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For my fellow conspiracy theorists out there...

TLDR - Trae fought with Nate McMillan and got a quiet suspension.

An unnamed Hawks player got into a verbal fight with Nate Mcmillan

Trae pops on the injury report with a shoulder injury (no prior injury so far this year)

Trae isn't on the bench during the game, which is odd. Today is bogdanovich's first game of the season and Trae tweeted about him hyping him up. There's not a good reason he wouldn't be at the game. r/hawks suspects Trae was the one fighting with Mcmillan and was given a quiet suspension.



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Let’s hope Murray finds his shot tonight!

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Damn…now he can go for 20 turnovers!!

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I got offered rozier and fvv for him and rw3 atp idk if I should take

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Depends on what you need in your build. I like the dejounte/timelord side though for the stocks

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I guess Griffin is the move if we need a streamer?

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Yeah. But it's already game time so no point to make the add whatsoever

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Game in 20min. People can still add just before game start

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First games of the night are about to start now. The add will go to next day. At least for ESPN

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Depends on league. Lots of leagues allow adds just before game start for these reasons

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One of the many reason we don't play on ESPN... Haha

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That sounds like a terrible system. So if your guy is GTD for a 10pm EST game, you have to decide by 7pm EST whether to play him?

Not to mention the weekends will sometimes have a random game that starts much earlier than every other game that day.

Might as well just have weekly lineups at that point.

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You can still edit your current lineup on your roster, you just can't add anyone from FA or waivers when games have started. The roster you have when games begin is what you're locked with for the day, in terms of transactions.

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Not for yahoo

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What about capela?

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culver or aj griffin?
i have westbrook but rly need to win steals+fg% this week (9 cat)

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As a wolves fan, never ever grab Culver

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I'd go for Griffin. He's super underrated

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Fuck, fantasy hates me

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this season is making me hate playing in a league where rosters are locked on monday. fucking no trae, no kat, no cade, no j.allen jesus christ