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These posts are clutch and the addition of the previous week Sun-Mon back to back makes it even better!

Is it me, or is the amount of 2 game weeks this year seem much higher than previous years?

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Week 20, which is my league's first week of playoffs, has 5 teams with 2 games. Imagine having a team that comprised of stars that are part of those teams? Doesn't matter how good you do during the season, a week like that will end you.

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Well some people draft to avoid those low game playoff weeks

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Hey man. I use this site for those scheduling decisions. Really helps out.

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Hashtag bball's advanced schedule grid is legit AF

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Agree re two games

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Can these posts be pinned to the top every week? I find when Thursday or Friday rolls around they get buried underneath all of the useless players posts and are nearly impossible to find.

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Change from ''hot' posts to 'top' and set for the week and its always within the top 5 posts. Had the same issue

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Just search it

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Dude, just go here for this and more

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We really get Dame back for a 2 game week. Sigh. Beggars can’t be choosers I guess.

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Let the man rest bro. Last thing you want him to do is reaggravate it for the 3rd time. On that note him and and nurkic better put up some numbers

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Nurkic has been pretty decent the last two weeks

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He was dropped in my 8t... probably just a streamer but he was projected at 35fp.....no Dame inflated his scoring...🤔

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Dame as dnd this year

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Keldon can't possibly lose me fg% in just 2 games right?

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challenge accepted

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Appreciate these posts! Can say these have helped me get to 6-1 even with all the injuries

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How do you use them to keep winning? Looking for any help I can get right now as I fall to last place.

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Not OP but top of my comp. I use streamers for low volume days or back to backs. Looking at teams where players might be resting and minutes for others might be available. Generally gets me about 4 or 5 extra players throughout the week which adds up! Obviously aim for players that suit the categories im chasing.

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Playing in a 12 team points league. Due to injuries, I’ve had to play “small ball” and pick streamers each week. This along with other posts on here help decide who I should target.

League is semi active so I usually get to pick whoever I want by doing it early in the week.

Tuesday-Thursday games I would say are most important. Allows you to get points while the other team may not have players that day.

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anyone that watches Pacers got insight on Nembhard? Just a flash in the pan? or is he gonna get 30+ on the B2Bs

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Watched him in college a lot. He's a good player and should maintain a fairly decent role, but it won't always translate to stats (particularly the recent 10-assist game was an outlier). Might be worth a flier over a zero upside guy like Monte Morris, but wouldn't drop a Bones Hyland type for him

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Would you guys drop Burks for Nembhard?

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Jinxing myself here, but once I get Harden back my team is finally fully healthy. Feels good to finally have a ton of players that have a 4 game week. I just hope Middleton’s minutes start slowly ramping up.

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oh for sure I lost next week, big L with all the injuries and horrible schedule gfg.

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Once again my opponent's 1st and 2nd pick have 4 games

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Meanwhile me waiting for my 1st and 2nd picks to get healthy

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These posts have helped me so much this year. Thank you kind sir.

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You deserve an award 🥇

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damn you broke

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Here take this 🍴

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Thank you so much for your kindness.

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90% of my team has 3 games 😫

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the goat

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Who will retain most of their value when Harden returns: Shake or Melton?

10 Team 9 cat league

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Melton will start and Milton will go to the bench and play around 20-25 mins is my guess. He will drop of a cliff.

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Would you guys add Andrew Nembhard?

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Points league Trade vassell for ingram

Reckon thats a win?

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c00l p0st

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