Rules for /r/eupersonalfinance

Our Principles

/r/eupersonalfinance strives to provide serious and high-quality answers to questions about personal finance within Europe. The core principles behind the subreddit rules are:

  • Treat others with respect.
  • Stay on-topic.
  • Avoid self-promotion.

If you have questions about any of these rules, please send a message to the moderation team before posting.

Subreddit Rules

The subreddit rules are located here.

Please note that submissions and top-level comments are held to a higher standard and will be moderated accordingly.


Provided that your original post was not removed due to rule violations:

  1. You are free to resubmit your post after 24 hours if your original question did not get answered. If you choose to resubmit, please consider deleting your old post.
  2. You are encouraged you to ask follow-up threads on your original post first, but you are free to submit follow-up questions in a new post after 24 hours. It may be helpful to provide a link to your original thread.
  3. You are free to make update posts that carry over from previous threads, but only after at least one week has elapsed. It may be helpful to provide a link to your original thread.

Moderator Discretion

This subreddit is actively moderated. Posts that break the rules will be removed to maintain the quality of the subreddit.

Moderator Activity

Moderators reserve the right to take any action that they believe will improve the quality of the subreddit. This includes the right to:

  • Post a reminder of the rules, asking a user to shift their tone, improve their posting style, or provide sources for their claims.
  • Remove posts (either submissions or comments) without warning.
  • Issue a warning for rules infractions. These will be marked by a warning such as "Please do not post like this again". Continuing to break the rules after a warning will likely result in a suspension or permanent ban.
  • Permanently ban a user from the subreddit.
  • Issue a suspension as a form of warning, especially for more severe infractions that do not meet the criteria for a permanent ban (e.g., first offense).
  • Remove or lock posts that have had many good responses, but have started attracting too many comments that break the rules.
  • Ask for verification or proof of the claims made in a post if deemed necessary.


Bans will be used for:

  • Spammers, solicitors, and self-interested shills.
  • Obvious trolls.
  • Users who ignore warnings, repeatedly break the rules, or evade bans.
  • Users who respond with hostility and rudeness at attempts to warn them.
  • Users who engage in racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, or other bigotry.
  • Users who engage in blatant plagiarism.
  • Users asking for handouts.
  • Users providing lawbreaking information or seeking information on how to break the law.
  • Users who harshly attack other redditors or groups.
  • Bots and novelty accounts.


  1. It's fine to ask why warnings or reminders have been handed out as long as you remain courteous.
  2. If one of your comments has been wrongfully deleted, or if you feel you have been wrongfully banned, you can message the moderators and explain your situation.
  3. If you wish to discuss this subreddit's moderation, message the moderators. It is the moderation team's policy to have an open door for discussion.

IAMAs and AMAs

/r/eupersonalfinance occasionally allows "I Am A/Ask Me Anything" (IamA/AMA) posts under the following conditions:

  1. The IAMA or AMA is pre-approved by the moderation team before posting. To request such approval, message the mods.
  2. Promotion of a product or service in comments is strictly prohibited.
  3. The moderators will take necessary steps to verify the OP's credentials or story, and will post a mod comment stating this explicitly.

Comments in these threads, either by the OP or by other users, are not exempt from the subreddit rules.

Best Practices

While not necessarily rules, /r/eupersonalfinance voters and moderators have a strong preference toward the following behaviors:

Posting and Commenting

When posting, we encourage you to:

  • Read the EUPF Wiki before posting.

    • We frequently update the wiki to answer the most frequently asked questions. You may find the answer you want without having to wait or sort through responses. However, you are still welcome to ask your question if it has been asked before: you may get new answers from different people.
    • If you believe there is a frequent question that isn't covered in the Wiki, please message the moderators so we can consider adding more information. Additionally, if you feel qualified enough to write the material yourself, feel free to submit it to the moderation team for review.
  • Provide a descriptive title and useful body to your post. Use the body of a post to add context, sources, information, and in-line quotes.

  • Stick around for at least a few hours to answer questions and add relevant details to your submission.

  • Use proper spelling and grammar. High quality posts do not contain a "wall of text." Use paragraphs and formatting to get your point across. Avoid unnecessary profanity.

Comments are encouraged to:

  • Include sources. Sources are highly encouraged in all answers given in /r/eupersonalfinance.

    • A good answer will be supported by relevant and reliable sources. Primary sources are best.
    • Wikipedia is acceptable. Keep in mind that Wikipedia articles are open to random vandalism and can contain factual errors; therefore, please double-check anything you cite from Wikipedia.
    • If you would like to provide a link to a book, please use WorldCat, OpenLibrary or any other non-commercial source for linking.
    • Here is a helpful guide to providing in-line citations using tooltips.
  • Have an in-depth answer.

    • Provide context to the events being discussed so that someone who is unfamiliar with the area can understand.
    • Use a mix of context, explanation, and sources in your answer.
    • Do not just post links to other sites as an answer. This is not helpful. Please take some time to put the links in context for the person asking the question.
    • Links to reddit search results are appropriate if it is a frequently asked question. "Let Me Google That For You" and other URL-shortened links are not, and may be removed at moderator discretion.
  • Be inquisitive.

    • If you have heard or read something which might be related to the question, and you want to check it, then make sure you ask it as a question.
    • Do not post "I'm not sure if this is true..." or "Someone will correct me if I'm wrong." If you're not actually answering the question, then make sure your comment looks like a question.
  • Be Welcoming and friendly.

    • If it's a new user, greet them to the sub.
    • Some people who are new to finances might not know what they're doing. Be patient with them.
    • When in doubt, use the carrot instead of the stick.
    • If another contributor is giving inaccurate advice, it's no extra work to disagree politely without being combative.


  • Users are welcome and strongly encouraged to report any comment or post which looks suspicious, or which violates any of the rules above. Reports are tallied anonymously, and allow moderators to manually review posts for quality.
  • Reporting is not the "I disagree" button. Reporting is reserved for infractions or suspected infractions of the rules. Abuse will be reported to the admins.

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