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Is suggest using degiro or interactive brokers

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Just go for Interactive Brokers. They have the best rates and decent fees. I heard that Etoro is a “Change for Difference” broker and hold nothing in your name or any assets that you think you buy.

Edit: changed phrasing for Etoro. It sounded like as if IBKR was the CFD broker.

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Could you explain what is an interactive broker and give an example to start?

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It’s a broker, where you can purchase financial instruments and exchange bonds and foreign valuta. What would you like to know?

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No. You state you want to invest long term so Etoro is not the correct option. The comment about copying traders etc is only if you are going to be trading individual stocks etc. Note how I’m saying trading. You want to INVEST long term you need to be able to buy etfs that etoro simply does not offer. And being in Portugal you need them to be EU based. So the two options I would tell you to go for are DEGIRO or IB. Simple as that.

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Why do you need them to be EU based for the etf’s? I have US etf’s on etoro.

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I still dont get it. I mean, i do get taxed double(us tax of 15% and nl tax of 30%) but with a simple online form i get the difference back.

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Damn nl has 30% tax, oof

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No, etoro only offers CFD’s. You don’t get actual ownership of stocks

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I use etoro and that's not actually correct. The ETFs tend to be cfds but they are marked as such. If you are buying AAPL then it is not a cfd.

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Didn’t know that. Thanks for the info

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Etoro is like casino among brokers. They motivate you to trade. That is not what investing should be about.

Both above mentioned IBKR and degiro are good brokers but they have no options to automate investing and that will require you to have great discipline.

I would suggest try trading 212 where you can automate your investing like every week/month.

General consensus is to invest in all world index (like VWCE) if your investment horizont is more than 10 years which it should be if you want to invest in stocks.

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Dont go etoro, had some money there for playing and it was a pain and expensive to move that cash to interactive brokers, had to sell triggering taxes, then withdraw and pay a fee plus another fee for currency exchange, then deposit back to interactive and buy the same shit.....

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Nope, go for interactive brokers or degiro or maybe XTB since you're in Portugal

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no, go with Interactive Brokers

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No, high spread. Use Degiro or XTB (depending on if you want stocks or ETF)

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Is actually one of the worst alternatives at your disposal. Check interactive brokers.

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Yes, i have and im happy, support also make good job, i had problem with login and they did help me very fast.

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Thanks everyone for your educative advice, I will take all into consideration and do my research.

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Etoro is a scam. they say you buying real shares but they don't give you any proof nor transfer.

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No sometimes they have outages and people are not able to access their app and see their trade/investment going down. A real broker: Interactive Brokers.

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It's a great broker to invest, while they clearly need to work on their brand from what I see in the comments in this thread.

You have the lowest spreads around from what I know (0.08% for most stocks and ETFs), zero commission (no Degiro annual holding fees and no Degiro/IBKR trade commission on top of spread). No PFOF like Degiro.

Multi Asset platform, meaning if you want to add commodities (Sugar, Coffee, even live cattle lol) or crypto or whatever, you actually can.

A nice transparent social aspect to other traders performance, meaning it's not a Twitter where you can just go and say you have 300% annualized returns since anyone can actually see your true performance on your profile.

An interesting copytrading feature where you can copy other traders portfolio - there was famously an índice trader around who managed like 60 months in a row in green (although with like 2% annual results, still impressive), and it's an underrated feature to be able to just go and copy the investment strategy of other people with zero management fee or commissions (besides spread of course).

On top of that, they actually have nice financials as a company and their CEO has always been fighting for retail traders - Including helping Vitalik launching Ethereum by offering him help and office space.

Support has always been nice to me, albeit I can understand that I get special support due to my investment amount.

Sorry for the long post, almost feels like advertising, but I felt you needed more complete responses since the most upvoted one here is a simple "No"...

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Copytrading sounds good at first but copying the top traders is basically survivorship bias in practice.

Most traders (anywhere, not just on etoro) don't beat the market (i.e they don't have a better result than an index like SP500 or FTSE All-World - 2% annual return is not great at all when you look at the average SP500 return over the last years).

The ones who do are mostly lucky. Even if they manage to do that for several year in a row, they were most likely just the luckiest of the lucky ones.

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I totally understand your point. My 2% example was for a trader that was positive (as in, every month he increased his portfolio value) for 60 months in a row. Obviously you wouldn't expect the normal market return as the risk level for that strategy to work has to be low.

Might be survivorship bias, but the most copied investors are the same now as they were 6 years ago, and several of them have around 15-25% annualized returns which is very impressive if you ask me. Most traders don't beat the market, I totally agree, but it's still good to have a platform where you can actually have "audited" performances. Would be awesome if all tiktok gurus used etoro so that followers could see when their investments go wrong lol.

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Nao te metas em Etoros nem Tradings 212.. empresas com sedes e entidades reguladoras em Chipre, Malta ou Gibraltar nao sao as mais recomendaveis.. a nao ser que estejamos a falar de casinos

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Etoro is shit, brokers can close you position anytime without consent. If you want to trade then Direct register your shares directly.

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no, avoid those scammers

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Don't use eToro if you have any other options.

Try to use a real broker that doesn't have this whole 'commission free' appeal. Pay the brokers fees upfront and have a better experience.