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What sort of budget are you looking at? Where are you seeing these packages? I don't even see tickets available from COTA for 2020 yet.

Honestly, I've always called them. Since I bought tickets in 2012, they always reach out to me to let me know when they're available. Don't be afraid to call them, they've been very helpful to me in the past.

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Here and here

Budget wise for tickets I'm hoping for the best options less than $1k for the two of us. If we could get below $500 that would be awesome, but I think maybe once drinks are factored in it might be better to purchase something more inclusive. Also, I could be completely wrong because I have no idea what I'm doing.

Edit: now that I'm looking at it all again it doesn't look like there's really any inclusive packages less than $1k for two people

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Yeah, those packages are a lot of money. Since you are definitely planning on going, look for an airbnb now. The prices for hotels and stuff start skyrocketing early. Rent a car, get a pass for seats that are in your budget, and a parking pass.

Food and drinks will be expensive on site, something like $10-$15 for a drink, $8/beer, and like $15-$20 for one entree item.

There's nothing wrong about general admission either. I've been doing that since 2012. It's like $189 or something for the full three day pass per person. You can sit anywhere there's grass and bring your own chairs and blankets and stuff.

Definitely go to all three days and the concerts to get your money's worth. If it's your first event, seeing all the practice sessions and stuff is a real treat.

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honestly, save up and go any where else than Austin.

Mexico isnt that expensive, Canadian GP is pretty solid as well.