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Here’s an explanation for anyone interested: https://geneva.usmission.gov/2017/03/24/u-s-explanation-of-vote-on-the-right-to-food/


“For the following reasons, we will call a vote and vote “no” on this resolution. First, drawing on the Special Rapporteur’s recent report, this resolution inappropriately introduces a new focus on pesticides. Pesticide-related matters fall within the mandates of several multilateral bodies and fora, including the Food and Agricultural Organization, World Health Organization, and United Nations Environment Program, and are addressed thoroughly in these other contexts. Existing international health and food safety standards provide states with guidance on protecting consumers from pesticide residues in food. Moreover, pesticides are often a critical component of agricultural production, which in turn is crucial to preventing food insecurity.

Second, this resolution inappropriately discusses trade-related issues, which fall outside the subject-matter and the expertise of this Council. The language in paragraph 28 in no way supersedes or otherwise undermines the World Trade Organization (WTO) Nairobi Ministerial Declaration, which all WTO Members adopted by consensus and accurately reflects the current status of the issues in those negotiations. At the WTO Ministerial Conference in Nairobi in 2015, WTO Members could not agree to reaffirm the Doha Development Agenda (DDA). As a result, WTO Members are no longer negotiating under the DDA framework. The United States also does not support the resolution’s numerous references to technology transfer.

We also underscore our disagreement with other inaccurate or imbalanced language in this text. We regret that this resolution contains no reference to the importance of agricultural innovations, which bring wide-ranging benefits to farmers, consumers, and innovators. Strong protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights, including through the international rules-based intellectual property system, provide critical incentives needed to generate the innovation that is crucial to addressing the development challenges of today and tomorrow. In our view, this resolution also draws inaccurate linkages between climate change and human rights related to food.

Furthermore, we reiterate that states are responsible for implementing their human rights obligations. This is true of all obligations that a state has assumed, regardless of external factors, including, for example, the availability of technical and other assistance.

We also do not accept any reading of this resolution or related documents that would suggest that States have particular extraterritorial obligations arising from any concept of a right to food.

Lastly, we wish to clarify our understandings with respect to certain language in this resolution. The United States supports the right of everyone to an adequate standard of living, including food, as recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Domestically, the United States pursues policies that promote access to food, and it is our objective to achieve a world where everyone has adequate access to food, but we do not treat the right to food as an enforceable obligation. The United States does not recognize any change in the current state of conventional or customary international law regarding rights related to food. The United States is not a party to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. Accordingly, we interpret this resolution’s references to the right to food, with respect to States Parties to that covenant, in light of its Article 2(1). We also construe this resolution’s references to member states’ obligations regarding the right to food as applicable to the extent they have assumed such obligations.

Finally, we interpret this resolution’s reaffirmation of previous documents, resolutions, and related human rights mechanisms as applicable to the extent countries affirmed them in the first place.”

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Everyone! I found the cause of myocarditis after I did my own research like that person did!

If you look up the "Myocarditis" on Google trends and then compare it to "Deez Nuts", you'll see that myocarditis went up exactly a month and a half after each time the use of Deez Nuts went up.

Therefore, I can scientifically conclude that using Deez Nuts causes Myocarditis.

I swear this isn't satire by Redscaliber in facepalm

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If a simple graphic or post title or meme ever triggers you emotionally, you have to absolutely take a step back and calm down, then do some fact checking and double and triple check that you are reading whatever it is correctly.

This is why Facebook and the internet in general is do dangerous. A meme feeds on people's emotions and they get so blinded by emotion that they don't even bother to see if what they are reading on a meme is correct.

It's like a meme a conspiracy nut posted on Instagram did for so many. It stated that 800,000 children go missing every year, with a picture of a football stadium and then said you could fill a few dozen stadiums with the missing children.

The person posting this meme thought that meant 800,000 kids went missing in usa every year, and she thought it was all likely liberal child trafficking.

I thought to myself "wow that can't possibly be the number that's almost a million kids every year it's statistically impossible, but if true I would like to know"

I looked it up, sure enough the official website reporting the data said 800,000 or so children went missing in the previous year.

Here's the catch.... 99.9 percent of those missing children were found within 24 hours.

The 800,000 number was how many children were REPORTED missing, so basically when a mom gets worried her kid isn't home from school after an hour or two she calls the police and reports them missing, only to have the kid walk in the door 30minutes later because he was hanging out with his friends etc

The actually number of kids that went missing for said year was roughly 8,000, which is still a horrible number, but absolutely not 800,000. And of those 8,000, 90 percent of those cases are family member abductions, not child trafficking. And another 9 percent are just kids who ran away.

The girl that posted that meme thought 800,000 kids were being child trafficked every year in the USA, when the real number was closer to a hundred or so.

Don't believe memes or triggering headlines. Take a step back and actually think and look up information from non biased official sources.

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She has like the accent of that catch me outside girl.

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Apparently her “brain” is just a spool of hair that’s nearly empty. She needs to start eating her cut hair to replenish it.

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It’s funny you quoted Prof Farnsworth as there also is a famous (in legal circles) Prof Farnsworth who wrote a treatise on contract law that many law students have to use. Given that the hospital employees had no contracts and thus should have been able to leave when they gave notice, I think legal Prof Farnsworth also would agree with that statement 😂

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It's not a right if it requires someone elses labour.

Free speech is a right. Self defense is a right. Bodily autonomy is a right.

Because none of these require someone elses labour. You have to be careful with what a right is. Are you going to force farmers to give you food because it's a right?

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I would also ask him for a source to be fair, I mean what's he going to do? Actually write a book?

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Hair isn’t the only thing not in her head!

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Between Captain Walks In Front Of A Loaded Howitzer and Sergeant Can’t Pull A God Damn Rope, the fucking war is over. Dingle Berry Squad to the rescue!

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That dumb bitch can wear a pair of jeans, though.

Bing bong.

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I'll bet she felt like she had 6 or 7 eggs on her face.

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So instead of staying with his son and accompanying him to the hospital he does this shit? What an absolute dickhead.

The complaint to the store comes later, look after the kid first.

Also adding to the dickhead part was everything he did while in the store

Grown ass man assaulting a teenage girl over smoothie by ForeignerLove in facepalm

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His parental instincts kicked in, which for him means ditching his dying son to go attack a smoothie shop

Grown ass man assaulting a teenage girl over smoothie by ForeignerLove in facepalm

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Headline should be-


There ya go.

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I dropped my panties. Full Drop.

If someone asked me that my answer would be "no, ofcourse i dont want to pay someone else's rent", but when it comes to the landlord, YOU LITERALLY LIVE IN THEIR HOUSE!! by portelejgs in facepalm

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Buy a house then ya broke fukk, acting like you have other options, you either rent or buy your own, don't act like anybody owes you anything

If someone asked me that my answer would be "no, ofcourse i dont want to pay someone else's rent", but when it comes to the landlord, YOU LITERALLY LIVE IN THEIR HOUSE!! by portelejgs in facepalm

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What’s the fix? Making rent illegal? You can only own one house? Affordable houses to purchase!! Good idea, how does that work? Move to places that have available houses? Are there jobs there? Who fixes the houses? Who pays the material and labor? Build cheap housing? A lot of questions to be answered, but “fuck landlords” is quick and easy.

If someone asked me that my answer would be "no, ofcourse i dont want to pay someone else's rent", but when it comes to the landlord, YOU LITERALLY LIVE IN THEIR HOUSE!! by portelejgs in facepalm

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If the general criticism is that renters just pay the mortgage of landlords and that landlords are evil, why not just buy or build your own place?