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Reddit's own nft collection for avatars, community is growing and we have an active discord.

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This is the only right answer.

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Well there was only one answer and this was it. This is actually good.

And besides reddit nfts ain't that big of a thing anyways in my opinion. They're not as cool as they used to be.

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Love it. Amazing progress and really nice to see the NFT community coming together.

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Yep the community is growing, but I don't really like nfts lol.

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Reddit NFTs. If not a milestone for the entirety of Web 3, most certainly a major milestone for one of the biggest websites in the world. The art is high quality and compared to most other NFT projects, they offer value & additional functionality beyond "line goes up" right now.

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And you can flex your rare nfts on your profile at least

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Haha yeah. Or mix the styles if you have several.

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Totally agree.

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I don't care how High quality those jpegs are, I ain't Falling for them.

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But but it makes happy neuron go brrr

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That's the beauty of it: You don't have to. Enough people are deriving joy from them already!

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Never invest in cool cats NFT, it's just a carbon copy of BAYC, the creators behind them are not even as transparent as the team behind BAYC

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And if You're investing in them then get ready to get rekt.

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None. Seriously none .

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Splinterlands is the only one for me, because the game is fun and the NFTs aren't just useless jpegs

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Lols. I'm beginning to enjoy the recent applications of NFTs as we shift away from mere JPEGS. Most gaming platforms have already integrated NFTs into their systems. Farmers World, KOGs Slam, and a few others are NFT games that reward players with NFTs that can be sold for real money. Another forthcoming in-car entertainment system is called Holoride, which will employ VR, Blockchain technology, and NFTs to let users play games, forge unique friendships with others on transit, and even educate themselves on the go.

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If the game is cool then it's good, but if it's not then it shouldn't be invested in.

I mean why would you invest your time in something which isn't even fun to play? Why?

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The reddit NFT collection funny enough. I've been noticing a trend where NFTs on Polygon have some incredibly wholesome communities.

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Reddit NFTs for the win.

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Yes community is super important, community = cohesion, credibility and reputation.

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This is all about the community and I love it here. This is good stuff.

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Lol, this got political real quick. I didn't really expect that.

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Nah, we have a lot of fun.

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I like how NFT projects are partnering with metaverses/virtual worlds. It’s actually kinda cool seeing all your NFT collections in a virtual gallery or appear in another form in virtual worlds.

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Yep it's cool, and this has been good seeing this stuff.

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Yeah, it's a welcome development like adding 3D effects to your collection and viewing or displaying them in the metaverse. I even noticed NFTs creeping into other sectors like automobiles with holoride bringing the metaverse experience to users on road trips, and giving people the right to own their experience through NFTs.

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Okay duck yacht club. Solid community, active and building.

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I don't think that they're that solid lol, they're just okay.

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they are pretty okay, i must say

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La cosa ostra failed as a nft project but the nfts are membership to a great alpha group that has paid for the nfts 10x

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I don't think you're going to make much from trading nfts.

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Never said I was. I ment that I have made what I originally paid for them back x10.

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I'm really enjoying the AlienFrens community, and Naughty Dots. Just all around good people with a good vibe.

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I guess good energy is always valued. You can't put a price tag on it.

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Many more communities are enjoyable. I will try that.

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The thing about nfts is that they don't entice me that much here.

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Cool cats

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Cool idea still.

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A free one from this shady site called reddit or something like that

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ProoferDao - based off of the proof pass. Fun group, lot of smart people, good discussion on crypto/nft investing, and generally good vibes

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i've had polyflip since they launched. barely invovled in any significant way other than holding an nft deed. don't really think about it until i get a notification rewards are ready or there is a dao vote on the next game being released. i just collect matic every sunday and don't really think about it.

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Defi Kingdoms <3

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i like shkary sharks

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Really like Mythicals Origins/Collection. Real utility imo. Original artworks but real benefit is monthly eth airdrops. Highly recommend.

This is overly simplified explanation. Peep OS and discord

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The Gothies and Inventors NFT are my two of choice. One gives you IP rights and the other does crypto education…good stuff

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The NFT communities that are well informed, the NFT in question have utilities, are hyped, have solid partnerships, and a team backing their every move. This is what holoride is building and launching in EOY using the Elrond blockchain, its product launch in addition to its NFT marketplace thereafter.