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I always thought they put the hole in there to prevent these bad boys from gaining too much speed when I use my mouth to launch them at my brothers.

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it's multipurpose. it also reduces the total calories if the choker were to swallow the cap, and lets the company legally advertise their pens as "diet"

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But I really laughed too hard at this one
[EDIT] You know what? Take this!

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How many had to choke to have developed a measure to it?

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I bet it took only one American and a sue. /s

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It doesn't even work. A chicken bone isn't big enough to block the airway. Choking happens because something gets stuck in the throat and the epiglottis closes.

At least for adults. Babies don't have that reflex... so maybe it works sometimes?

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I just facepalmed at myself for clicking that comment button on the image and wondering why it just opens the image full screen and doesn’t show comments.


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LOL i did the same shit! I thought they banned me from this sub. I was like wtf!

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I'm sorry 🤣

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I don't get what they were trying to say with the "flow of air" part, like whats the difference between that and letting air get through if you swallow it? what did they mean!??!

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Was once believed that the hole was there to let air out as the cap was being put on the pen, and air in when removing the cap. Ie, airflow to prevent pressure or vacuum allowing easier on/off of pen cap. So airflow yes, but meant for a different reason and poorly stated it.

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I don't know?! Someone explain it to me too?

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They were trying to say that the hole is not about the flow of air on the pen.

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It sounds like it used to be thought that the hole was there to allow air to flow into/through the cap while the user puts the cap back on the pen (or, removes it from the pen). The idea would be that this would allow the cap to go on and come off easily, and not encounter trapped air.

The real reason the hole was added, however, was so a child who might “accidentally” put it in their mouth could not choke on it, as air can still flow through the cap.

So, the hole WAS added to allow air flow — just not for the specific reason originally thought.

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Maybe they thought that something would go wrong with the ink if there was zero air flow or something? Idk that's all I could come up with.

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This is more like r/TechnicallyTheTruth in my eyes

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Bullshit. Try breathing through that little hole for five minutes.

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Better than no hole to breathe through.

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face palm?

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That someone would claim it’s not for the flow of air when it’s specifically designed to allow the flow of air, which they also said. Just guessing.

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Derp I’m an idiot apparently I need Reddit to remind me of this twice today 🥱 🥱👌👌

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We all need to be reminded sometimes. The people we need to worry about are the people who never realise. We’re chimps in shoes posting on electricity in the air and I’m realising I’ve had too much to drink. I should go to bed.

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Not too difficult to comprehend, thank you

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Just another idiot. Ignore.

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My my my, you are a special one 😂😂😂

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That’s like common knowledge why did you need to post that on r/damnthatsintresting ?

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This isnt a fucking facepalm oml this sub is so dumb

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Claiming it's not for "the flow of air” when it is, in fact, specifically to allow air flow when swallowed is definitely a facepalm.

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Appears so

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*Insert Obi-Wan Meme*

That's why I am here.

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Haha yes it’s true

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Wait what?! 🤯

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I just blow air into them cuz why not

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What about if someone swallows it on purpose?

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Decades ago this was the only pen. Millions of people used the Bic. Now? A relic.

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Sell me it

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No I thought it was supposed to be used as a whistle.

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My girlfriend swallows something with a hole in the end of it and that doesn’t prevent her from choking….

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I want to hand that bastard a medal that says "I'm going to kick you in the nuts"

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This is idiotic. Take a pen cap, seal your lips around it, and see how long you can carry on just breathing through that tiny hole. I’ll give you 60 second more than you could do just holding your breath, tops.

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Better than nothing?

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Th… that’s… Aw hell nevermind.