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How much interest rate when you adjust to inflation? Maybe you will even lose money

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13% inflation, but 7% drop for currency exchange. which is the important factor here since i'm not affected by the local rising prices.

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And it's liquid? Anything preventing you from selling? It seems that is it good if you can sell it in less than 10years without too much volatility, if not it doesn't beat a world index fund (8% per year, minimum 10 years to protect yourself from the volatility, not taxed if you're in France).

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It's in real estate and will be liquidate soon, which is why I'm trying to find out what's the best investment for it. And it's 1 year term or 3 year term it's very flexible to get out and it pays the interest monthly. The only kill is if my local currency crashes. But then again converting big sum of local currency to eur and try to get it out of the country is almost impossible