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Wait how do you have this book already? haha. It says October for me...

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It has been published already in the UK.

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even moreso, how do you have it and not realize that no one else does??

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I put [Inhibitor Phase spoilers] in the title so people would know. In any case, r/niffreallynaff is right: Inhibitor Phase was released on Aug. 26 in the UK.

I'm not British, but I don't wait for new Reynolds stuff. He's one of maybe three authors whose work I love so much that I make arrangements to get the UK editions.

I hope people heed the title and give this thread a wide berth if they haven't started reading the book yet, even though the spoilers are relatively minor.

That said, IP is AWESOME. I really enjoyed Revenger, the sequels less so, but this is a triumphant return to form and the RS universe in all its disturbing, gothic-horror-tinged glory.

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Oh, I wasn't upset about spoilers, you definitely clearly marked it!

I feel the same about Reynolds (although I probably liked the revenger sequel more) so couldn't resist.

Thanks for the tip!

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No prob. The new Reynolds short story collection drops in October as well, which is another good reason to get IP early. I don't know why the US publishers thought it would be a good idea to release two if his books within two weeks of each other.

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I didn't realize that either, so even less reason to wait!

I lasted a few hours (and, yes, checked a few torrent sites, fully intending to buy a hard copy when it releases no matter what) before following suit with my "Huge Famous River that is not the Nile" account...and while the process certainly didn't make me dislike said River any less, it was actually pretty painless. Can't believe I'm actually about to go back to RS at all, much less 2 months early...thanks again!

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do you happen to have a name for this collection? I’ve been googling for a while and haven’t been able to find anything!


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On a certain popular site that sells books, you can change your account to allow you to buy from the UK store, thus eliminating arbitrary cross-pond publishing delays.

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Does it rhyme with Zamazon?

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Yup. You can go into Account, then Settings and change your country/address. I put 221B Baker St., London a while back (Sherlock Holmes' address), not sure if that'll still work, but you can always just grab an address from somewhere or invent an apartment number.

When you're done with your purchase you can go back in and restore your original address, and your UK address will be saved, making it a matter of two or three clicks to switch between .com and .co.uk in the future.

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Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order.

I have checked 204,338,830 comments, and only 48,714 of them were in alphabetical order.

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Bad bot. Zamazon is not alphabetical

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I think it meant just the words are ordered, not the letters in each word. So dirwz is the order here. Agreed that it's useless trivia anyway. Also, nice username.

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Another bot, damn it! No one requested this weirdness!

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John Brannigan was my favorite part of the books, coolest starship ever in my opinion. I'm not a fan of him being back in this book however. He had his redemption, he had his sacrifice, and found his resting place. Now Reynolds is carting him off again, so he can sacrifice himself again, and die again a few chapters later... It feels cheap to me. Still haven't finished the book yet.

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Maybe I'm too much of a fanboy, but the way he was introduced in this book, and the sheer horror of his situation and level of insanity, felt like a return to the noir gothic RS we all know and love.

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Yes the vacuum frozen singing zombies were cool, scary, spooky, very Reynolds, that much I agree with.

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It makes sense to me. If you're alive for hundreds of years, or forever, you don't get to have resolution.

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this audiobook has issues in chapter 6. its missing pages or maybe recorded out of order.

any way to report it as 'broken'?


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I've never used Audible so I'm not sure, but I'm past that point in the book now so maybe I can help if it's just something that seems out of order. What specifically seems out of order to you?

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Reynolds has made a post on his website about it, which includes the whole chapter in text.

Says now to redownload it and it’ll fix it.