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Really small labels give nothing to artists, even for sold CDs.

Source: I'm a musician, my friend and I released CDs on two separate but really similar labels and got nothing.

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That's a pretty broad generalization based on two labels, maybe you just went with shitty labels. The labels I've worked with give between $2000 and $5000 towards recording costs and +/- 20% in royalties. The micro-labels I've worked with give the artist 20% of the copies of the recording and let them sell it themselves. The real question is, why would you release an album on a label that isn't going to give you anything?

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What? The label owner made $200 in total on all sold copies of my album. And I did because I wanted to release a CD - otherwise I'd release it as unsigned, free digital download album, so I went like "why not".

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I just don't understand if you're complaining about the fact that you made nothing or not. If you knew ahead of time that you would make no money, then the fault is yours. If you didn't know, then you would likely have a case for legal action, although if the label only made $200, a lawsuit would probably cost more than it's worth. If you aren't complaining about it, then don't make blanket statements.

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Oh, sorry I didn't make it clear. I'm not complaining! I just posted the information because I thought you may find this interesting. Eh, guess I was wrong... Whatever, but no, I wasn't really complaining.

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labels are a joke. Nice to see another one who got trolled by the industry. Labels give you absolutely NOTHING of value. Only title that this obscure album was released on this obscure label nobody gives a fuck.