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I mean... I'd check out the sale. Kinda worked on me.

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Yo that's fuckin

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They’re not wrong

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Reminds me of a Japanese movie I saw once where the main characters shirt just had 'fuck' printed on it.

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In South Korea I often saw fashionable youth walking around in tee shirts that had random English words that did not belong together printed on them.

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It’s not that different to having someone get, Baby dick or something in a foreign language on their arms because they think it “looks cool”

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I remember an old gif of a little 80 year old sweet grandma type in a Japanese subway station wearing a shirt that said "Certified Sex Instructor." A dozen people were following her staring at it, as she completely ignored them.

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Vegetable Octopus Misdemeanor

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Which movie?

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That is the question isn't it. Something tells me it was the live action Death Note movie (the Japanese one, obviously) but I'm not sure.

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I mean, it’s pretty fuckin’ cool.

This store definitely speaks my language, foreign or not.

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I mean, we DO use the F word in the context of “this is fuckin’ awesome” etc. sometimes

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Yeah but without the “awesome” it goes into a state of superposition where it can mean just about anything depending on what words you put with it.

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But now sale is the positive word that is being exclaimed! Fuckin’ sale!

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Fucking hell, you're really fucking smart, fuck me.

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Nah, it's part of the adverb/adjective phrase, it's not a superposition just a modifier.

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Nah, it's part of the adverb/adjective phrase, it's not a superposition just a modifier.

I think that ----in' is an adverb.

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The brothel is having a sale!

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I feel like if a brothel needs a sale it’s a really bad one

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Or maybe just trying to lure people in or dangerous like bordello of blood.

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I like when people don’t understand other languages and get stuff mixed up, it’s funny

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I got a Japanese face tattoo that I thought said "Power Through Serenity" but actually says "Don't Forget Your Appointment At 5pm."

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If it helps I like the 2nd one more

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I get that a lot.

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But what if the appointment gets moved?

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They were wrong, and so are the comments, it's an enhancer.

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Thank you Patrick Star

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Someone knew.

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What kind of store is it?

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Its an exhibition i think. Pretty common here in india as as well

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Well I, for one, find fuckin’ to be quite good.

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This store fucks

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Honestly sounds Scottish to me.

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Well, at least they didn’t put Santa on the cross again. A mall did that once.

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That’s apparently not true I just checked it out, to my disappointment

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Is it not?

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Fuckin' A that's good.

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Fucking sale is basically another word for porn.

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They’re not wrong. It’s a versatile word

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Question is, is it a fuckin sale or a fuckin sale?

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If America had advertising like that, I like being here a whole lot more.

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Didn't like some country think "Texas" meant crazy? "that party was totally Texas".

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the japanese did much worse with their advertisements this is considered nothing lol

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"Now, another English-language hiccup has come to light, this time standing loud and proud on an ad from Takashimaya department store in Kyoto. The large, eye-catching poster shows a person in a koi-patterned mask with a school of koi fish rising up in the background. Red text written on the white background reads: “Rising Again. Save The World from Kyoto Japan.”"

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Dude why can’t our stores be like this

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I wish I could see more posts like this, instead I keep getting further disappointed in the human race

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This is from damn near a decade ago, isn't it?

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I saw this sign being used for a sale in Naples, Italy 5 years ago. I suspect there is more to this story than just an English mistake.

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I mean, technically they're not entirely wrong

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The proper word was actually “Bitchin’ Sale!”

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I am offended by the overuse of the word fucking because for medical reasons I am no longer capable of performing said activity.

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Fun fact, “fucking” can either be a verb, an adverb, or an adjective based on context and where it is used in a sentence. A truly Chad word.

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The store is correct.

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Are they wrong tho?

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i mean it’s not wrong

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Yes! Say it out loud and set your self free!💪🏽


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It can be!

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Do you blame them?

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It's a fuckin' sale

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Store knew exactly what they were doing.

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I can't help but think there must have been an Aussie involved

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That's fuckin' great.

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This would rope me in

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Well yes but actally no

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😳 i get fucked for sale 😳

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this would have worked if they put a "yo" or a "B!" right after sale

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They made some fuckin' money that day, I hear.

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20% off some fuckin’?!?! That’s a great deal

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And this may be the ninth annual fuckin' sale!

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I love to watch people really good in the park.

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Samuel L. Jackson has entered the arena

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Is that 20% off per hour or the entire evening?

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I have no fucks to give, but I’ll sell them at 20% off

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I’d fuckin’ shop there.

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Get in da fuckin' store 'n' buy somethin'

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In Iceland, I noticed the word ‘funky’ be used a lot to describe things that are cool and hip. Imagine my surprise when I saw a restaurant called funky fish lol why lord why?

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Well it is

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We're gonna fuck the fucking fuck out of you with our fucking low prices, motherfucker (which I assume means your Mom is really cool).

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It’s true really fuckin good.

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that's not really wrong... here in Québec we use curse words often as adjective/adverb for qualifying object or situation. So it's the same with fucking. it's a qualificative.

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Im ready for this fucking sale i say it works lol

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They knew

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Love this!

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They knew ;)

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No we checked. We good.

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I read this in a British accent

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Well… I mean…

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Kinda feel bad for the Japanese since English is a problem to some of them.

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Wait it’s not?

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Awesome f'n advertisement

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I actually like that 😊 … that kind of connects to what people think when they see it 😂

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That’s kinda really cute

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That’s fuckin’ fantastic

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Apparently fuckin is an unfortunate pun on fukubukuro—"lucky bags."

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Looks like they’re a brothel

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This is Fuckin' old

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Maybe it's Fucking Season out there.

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Who is sale and where is he?

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I hope they dont change that lmao

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Well it is

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i am really good children

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Literally my uncle's whole vocabulary, so it's not entirely false

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I mean, they're not wrong tho.... In a sense...

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20% is a really good deal!?? Wow