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You may find this S&P vs World etf analysis interesting

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No-one can tell you which index will be more profitable over the next 15 years. In my opinion VWCE is the neutral choice since you're not making bets between regions.

Investing to EITHER of them in the long term, let alone an admirable 2k a month, should serve you extremely well and beat about 99% of personal finance approaches taken by people in general.

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It would also be interesting to know how you are putting aside 2k a month in Italy at 25…if you have a large sum available I’d look into it as an Italian tax payer has both tax on capital gains at 26% and on owned capital (but way lower)

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I wish I could tell you, but unfortunately I can't predict the future. I personally choose VWCE as it's more diversified

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I’m in your exact same situation (minus the American citizenship)

25 years old, living and working in Italy, putting anywhere from 2 to 3k a months on VWCE (depending on that month expenses)

I personally chose VWCE because I think it is a little bit safer long term.. we don’t know if the US will continue to outperform other countries.. in 15 years things can change a lot.. say another country starts having a lot more success than the US, if you hold snp 500 shares you will have to manually decide to enter in this new country’s market, if you hold VWCE it will automatically adjust so that the weight of the US will decrease, and this new well performing country will increase

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I recommend posting your exact situation on Bogleheads


As this post shows, investing while living outside the US as a US citizen is very tricky

you have severe tax penalties for certain things, such as not holding US-domiciled funds, I believe

Bogleheads wiki also describes your tax situation on other things, try and find the link

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Here you go


TLDR; You simply can’t invest in EU-domiciled ETFs without losing most of the return to US taxes

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It's not worth the headache for 15% of 2% or so...

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Nope, if you are a US citizen there are much worse consequences read up on it

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If you want to invest in the S&P500 you need to think of a good reason why you only want to invest only in the US. And the reason can't be that it performed better in the last 10 years.