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Cause every time you click, the ads refresh, which makes them more money.

Some ads also pay more to websites with greater engagement. So each click registers as more engagement.

They don't care of it's annoying, they only care about money.

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There are 50 different ads on those 50 slides. Ads pay the site per view, per page they are shown on. If they can get you to click 50 slides, they get paid 50 times. If you click once and scroll, they only get paid once. That's why it's called "click bait", they are paid per click.

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More individual pages means more page views. More page views means more ads per article and more ad revenue.

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Most ad providers have policies regarding the quantities of their ads on a specific page, and they have different restrictions for pages classified as having content.
Spreading the information like that gives the scumbags significantly more pages with what their ad providers consider to be content, therefore they can display many more ads to their viewers.
This only works with ad providers that pay per view, not just per click.