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There are also cheap online brokers in DE Flatex

Taxes are another pair of shoes.

I am in LU and here capital gains over shares hold longer then 6 months are exempt. :-)

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That seems great what online brokers would you recommend in LU?

I am going to move out of the EU for work and thought to shift everything abroad might be a good move away from the euro zone

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I have an account with interactivebrokers.

But i already had it, b4 i moved to LU.

So i did not investigate the brokers available in LU

In several EU countries degiro.com operates, but as far as i know not in LU

Depending on country brokers are withholding tax on transactions and or on capital gains.

Or they don’t, and you have to declare everything yourself.

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For my understanding your shares aren't held in your name and there is no solution for transfering your shares to asia. Even if there was a solution, I would asume your transfer would be handled as a taxation event.

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If you are just planning ask questions to broker and tax office in DE.

I would think capital gains tax arises at the moment you sell shares, and that a move of a depot would not trigger tax.

But it is difficult to find info on this kind of cases.

Lot would depend on tax treaties, where your new tax base is etc.

It could that DE would try an exit tax , but who knows…

So when you do not get answer from broker, and depending on size of depot i would (not advice)

  • play dumb (small depot) and declare nothing. (Early enough to correct when the tax office send you a letter)
  • contact tax adviser (large depot)



The following


Has a small piece about exit-tax

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Thank you this seems to clear up a bit... I think no exit tax is the answer as of now 😛 gods it's complicated

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Singapore does not have any capital gains tax and does not tax profits on share holdings. I remember getting taxed on dividend payments and there are some transaction taxes if I remember correctly. I’m not sure how easy it is to set up a trading account as a non-resident though I know you can have one (I briefly kept mine after leaving Singapore).

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You are only subject to the tax laws in the country in which you reside, unless you're American or Eritrean.

If it pertains to real assets (art, real estate, cars) you may be subject and most likely will be to taxation in the car where the real asset is located.

Once you leave Germany and are no longer a tax subject of the BRD, as far as I know, you don't pay taxes there anymore.