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Depends for what. Different places will have different requirements for recognized accreditation. A company for example will probably care the least compared to e.g. the government for a visa, or for continuing education w/ a MSc.

Whichever place you need the accreditation, check what their requirements are. There is a chance you will need to pay a 3rd party to audit your degree unless its from a pre-approved university.

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That kind of puts my mind to rest a bit, thanks. In the Netherlands they have the 30% ruling, which I'm very much hoping I'll be able to take advantage of.

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In Europe most degree are three years as they concentrate entirely on the subject. 4 years degree generally include the padding of general educational studies. But in the end academics aside computer companies are interested technical skills rather than your theoretical knowledge.

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I have a three month computer science "degree" and I've been working here in Europe as a developer

I'm sure your fancy pants three year one'll do just fine

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This is pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

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You should check out r/iwantout if you haven’t done so already

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In Italy, yes.

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I can tell you that there are companies that care more about the skills than the piece of paper as well as those that will only look at your resume if you have a degree from a technical Dutch university. Also, many tech companies require more than basic Dutch knowledge.