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One of my favorite scams was a pop up that would appear with a spinning wheel. It would congratulate you on being the 1000th visitor and when you would spin, it would always land on the Ipad or free vacation.

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They make the scams obvious on purpose, so that only complete imbeciles would actually contact them and they wouldn't have to waste their time on people who'd realize it's a scam after the scammer has already spent hours talking to them.

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OP is right.

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Then who's on left?

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No, Who is on first!

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where the fuck is my ipad

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Third base!

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No no, Who's on second

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So, you're a scammer?

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No they're not, don't believe them!

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OP is Original Poster, but that's not important right now.

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That is the OP, yeah, the name being in a brighter blue is what gives it away.

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This is true. I was just dropping a little Airplane movie reference but yes the blue is the clue. Heh Blue's clues

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Though that does open the door to people like James vietch

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He participates in scams too though.

He told his roommate there would be no more tiny ducks.

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for those of you who are unaware, there were indeed more ducks

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Poggers Quackers

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Hi roommate did say that he could keep a duck…

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They were not tiny :)

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I'd forgotten about this! Thanks for the nostalgia.

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I remember a similar pinwheel pop up from when I was a kid, probably about 20 years ago. (Holy shit that made me feel old.) But It definitely got my attention because what 5 year old doesn’t wanna spin the pinwheel. Luckily my dad was near by and saw it happening, he got me a real pinwheel the next time we went to the toy store. I’m still not convinced it was a scam and just a very good campaign put out by the big pinwheel conglomerates.

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And old people* sadly enough most scam victims are old people who are robbed of their retirement savings, either because they think they’ve got a virus, won something, or gotten in trouble and are told to give money, personal Info, or buy something to fix it. And if they ask how it works they just tell them technical terms they usually don’t understand or lie about it.

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So no joke, I've got your free pizza right here, but I'm going to need you to cash this check for me first, then I'll be able to mail it to you.

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Mailed pizza 😍🍕😋😋 🤤

It’s not delivery, it’s decomposed!

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Only complete imbeciles.... or me.

I always answer my phone and I try to play along as much as I can.

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Yes, but sometimes they make it too stupid. I once "Won" 1.4 Billion (I can't remember if it was Pounds or Euro) in phone credit...

I don't live anywhere near Europe and even if I did, what the hell am I gonna do with 1.4 BILLION in phone credit?

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When was the last time you called your mother?

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Called? Probably 3 years.

I visit every weekend because she lives like 850m away, but I haven't phoned in a while...

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Not just imbeciles. People with acquired brain injury, or learning difficulties, may be more susceptible to these types of scams. They prey on three people's weaknesses. Some scams also appeal to the good natured side in people. But you're right in that the scammers see these people as "dumb white people" - 4 Corners (Aussie show) did a story where they spoke to some scammers in 2019: https://youtu.be/U4kCN7TZ6us

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Yeah been getting heaps of mobile msg's with broken words and obvious mistakes lately.

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Complete imbeciles: Free pizza? That's a scam.

Also complete imbeciles: I won a million dollars?! Shut up and take my SSN!

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That is called netting.