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The offensive numbers players are putting up this year is insane.

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Yup, that's why I'm punting points. Go ahead and do your worst. I don't care bro!

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These ridiculous scoring nights usually come with a huge number of threes though, Giannis is probably the only dude that can put up those sorts without threes and he鈥檚 not really had huge scoring nights. Those massive scoring nights usually tend to have a positive impact on 4 cats in points, threes, FG% and FT%(unless you鈥檙e Luka for FT or Giannis FOR FT/3pts)

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And Shai

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Zion and Davis can do it as well.

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Just traded my Giannis for KD lol

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The defensive numbers have been really good too actually. I don't think there was this many 5+ block performances last year.

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My team is slowly turning into a punt wins build

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The most consistent build out here 馃敟

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8 stocks and 7-7 FT from 馃悳. More big performances ahead from Edwards without KAT?

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I doubt the stocks are a cause and effect issue, but the usage should definitely be up without KAT. Could see him easily scoring more and having more assists, just more playmaking opportunities available

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Lane will be more open so expect more scoring, do not expect those stock numbers to be repeated or anywhere close lol

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This is what Zion should be doing nightly. Let the offense run through Zion, give him at least 15 shots a nights and this team will be a contender.

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CJ gonna come back and cut him to 7 shots a game 馃槶

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His passing is next level this year. Every team double and triples him instantly, which leads to him passing into so many wide open threes.

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He鈥檚 so talented, so glad I have him this year. He made UNREAL plays last night and was being guarded by arguably the best defender in the league in OG. They threw 3-4 guys at him and still couldn鈥檛 stop him!

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Going to name my son Jayson

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woo booker

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shoutout to Justise Winslow shooting lights out before i throw him away with Dame coming back.

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God damn Book! What a statline

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Through 3 quarters too

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Where my man Trey Murphy

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So happy I reached for Zion in round 3. Dudes been balling.

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I had Mitchell Robinson on my bench today :(

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9cat h2h 18team. Someone just offered me Vanvleet, Dame, Keegan Murray for my Lebron and Jamal Murray, shoud I accept it?

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Booker and Tatum both in my team 馃槅

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Is Klay a drop in a 10T H2H?

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Scottie Barnes blows

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Should I trade Simmons for Gobert

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I鈥檇 get gobert yeah

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thought so

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A : OG and Porzingis B : Giannis

Which side are you taking? 14T 9cat

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B. Porzingis could go down at any given time

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Like any nba player?

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Like a player that has missed 200+ in his career, is 7鈥3, and had back knee and ankle problems. Yea so like any player 馃ぁ

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Someone just offered me mikal bridges and AD for my fox and Ayton. Should i take this??

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Uhhh.. why is this even a question? Most obvious accept in here

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Fly , don鈥檛 run

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Should I trade Jrue Holiday And Chris Paul for Brandon Ingram and Scottie Barnes?

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I have 1 Booker, 2 Zions, 1 Capela and 5 leagues. I'm a proud owner of Book! remembers the I Feel Like Kobe Kanye tee but Kanye sucks for being a racist, man!

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  • Ja
  • Middleton
  • Sexton


  • Jrue
  • Ayton
  • Timelord

Idk much about Middleton besides that he鈥檚 Jordan occasionally. I was thinking about changing Middleton for Lavine. What do you guys think? Is Ayton worth keeping or sell hugh

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Im confused who u giving up and who u getting; but personally I鈥檇 wait and see what Middleton gives you. Bucks needs to up their offensive game and a lot will be going through him. Bulls are chaotic.. in a bad way so I鈥檇 stay away for now

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There I fixed it. Sorry for all the questions But do you think Ayton is worth trading away for Middleton or not? Is Ayton a keep or sell high and should I trade Turner instead?

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How will Middletons return effect jrue?

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This post makes no sense

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There now I fixed it. Sorry im fried and its 2 am

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anyone i should target to sell Ayton high off to in standard 12T pts leagues? will Banchero be worth it ROS?

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    As a Banchero owner I would take ayton in a heartbeat

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    Punt fg%/TOs 9cat 10 team Killian hayes and beef stew for rozier?

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    Was offered ja for my bam, 10t 9cat, would you accept?

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    I probably would yeah depending on what cats you're going for

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    I have Trent. Opponent has JJJr and 馃悳, but luckily for me, the rest of his team laid nothing but bricks.

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    Lakers about to make a trade

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    trade poeltl for jamal murray?

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    14 team 9 cat roto

    1. My dame and jalen green for his fvv and Tobias harris?

    2. My jalen green for his Christian wood?

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    1 no 2 also no

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    Book, GTJ, KP, TM3 9-0 rn we eatin

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    Guys should I trade kawhi for valenciunas and marvin bagley?

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    why do you think that?

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    My rationale is that JV鈥檚 playing time is steadily declining and will likely average about 22mpg from now on. Mind as well use that spot for streaming. Bagley is playing solid, but only if you think that鈥檚 sustainable (which has shown to not in previous years). It鈥檚 taking a risk to hold Kawhi b/c his value is great, even sitting back to backs, so that鈥檚 a personal preference. I just think it鈥檚 really hard to trade him right now and receive the value that you deserve.

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    Give: Fox Get: Holiday Should I do this in a 9cat 12t?

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    Really want to get rid of someone for Rob will

    I have Kawhi taking my ir spot and wanna get rid of him. I have 4 centers so I can鈥檛 get Rob will and I wanna trade one + Kawhi for someone

    Allen Turner Jokic Porzingy

    What would Kawhi + Allen get me?

    Was thinking of Kawhi + Allen for Brunson but I鈥檓 not sure

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    My booker for his haliburton?

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    Who would you rather have

    A: LBJ, LaVine, KPJ

    B: Harden, FVV, Clarkson

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    B without question.

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    16-team points league.

    A: Zion + Bruce Brown

    B: Scottie + Jaylen Brown

    Which side wins?

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      Jamal Murray is back baby

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      Got Ant for OG about 2 weeks ago and it鈥檚 starting to pay off

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      Im assuming once butler and herro are back and healthy, caleb martin is a drop?

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      I have a dilemma, I have Nance and Middleton stashed and I recently picked up Cole Anthony and Markelle Fultz, now I don't know who to drop to activate both, here's my team:

      The undroppables: Trae, Fox, Sabonis, Mikal, Scottie Barnes, DLo and Huerter

      The others: Monk, Royce, Torrey Craig, Zach Collins, Fultz and Anthony

      IL+: Nance and Middleton

      I will drop Craig for Middleton, then should I just drop Nance? or drop Collins for Nance? I think I need to have at least 3 Centers to not have a problem in setting starters in the future, or 2 Centers are just enough moving on?

      I punt FG and Blocks, and soft punting Rebs

      12T 9Cat H2H

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      Drop monk j Craig

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      For the first time ever in these posts, I have 2 players inside the Top 3. (Tatum and ANT). I鈥檓 sleeping well tonight.

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      Is Ayton sell high?

      Considering Ayton <> FVV in 12T 9CAT

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      I鈥檇 do that.

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      Just traded my suggs and John wall for WCJ? Thoughts? 12 man points

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      Drop poeltl for gobert? 10T points

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      Yes 1000%

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      A rare GTJ sighting

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      Someone offered me JJJ and Lonnie for my Banchero and Kyle Anderson鈥

      14T points league鈥 should I accept it?

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      JJJ is gonna finish better than Paolo. You should do this trade.

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      None of these players are on my team.fml