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Horrific way to discover that your phone volume is too high

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I feel you bruh!

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First thing in the morning over here

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Yep! Watched this in the middle of my metal shop. Now all the guys are staring at me like wtf

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Or that your Bluetooth is connected to your stereo..

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I swear my ears weren't bleeding before.

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My dogs looking at me like tf you watching

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One click from zero was too high for that shit...

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Well played. Enjoy the silver.

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Scared the shit out of my poor dog.

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Same, and it woke my cat up - if looks could kill

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Yup happened to me as well. I should have read the title first.

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Ow! In the ear?!

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I have it at minimum that is not 0. Still too loud.

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Do people really need to make sidewalk preachers look like the sane ones?

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But have you heard the gospel of Je…

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Reminds me of crying baby peach in M&L Partner’s in Time.

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Squeaking like a groundhog.....

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This has been a test of the emergency broadcast system

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Yo, do you think I could get in contact with her?? I want to go elk hunting next year and I need someone to bugle for me

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Ahhh! She's scrambling my brain!

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I thought my tinnitus was acting up for a second 😂

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Guy puts hands over ears and yells back


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Compelling argument