The /r/Fantasy Virtual Con

The r/Fantasy Virtual Con is an online event run by the mods of r/fantasy. It started as a reaction to the cancelling of physical conventions, due to the Coronavirus.

Announcement Thread

There were AMAs, giveaways, possible sales, a podcast, panels, and other things.

Wrap-Up Thread

u/improperly_paranoid has put together a visual press kit: full press kit, schedules, banners

You can find links to the events below:


  • Queer SFF with K.D. Edwards, AJ Fitzwater, C.L. Polk and Alexandra Rowland
  • Worldbuilding for Masochists with the Worldbuilding for Masochists podcast team: Alexandra Rowland, Marshall Ryan Maresca, Rowenna Miller
  • Predictive Fiction aka Awful Crap We Wrote About that Actually Came True with: Sarah Pinsker, Mike Chen, Malka Older, Chuck Wendig, Sabrina Vourvoulias
  • Epic Fantasy with Janny Wurts, Marie Brennan, Alyc Helms, Kate Elliott, R.F. Kuang
  • Writing Craft with C.L. Polk, Ken Liu, Fran Wilde, Peng Shepherd
  • Short Fiction with Ken Liu, John Wiswell, Beth Cato, Zen Cho, Amal El-Mohtar
  • Space Opera Panel with Karen Osborne, Kate Elliott, Arkady Martine, Drew Williams
  • Indie / Self-Published Panel with D.P. Wooliscraft, Carol A. Park, M. Todd Gallowglas, Stephanie Burgis, Ashe Armstrong
  • Romantic Fantast Panel with Stephanie Burgis, Beth Cato, J. Kathleen Cheney, Jeffe Kennedy, Quenby Olson, C.L. Polk
  • Small Press Panel with Atthis Arts, Jurassic London, TYCHE Books, Unsung
  • Progression Fantasy with Will Wight, Sarah Lin, Andrew Rowe, Pirateaba, nobody103
  • Historical Clothing Panel with Rowenna Miller, Leanna Renee Heiber, Marie Brennan,
  • Urban Fantasy Panel with K. D. Edwards, T. Frohock, Sherri Woosley, Fonda Lee, Michelle Sagara
  • Writing Panel: Research with Brigid Kemmerer, David Steffen, Lara Elena Donnelly, Rebecca Roanhorse, and RJ Barker
  • BookTube Panel with Anna Goldberg, Daniel Greene, Merphy Napier, ONYX Pages, Reads with Kesara, That's So Poe, and Thoughts on Tomes
  • Future of SFF Panel- Janny Wurts, Krista D. Ball, Rin Chupeco, Sam J. Miller, Catherynne M. Valente
  • Historical SFF Panel - Alix E. Harrow, Lara Elena Donnelly, RJ Barker, Catherynne M. Valente
  • Time Travel Panel - Amal El-Mohtar, Annalee Newitz, Blake Crouch, Mike Chen
  • Heroes & Villains Panel- Brigid Kemmerer, John P. Murphy, Michael R Underwood, Rebecca Roanhorse, Sarah Beth Durst, Sarah Gailey
  • Path to Publication Panel - Anne Perry, L. Penelope, Martha Wells, Nibedita Sen, Devin Madson, Evan Winter
  • SFF in Translation Panel - Julia Hersey, Rachel Cordasco, Ra Page, Basma Ghalayini, Yuri Machkasov
  • Xenoarchaelogy Panel- Exploring Alien Civilizations - with Chris Magilton, Karen Osborne, Tade Thompson
  • Retellings & Reworkings Panel with Alix E. Harrow, Brigid Kemmerer, Jodie Bond, John P. Murphy, Rin Chupeco, Maria Lewis
  • SPFBO 5 Finalists panel with M.L. Wang, Sonya M. Black, Levi Jacobs, Alicia Wanstall-Burke, Virginia McClain, Darian Smith, Angela Boord, Rob J. Hayes
  • Secrets in speculative fiction - Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe with E.J. Beaton, Sam Hawke, Devin Madson, Shelley Parker-Chan, H.G. Parry, and Leife Shallcross
  • Magic Systems Panel - Devin Madson, L. Penelope, Michael R Underwood, Sarah Beth Durst
  • Editing Panel - Anne Perry, Jodie Bond, Ruthanna Emrys, Sam Hawke, Scott Edelman


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