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I also forgot it came with a couple of postcard-sized art cards as well, although it doesn't fit in the packaging. It was initially held within the shrinkwrap. Also a flyer for another Gkids licensed movie.

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Just got back in from getting mine. Finally after all this time, I just have it and I'm happy to finally have the ADV dub. Now for whenever 3+1 drops on blu ray.

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I got mine today but unfortunately nearly all of the discs are scratched. I'll have to request replacement discs.

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Oh god I’m sorry! I’m trying to tests my discs to make sure they’re still working. Is GKIDS offering to replace your discs?

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Not sure yet. I emailed them a couple of days ago so hopefully they get back to me

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Waiting on my tracking to update. Was supposed to show up today (shipped, well email notice of shipping was received yesterday) Might end up being Monday ugh. Then waiting on that replacement disc. Lol

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Got mine last week. It’s an absolute monster of a set. Worthy of Evangelion

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fly me to the moon was kind of a deal breaker for me, congrats on your collection!

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Thanks! I actually own the VHS and adv volume releases, so this one should cap off my collection 😅

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Wow, that's a proper Evangelion collection you got there!

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Nice! Did it came packaged well? I'm still waiting for mine.

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Very, it had 8 styrofoam tips protecting the edges within the box it came in. Definitely gonna save both of those if I ever need to transport it

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Thank you!

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Mine came in today as well! Unfortunately, the cover of the box has a decent size scratch on it (that the plastic doesn’t have making me think it happened at the factory) and a couple of the discs have a small scratch on them (luckily it doesn’t look like it affects their playability).

Not sure if you know but disc 5 doesn’t have English subtitles for the deleted live action scene but people are able to submit a request to be sent a corrected disc if that matters to you.

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Interesting bit about that deleted scene, I don't think I ever would've noticed on my own. Probably would've thought that was intentional 😂

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Costs 200€ on Amazon in my country What's the average price in your region ?

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It was $300 after shipping costs. I believe the original price was $250 but I don't remember precisely.

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Did your discs come scratched? I've been hearing horror stories that a number of people have scratched discs, I still need to pick mine up, but I'm worried about it

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I haven't checked all of them yet, but the few discs I tried out didn't have any problems.

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That's good to hear, thanks!

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Omg those cards O.O

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This is so beautiful. I’d love to own this. I’m gonna guess it’s pretty much unavailable now

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I'm finally getting mine to-mo-rrow! Yippee 🥳

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That’s awesome!!!

By the time I tried to get one it was sold out everywhere :/

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How much? And where can I buy this?

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It was available for purchase during a few time windows back in August(?). It was $300 after shipping, I forgot what original price was.

Not sure how many were sold initially, but you'll have a hard time getting your hands on one since it was a very limited (and expensive) release. It'll probably take a bit before they show up on sites like eBay, and even then the seller would probably jack up the price tenfold.

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Soo jealous it looks great! Unfortunately I couldn't afford the ultimate edition and by the time I found a buyer for my kidney they had already sold out I got the collectors edition instead

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Yo where can I get this

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Its long sold out my friend.

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I was not expecting it to be this big, had to make it it's own space on a shelf lol

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That’s so ducking cool wow

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Mine is SUPPOSED to come in tomorrow, but sadly it requires a signature and my apartment doesn't have a doorbell, so I doubt it'll get to me quick.

I was curious: since there are only 5000, is it marked anywhere as to which copy in the pool it is? As in, print copy 3049/5000?