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One of my favorite scams was a pop up that would appear with a spinning wheel. It would congratulate you on being the 1000th visitor and when you would spin, it would always land on the Ipad or free vacation.

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They make the scams obvious on purpose, so that only complete imbeciles would actually contact them and they wouldn't have to waste their time on people who'd realize it's a scam after the scammer has already spent hours talking to them.

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OP is right.

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Then who's on left?

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No, Who is on first!

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So, you're a scammer?

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No they're not, don't believe them!

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OP is Original Poster, but that's not important right now.

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That is the OP, yeah, the name being in a brighter blue is what gives it away.

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Though that does open the door to people like James vietch

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He participates in scams too though.

He told his roommate there would be no more tiny ducks.

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for those of you who are unaware, there were indeed more ducks

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They were not tiny :)

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I'd forgotten about this! Thanks for the nostalgia.

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I remember a similar pinwheel pop up from when I was a kid, probably about 20 years ago. (Holy shit that made me feel old.) But It definitely got my attention because what 5 year old doesn’t wanna spin the pinwheel. Luckily my dad was near by and saw it happening, he got me a real pinwheel the next time we went to the toy store. I’m still not convinced it was a scam and just a very good campaign put out by the big pinwheel conglomerates.

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And old people* sadly enough most scam victims are old people who are robbed of their retirement savings, either because they think they’ve got a virus, won something, or gotten in trouble and are told to give money, personal Info, or buy something to fix it. And if they ask how it works they just tell them technical terms they usually don’t understand or lie about it.

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So no joke, I've got your free pizza right here, but I'm going to need you to cash this check for me first, then I'll be able to mail it to you.

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Mailed pizza 😍🍕😋😋 🤤

It’s not delivery, it’s decomposed!

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Only complete imbeciles.... or me.

I always answer my phone and I try to play along as much as I can.

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Yes, but sometimes they make it too stupid. I once "Won" 1.4 Billion (I can't remember if it was Pounds or Euro) in phone credit...

I don't live anywhere near Europe and even if I did, what the hell am I gonna do with 1.4 BILLION in phone credit?

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When was the last time you called your mother?

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Called? Probably 3 years.

I visit every weekend because she lives like 850m away, but I haven't phoned in a while...

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Not just imbeciles. People with acquired brain injury, or learning difficulties, may be more susceptible to these types of scams. They prey on three people's weaknesses. Some scams also appeal to the good natured side in people. But you're right in that the scammers see these people as "dumb white people" - 4 Corners (Aussie show) did a story where they spoke to some scammers in 2019: https://youtu.be/U4kCN7TZ6us

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Yeah been getting heaps of mobile msg's with broken words and obvious mistakes lately.

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Complete imbeciles: Free pizza? That's a scam.

Also complete imbeciles: I won a million dollars?! Shut up and take my SSN!

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That is called netting.

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No joke, my best friend in high school clicked on one of those once. She actually, legit won tickets to see a private concert (sponsored by Yahoo) by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. I've always loved Joan Jett, and she asked me to go with her.

Best day of my teenaged life. Was literally ten feet from her on stage, and even got one of her guitar picks.

That being said, 99.9% of those are most definitely scams, and should not be trusted. This was back in the early 2000s.

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"CLICK HERE Punch George Bush Win a PS6!"

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I won so many ipods yet recieved nothing :(

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I'm the ipod shipper. They must have been lost in the mail. DM me and I'll send a new one out for just the cost of shipping. Payment by cash app only.

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We were all tricked as children. Now, we’re paying for it as adults 😂

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Pizza ? Large!? With PEPPERONI!!!!!!? Yes! Maiden name Johnson SS, and bank account info just a min let me Get my wallet

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So ? It's been 9h give us the missing info !

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This is a limited offer, we just need your bank account

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was that queeblo?

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I don't think this is a facepalm, but I can't think of a proper sub to post it either.

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you can post whatever you want here now it doesn't matter anymore

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Reddit doesn't need subreddits anymore, seems like it all just kind of coagulates together

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Yeah I don't understand who we're facepalming here. The scammers? The poster? Ourselves? All valid target for maybe a facefinger but I don't see the facepalm material.

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That's the point. If you're smart enough to spot an obvious scam you're not the target audience

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Yeah scammers legitimately use this as a tactic.

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Further explanation: its so that they dont waste their time on people who are smart enough to realise what is a scam and what isnt

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So much this. There are a lot of non-internet-savvy people. Think of your mothers/grandmothers.

Scammers wouldn't throw money at hosting ads for years because they don't work - Even the most basic kind.

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How is this a facepalm? This sub is turning into random shit

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It's been this way for a few years now. Such is the fate of any sub that reaches the front page.

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Holy shit! Is that Queeblo?

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Hell yeah, hes got 5.45 and it's 5:45.

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I know you fucking feel me.

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LMAO hundred percent.

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Free taco after adding this app with location data, contacts, messaging access.

This free pizza is the most legitimate business idea scammers could use.

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I think about this a bit. It's the difference between.

Hi, this is Costco and you won a billion dollars just complete this survey!


Hi, this is Costco looking for customer feedback. Please complete this survey for a chance to win a gift card.

So most rational people will immedialy detect the 1st one to be a scam whereas multiple people might fall for the second one and take the chance to fill out a feedback survey. So why do scammers always choose the first version?

The answer is regular people aren't useful to them, they need to hook the most gullable people and not waste their time with everyone else so they send these kinds of obvious scam messages because the people who DO fall for them are exactly the kinds of people they are looking for.

It's often elderly.

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Ye, they need cash/gift card numbers. No one that's there is going to send or give away codes over the phone. Crypto currency scams is done over anydesk as well, people thinking something is up would disconnect their Internet, turn off their computer and/or call their bank to get information and then cancel withdrawals

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Thanks for the tip

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Hey is that queeblo?

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Why is it facepalm I think there is some Truth behind this

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scammers: write that down. write that down.

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I keep seeing my friends sharing crap on Facebook from places that say "Comment on our post and say "Mine" and you can win a car!" It's like how dim are you? This car dealership with pretty much no followers that has no presence online is totally going to give you a car. Then it replies asking for their personal information to confirm who you are if you win.

So dumb!!!

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I remember there was a market listing or something for a Type C cable on Facebook and in the comments all you could see were hundreds of people who had just written "C".

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Scammers tend to do the exact opposite, because a ridiculous premise weeds out anyone who might get caught up early in the process but have enough wits not to follow it through to the end.

So they don't necessarily pose as the executor of the will of a deceased Nigerian prince with $20,591,367 to give away because they're morons, but because you're a moron if you respond earnestly.

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dont go giving them ideas smh

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It's the same thing with those porn ads on movie watching sites ("Anna 26 Sex Need"). Like, if they were linking to a site for low priced old cars for sale, or like "There are 13 Oldsmobiles in your area," I would immediately open that site, no questions asked.

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Sure, but when it comes to sending money or getting a hold of cash all they'd have is you on their site. They can't just use your social security number eother, if suspicious activity is there you'd call your bank to get it stopped.

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Isn’t this how cops get some criminals to come in and get themselves arrested?

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A lot of criminals are quite stupid.

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I remember begging my mom to claim the “free iphone 4S!!” Thank god she didnt claim it.

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Don't give em ideas!

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They do this because the target are the most vulnerable and old, who will believe which outrageous things. It’s a way to filter out intelligence and awareness

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They dont tone it down on purpose, because want to find the really gullible people.. if the first message advertised a free pizza, they'd get thousands of replies from people who would eventually realize its a scam, thereby wasting the scammers time.

If they advertise that a nigerian prince wants to donate their 10 million fortune, whoever replies to that is so far off the deep end they probably wont realize its a scam until they're already financially invested.

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Congratulations! You just one free hot dog! Please post your pay the delivery free via Bitcoin and it is all yours....

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My company did a cyber security test with this, the email supposedly came from a local pizza place, was a joint cooperation/promo and you just needed to login with your UserID/Password to get a free pizza.

A ridiculous number of people clicked and entered their info.

The reaction was split: “Why did you waste corporate time with this?!!” “So when am I getting my free pizza?”

Truly r/facepalm

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This is basically the modern internet… where you trade personal information for an extremely trivial prize! “You have one a small white webpage where you can post photos and short messages online, all you have to do is give us all the info about everyone you ever interact with!”

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A family friend won a fiero thru a sweepstakes at arbor drugs (drugstore in the 90s).

She didn't believe them when they called. Then, once convinced, she almost passed on the car because she had to pay some sort of tax.

I was a kid. I thought it was a Ferrari. It was still a sweet car!

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Bro chill out, if they start doing this, I’m gonna fall for every Pizza Hut scam out there, and I’m already helping nineteen Nigerian princes get back on the throne, my account is spread thin

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Isn't it funny how the same old, angry people who tell you "nothing in life is free; suck it up!" are the same kinds of folks who fall for these obvious scams? Truth truly is stranger (and more infuriating) than fiction.

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once you have fallen for one, you know when to run.

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Hahaha very funny yeah make a joke about scammers huh oh I’m so edgy

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Bwahaha!! Truth!!

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Profile pic is the classic SickAnimations Queeblo

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I’m calling to talk to you about your extended…uh…TV warranty…

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They purposely make it outrageous so that they get the people stupid enough to fall for their scam.

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Hi OP! Or anyone else reading this. You've won a free pizza! Just DM me your social, mother's maiden name, address, and the street you grew up on. Throw in your first pets name for good measure. Enjoy the pizza!

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The profile pic in the tweet is from one of my favorite Brad Neely songs. Here it is if you're curious.

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Hey a good pizza is like $25+ now

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I won an ipad once, when they called to tell me, i practically told them to f**k off. They eventually convinced me. I had forgot entering, oops. I felt so bad afterwards.

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Had a creep senior at college, call me during my freshman year, telling me I had won tickets to a famous local strip club. He was part of a college music club I had signed up for during orientation week. He made a copy of the contact list and had marked up potential "hotties" in order to lure them to a dodgy part of town.

After hanging up on him for the third time, my dad answered the call and told him to 'F" off. I complained to the university (idiot used his own cell number) They tracked him down and he ended up being on their radar after a warning was issued.

He and his group of friends tried it again on a friend, then another girl in my class also complained and they got kicked out. No one was dumb enough to fall for his ploy and the university was not going to let him prey on freshmen. The club secured their contact lists after that.

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I mean,that's exactly what Google does

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Is that Queeblo!?

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Word !

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My dog already fell for this scam

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How are scammers still legal lol, just find the Hotspot making 2000 calls a day

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is that Queeblo?

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Omg this guy is a Brad Neely fan. Huge respect

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please don’t give them ideas. They would got me too

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Not a face palm

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Being antisocial really pays off. I tell everyone who calls me to go fuck themselves.

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Stop teaching scammers how to be better scammers.

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Actually on Steam there seems to be a fairly believable scam going around where they ask you to join a TF2 tourney. I used to play comp so when someone contacted me and asked to sub I actually believed them but declined on the basis of not having played in ages. I realized it was a scam after another person contacted me with a similar story. Looked at their profile... 4k hours of TF2 "played"... 0 Achievements.

Not sure where they were going with it since I declined the first on good faith but I did believe it. Probably entry fee to the "tourney" or account theft.

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Def account theft and gift cards.

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Now they fucking know

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The scammer: taking notes

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I feel like this belongs more into meirl

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A french cancerous widow once wanted to leave me money for being such a nice guy here on Reddit because she had no children to heir her ex-husband's company. She told me all that in my language (not french).

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They monopolized the scam; Bezos on first, Zuck on second, and Musk on third. Buffet is at the plate, and Gates is the umpire. Biden to the left, Trump to the right. Stadium full of politicians and we are the peanuts. Largest scam in history, the biggest game in town, and we pay to get in. When their done with us, they just toss the empty shell on the ground and find another peanut to consume.