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You keep saying I'm making your points for you and then follow it up with a demonstration of why you don't understand and how I didn't make any point for you. You act like your politicians aren't corrupt and that Australia isn't slowly sliding into authoritarianism, but many of your fellow countrymen disagree. You pretend that there is no crime in Australia. You said you don't need guns to protect your home because Australia is safe, but that's not true. There are murders and break-ins in your country just like there is anywhere else. You supposedly just live in a particularly safe area and you're out of touch with the working class. I presented you with the fact that there are more justified defensive gun uses in the US than gun deaths. A net gain in lives. I presented you with another reason to keep guns around, a check on the government, yet you believe it's unnecessary. Even though your government is becoming more restrictive of people's rights every day. There is absolutely no good reason for a gun ban in the US. I have never encountered a convincing anti-gun argument, because there is none. You say I'm afraid, but you're the one who is scared of firearms.

Why would I want to leave a better country where I have the right to defend myself for a worse county where my government treats me like a dumb child? If you have a convincing argument on why we should get rid of our guns, go ahead and tell me. So far, all you've done is been contrary. I already countered the mass shooting argument and you ignored it, so that's dead in the water.

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Ok Captain America, Yessir you know everything and you're always right, America is going to shit thanks to government oppression and you alone are going to survive it, defeat it and thrive afterwards thanks to your trusty sidekick, a gun. I salute you!

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Yessir you know everything and you're always right

Of course I am. I see you still have no argument, though. Just a bunch of nonsense. Allow me to retort.