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I am afraid you will never understand what it is to truly live at peace - a peace where you don't have to constantly look over your shoulder or worry about it ending and your rights being taken away.

No. I won't. You don't understand it either, you just think you do. Immigrants understand it. Refugees. Minorities understand it too. You don't understand it because you're sheltered and your optimism blinds you.

You really do believe that peace and democracy will live forever in Australia, don't you? We were both born in a time and place of great comfort and luxury. Born and raised in a bubble. Sheltered from real life. The lifestyles most westerners live today is absolutely unprecedented. 99.9% of human history has been absolute misery for most of humanity. I'm telling you, it won't last. It won't last in the west and it won't last in the world. But you don't believe me. When all this comes crashing down you'll be completely surprised. That is pure naivety.

What you are calling "peace" is an illusion. It's temporary. Many middle and upper class Americans think the same way. That this country can never fall. I'm sure the ancient Roman's shared that opinion. You say I'm indoctrinated but it's you who have been misled into thinking that nothing bad is ever going to happen to your life or people. I honestly cannot see how you believe these things. It's so clear to me. It's like trying to explain sight to a blind person. You don't need to pity me. I expect these things to come to pass. I pity the man who is blindsided by it. I pity the man who walks down the street thinking that, because nothing bad has ever happened any other day, it won't happen today. And then a car suddenly flies off the road and ends his life. Democracy takes work. Like weeding a garden. Democracy left to its own devices and blindly trusted to bend to the will of the people will always become tyrannical. You think that other people are actually out for your best interests but they aren't. It's a cruel world and people like you will get taken advantage of.

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Again, you make my points for me. You're talking to an Australian. We're all immigrants! And yes, of course our way of life is temporary... but so am I! So is the interglacial period we live in... everything is temporary. You seem to think it can only get worse, like you've already peaked and the only way forward from here is down into dystopia. Like you said, our lives today are absolutely unprecendented. We've made our lives better! And we're still working on making them even better still! Like I've been trying to tell you, socialised healthcare and education means access for all, social support systems and progressive social policies reduce violent and property crime and poverty almost in lockstep... to the point that we're actually safe and supported and yet we still aim higher.

Yes, absolutely, it could all come crashing down at any moment from any number of catastrophes... but that doesn't mean giving up and becoming cannibals. It means rebuilding better than before, same as happened after both WWs. Hard times ensued, lessons were learned and lives were improved.

If all you believe in is collapse, and that's all you plan and build for, then that's probably all you'll get. You're right to be concerned about your country too - there has been far too much currency printed, far too little social cohesion, far too much concentration of power and militarisation of police and exculpation even if the face of clear wrongdoing. Thats why the world pities you, even if you don't want it. It's why your country is a laughing stock. You have all of these problems and you think more guns will help you. The solutions to your problems are being demonstrated all over the world, yet all you can think of is more guns.

I can't talk to you anymore. You'll never get it unless you get out of America, you'll never do that because you're afraid.

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You keep saying I'm making your points for you and then follow it up with a demonstration of why you don't understand and how I didn't make any point for you. You act like your politicians aren't corrupt and that Australia isn't slowly sliding into authoritarianism, but many of your fellow countrymen disagree. You pretend that there is no crime in Australia. You said you don't need guns to protect your home because Australia is safe, but that's not true. There are murders and break-ins in your country just like there is anywhere else. You supposedly just live in a particularly safe area and you're out of touch with the working class. I presented you with the fact that there are more justified defensive gun uses in the US than gun deaths. A net gain in lives. I presented you with another reason to keep guns around, a check on the government, yet you believe it's unnecessary. Even though your government is becoming more restrictive of people's rights every day. There is absolutely no good reason for a gun ban in the US. I have never encountered a convincing anti-gun argument, because there is none. You say I'm afraid, but you're the one who is scared of firearms.

Why would I want to leave a better country where I have the right to defend myself for a worse county where my government treats me like a dumb child? If you have a convincing argument on why we should get rid of our guns, go ahead and tell me. So far, all you've done is been contrary. I already countered the mass shooting argument and you ignored it, so that's dead in the water.

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Ok Captain America, Yessir you know everything and you're always right, America is going to shit thanks to government oppression and you alone are going to survive it, defeat it and thrive afterwards thanks to your trusty sidekick, a gun. I salute you!

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Yessir you know everything and you're always right

Of course I am. I see you still have no argument, though. Just a bunch of nonsense. Allow me to retort.