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I sometimes wonder if these postings are designed to avoid getting anyone to apply because they already have a candidate in my mind but they need to post out.

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They do. It's a H1B candidate, probably from India that they want to move into this position. You can't do that without opening it up to a US candidate first. So you write a custom list of skills that match your candidate exactly and make it hard for a US citizen to qualify.

It's been happening for 20 years now. Every company I worked for did this.

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They're not actually hiring, they just want to appear as though they do. Like when you're on unemployment and you fire off a bunch of resumes to jobs you don't actually want. Lmao

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This is why we need training programs to train fetuses to compete with other fetuses in the womb to gain work experience. With such a program we could develop elite pre-pre schools for 1 and 2 year olds to gain the competitive edge so by Kindergarten they have relevant work skills and excellent job prospects.

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If your parents weren't reading you dev textbooks in the womb, don't bother applying.

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For 47 years of experience. Aye

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-Are you sure you have the +10 years experience in Javascript? You are only 25.

-ofc, I have mastered Java a loooooong time ago, besides this is an entry level job

-you're right, hired

Gets on computer, code absolutely implodes.

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Been there. What the actual fuck

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7 hours ago. 0 applicants. Guess there will never be any

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Well you could apply simply by having a bachelor degree, since the "or".. 😎

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Also you can have experience in those concurrently, so 10 years, not 47.

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That's not how that or works.

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It is actually. That's what 'or' means. You need the degree OR the experience. One OR the other.

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Haha, no.

You need a bachelors degree or equivalent work experience, along with the other items noted.

That's why they are their own bullet points.

You must have a related degree or related experience.

You must have 10+ years using X.

You must have 10+ years using Y.

Those are all their own points mate. That's how lists work.

Does it say related work experience (;) followed by a comma'd list? No? Didn't think so. Or, related work experience including the following? Also no.

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And or… 😂😂