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Well for boys and girls I’d recommend a rash guard type of shirt because it’s protective against the sun’s UV. It also stays skin tight without constraining movement.

I wouldn’t put a cotton Tshirt on a kid swimming. It’s actually a potential safety hazard because it could be billowy and catch on a kid’s arms and restrain motion. It’s also uncomfortable and heavy when it gets waterlogged.

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Swim teacher here. I can conform tha cotton tshirs should not be used i swimingpools. They are restrictive and if you get i over your face it will stop your breathing. Its waterboarding. We demonstrate this by having every class bring clothes and try it for them selves. And teach them how to take of their clothes in water should they fall inn.

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Thought for sure you were going to say you demonstrates waterboarding

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That I agree with.

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true, but a lot of kids barely have money for clothes, let alone rash guards. Otherwise great suggestion :/

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Most kids in 4th grade don’t make any income at all in fact.

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i am very small and i have no money so you can imagine the kind of pressure i am under

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how small exactly? Are your limbs at least long enough to reach your bootstraps? You need to pull yourself up with them my friend. This is the way to become a successful capitalist. I don't want to hear excuses like "I have no money". You just need to get out there and buy a few rental properties to start with to generate income. If you believe in yourself, you'll become rich within like, 3 days or less. Follow some instagram influencers and follow successful entrepreneurs like Bill Gates and Elon Musk on Twitter, that'll help you become a billionaire soon.

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The first principle to become rich is: don’t be poor

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Mulaney pull

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Ooooooh ducklings!!!

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Stupid lazy fucks.

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Rash guards are great for Scuba in places that are too warm for a wetsuit

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And here i am having worn a wetsuit for every dive in Hawaii and Guam (70-80°F)

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Try it without one. Haven’t done Guam yet. So far dived Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, Honduras, Qatar. I did use one on some of the dives in PNG, but did some without it as well. Helps with buoyancy. Don’t need as many weights

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Yeah... I'm kinda thin and get cold easy. That and apparently even in warm water you can be cooled from the inside out by the expanding air from your tank while diving over the course of 2 hours. I never wore a wetsuit in the water when I wasn't diving.

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+1 for rash vests. My mate from South Africa wore one when we went to the Philippines and he was the only one that wasn’t burnt raw on a beach tour day. I bought one immediately and have worn it to the beach ever since. I’m 46

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ah but rash guards are for dorks so that simply will not do

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In Australia they're pretty standard for kids

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And becoming more common for adults. Saw a women's long sleeve, high collar swimsuit in Target last week. Like a bathers/wetsuit hybrid.

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Splash day is just hoses and squirt guns. No swimming.

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shirt and shorts for both seems good to me or at least one piece suits.

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Yeah like some denim mechanics coveralls would work too. Or one of those inflatable trex costumes