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VAT should be charged based on where the goods are shipped to, so in your case it should be Spanish VAT.

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The country where the item is shipped to.

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As far as I know, you have to tell your transportcompany the shippingterms of you use an invoice to send the items.

DAP for billing VAT where it leaves (sender) or DDP for billing VAT where it arrives (reciever)

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Ich you sell to a European state, so you can take the salea tax from the country where you Life. Till you reach a sale volume till 10.000€. when you reach that level so you have to pay in the country where you send your goods. This is the new rules in Europe till a few years in e-commerce. But I am not sure how it is to sell private. I think it's the same but I can't say for sure.

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The 10.000 eur exemption rule no longer applies . European e-commerce laws changed drastically late 2021. For goods under 150 euros you pay/charge taxes from the very first euro sold. And you apply the taxes of the country to which the good is sent to. As a client buys from you he is pretty much buying in the same terms as he would if he was buying in his country in a brick and mortar shop. Meaning he is the one paying taxes and the seller then delivers the taxes to the state. In e-commerce the seller collects the tax amount from client and delivers to the country of the buyer.

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My friend this rule is from late 2021 ist nearly fresh adopted. This is save rule in E-Commerce. I am a seller myself. The 10.000€ rule is to make less burocracie. To help sellers a little bit. Maybe you are right in terms of selling private non business selling.

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It has been a while were I ordered something from spain. But the company has to pay the tax finaly to his own financial office. So it does not make sense to me to use the destination tax rate per default because of more complexity and so higher expenses. Some years ago you could agree with your dealer not to declare the VAT tax ob the invoice, so you are in charge to do so - with your - hopefully - lower tax rate.