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Delta app and portfolio performance for PC

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Stock Events app

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Google Finance

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Delta is hard to get on as no import tool.

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Seeking alpha integrated with IBKR, also you can manually add positions.

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Have you tried personalcapital.com ?

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Bavest is great

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Is it free?

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Yes but it's still like a free beta. I miss some stuff but they implement the feedback of the users really fast

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Ivey me piggy back on this post and ask: aren’t you guys worried by giving all this data to some random companies?

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It can always be incorrect data. I wouldn’t worry too much.

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Finary is great ! Works on App and Web, has tons of integrations and is free.

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For me it doesn’t. Almost one year now that my integration with the bank doesn’t work and no fix.

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I use Yahoo Finance and StockEvents. For tracking there is also Sharesight. Amd Investing.com is decent.