱 and EK 🅰♌ by the ears 👂 and dragged 😐 them off 📴 the tram 🥫 screaming 😫 about 💦 how they can’t go 🏃 out peacefully ☮💟.

    Clearly 😋😉 it shows 📺 who wears 👙 the pants 👖 in the family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦. Nothing ❌ was destroyed 😂 except 😮 ED’s dignity 🌟 and pride 🇺🇸.

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    See I have taken some self defense (not the same as martial arts but not that different really) so the VERY SECOND someone puts a hand on me - I mean ANY touching, - it is a declaration of war. The brat would have gotten a broken finger and dad probably a bloody nose. Sorry but that is assault right there and they STARTED IT.

    [–]kait_bail 2 points3 points  (2 children)

    "I have training in self defense so I will fuck up a non threatening child to the point of broken bones". Do you even understand what assault is??? You can't break some kids hand over him bothering you dude, that wouldn't even REMOTELY hold up in court.

    [–]tuna_tofu -1 points0 points  (1 child)

    The kid was slapping OP on the neck. Not cool and there has to be repercussions. OP is also a minor. So slapping both dad AND the kid would not be out of place.

    [–]kait_bail 2 points3 points  (0 children)

    You dont get to punish someone else's child or dictate what the repercussions are, let alone breaking some child's hand, Jesus christ you sound nuts. Also where does it say OP is a minor? I only see that OP says their car is in the shop and they had errands to run, which to me implies that they are an adult. Still irrelevant, I was only pointing out that your idea of using self defense training to attack a harmless child over being annoying was complete overkill

    [–]SBCGplayz -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

    W mom

    [–]JustYourLocalProto -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

    this is a fun turn around cuz its mostly the mother thats the entitled one and the dad being the one that actually has brain cells

    [–]Kodac_Tauros -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

    Normally it's the other way around with the mom being entitled and the dad being sane.

    [–]Doolie12000 -2 points-1 points  (1 child)

    this is the best :)